​What Is It Like Dating Mature Colombian Women? – MILF Dating Guide!

​Colombian women are world-renowned for their loyalty, beauty, and volcanic characteristics. They have long hair, full lips, and perfect booties, but they also make great girlfriends or wives if treated right. But what do you do if you want to date an older woman? What if you are no longer a young stud and you want to settle down?

The good news is that mature Colombian women look good even in their 40s or 50s. It might be the genes or the climate, hard to tell, but one thing is for sure – they always look younger. A mature lady in her 50s may easily pass as a lady in her 40s. From this point of view, settling down with a Colombian woman could be the jackpot.

However, there are certain things to do and avoid when interested in mature Colombians. Besides, you have to understand their secrets before even asking one out. So, what do you need to know?

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Dating Mature Colombian Women – Their Baggage

Unlike mature women from western countries, those from Latin America do not wait for too long to get married or start a family. Most of them do it early, before turning 30. In the countryside, Colombians often get married in their early 20s.

Funny fact: Did you know that famous Colombian actress Sofia Vergara is already 46 years old? Stunning is she not? 

You are less likely to meet a single mature who has never been married or had a child. Obviously, there are some exceptions as well, but the Colombian lifestyle makes them quite rare. It is just how the local society works. If a girl is not married by 30 years old, most people assume there must be something wrong with her.


The baggage varies from one lady to another. If she has kids, they tend to stay with their parents until they get married – sometimes, even after they get married. Colombia is a relatively poor country when compared to western countries, so young people find it hard to pay rent while having a job – even after they get married.

Therefore, you might find a single lady who has never been married, one who has never had any children, or one who will still live with her children for many more years. If you are young and interested in mature women, your baggage might be significantly smaller. If you are an older man trying to recover after failed relationships, you might have some baggage as well.

The Looks & Expectations

Mature women in Colombia look younger. The older she is, the younger she looks – it is a proportional scale. A 20 years old girl may look 18, while a 50-year-old woman may look 40. On another note, men in Colombia are not always well-mannered. Given the good looks of your potential lover, you should know that men will still hit on her, regardless of her age.


It means nothing though. Colombian women are known for their loyalty. Besides, the more mature they are, the more responsible they become. Just because they are attractive, it does not mean that you should feel insecure at all.

What The Ladies Expect When Dating

In western countries, women tend to become free and quite strong when they are single in their 40s or 50s. They generally lose some of their passion. In Colombia, things are different. They are still passionate and they will still love just like in their 20s. At this point, no one has time to lose. You can play games and mess around when you are young, but as they become mature, Colombian women no longer want drama. They know what they need and want, so they require commitment from you. If you are not ready to settle down and you are only looking for fun, your options will be quite limited.

Apart from commitment, honesty is another requirement when dating a mature lady from Colombia. According to research conducted by dating websites, women older than 30 look for honesty in a partner. By that age, most of them have already been deceived a few times, so this is the main trait they need. A mature woman is experienced in any part of the world, but especially in South America. She knows that honesty is a must for a happy long-term relationship.


Few Tips Before Dating a Mature Woman in Colombia

Let me give you a few pointers on how to pick up those hot milfs. Also, don’t forget to check out my other guides that will help you improve your daygame whilst dating in Colombia and how to pick up the most beautiful women on daily basis.

Different Lifestyles

If she is older than you, it is important to know that you might have different lifestyles. She might be settled and financially secure, while you are still living with a roommate and working part-time. Such things will lead to various conflicts. During the first dates, try to establish what you both are looking for, as well as where you are.

Values and Family

If you want a family, you might get a mature woman who already has kids. At this point, you are less likely to become a priority, especially in a country with strong family values. If you want your own kids, she may not want to go back and start all over again. Think about your long-term goals and align them with hers before getting serious.

Let Her Know She Still Has It


When women age, they obviously lose some of their self-confidence. They no longer look as good as they did in their 20s. If you are genuinely attracted to there, make sure you tell her. In fact, making compliments is a must when dating a Colombian woman – the more, the better. Do not hide your attraction by calling her nice, but call her sexy and eat her out with your eyes.

Sex Life

If the mature woman you like is older than you, you should know that women reach their sexual peak way later than men. In other words, an old woman might be perfectly aligned with a young man. They know what they want, so they might take control sometimes, only to teach you what makes them happy.


The bottom line, dating mature women in Colombia might even be better than dating younger girls in terms of experience and sex. As for looks, they maintain their sex appeal as they get old, so you will not be disappointed.​