How to Date & Pick Up Latina Girls?

Latin America! A place of amazing culture, food and of course WOMEN!

Hi! My name is Frank and this is my blog about my life in Latin America. To lean more about my history you can read the About Me page.

To learn how to pick up beautiful Latina girls…. 

Well – Just keep reading, Mi Amigo! 😉

Latin Dating Culture

Dating in Latina America truly is a one of a kind experience. It will either bring you quickly to “big booty” heaven  or make your crash and burn faster than Lance Armstrong in a Oprah Winfrey interview.

You see – dating a good Latina women comes with a guide. A guide most men do not understand or even know about!

The result? A funny mix of desperation, frustration and confusion that all end op with the same result.

Exactly! Empty handed and without a soft pair of boobs to use as your favorite pillow. And trust me.. it is the best night’s sleep you will ever experience  😉

So how can you experience such an amazing bouncy nap? How do you avoid the rejection and to truly understand the latin dating culture?

Well, you have come to the right place! With this blog I will explain show you what I learned dating Latina girls for the last few years. But before we start with discussing the different type of women per latin country, I like to mention that the dating culture of each country has a similarity.

Let’s get started with these top articles:

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Best Latin Dating Sites 



girls from Brazil

Brazil has to be one of the most popular countries in Latin America when it comes to partying. Does the word “Carnaval” ring any bells? Does gorgeous booties with flamboyant outfits are the wildest fantasy of any horny Gringo. And Brazil has a lot of them!

I wrote several blog post on how to mate & date with Brazilian city girls:

But maybe you are interested in more hidden gems? No worries – I also explored several off the grid Brazilian cities to meet some stunning ladies.

And to make things easier I did an in-depth review article on the best Brazilian dating apps that are free of scammers and have a no fee sign-up.


Columbian girls

Great – so you are interested in visiting one of the most beautiful countries in South America. Especially when it comes to its women. Don’t believe me? Ever watched the weather channel in Colombia? Hmmm.. now you know what I am talking about!

Let’s face it – Colombian women are hot!

And don’t get me started on all the gorgeous celebrity women like Shakira, Sofia Vergara, Danna Garcia and Carla Ossa. These celebrity columbian ladies are considered to be the best of the best when it comes to looks and spicy characters.

However, dating in Colombia is not like dating in a western country. Oh no my friends..

It is a whole different ballgame! So before selecting you favorite city you must read my blog post Dating In Colombia to make sure you understand the basics!

9 out of 10 questions I get asked about dating sexy Colombian women are covered in that blog post.

The cities that I visited:

I also discuss how to date mature Colombian women and why foreigner should avoid Colombian bride tours at all times. Trust me – It is one huge scam!

Finding legitimate Colombian dating sites was also not an an easy task. Make sure you read that blog post carefully.

Dominican Republic

Dominican girls

Dominican ladies represent a special breed on the South American market. They are somewhere between the loose Brazilians and the more formal Argentinian. They are more elegant and down to earth than other Latinas, but they also have a finer beauty.


Mexican gilrs

Viva la Mexico! You know why?

Because Mexican Girls Are Easy and Fun!

Now to be honest, when a good buddy of mine first suggested that I visit Mexico City and check out the Latina girls there, well, I wasn’t so enthusiastic about the idea. I only had experience picking up women in CaboCancun , and Puerto Vallarta.

But it was crazy!

Same as my time in the party hotels of Playa del Carmen or my late night visits to the red light district of Puerto Vallarta.

By the end of the day – if you are a US citizen, Mexico is a blast! Gringo heaven if you like to party, drink and bang some stunning girls.

Even mature Mexican women are beasts in the bedroom! 😉

Online Dating in Latin America

Online Dating in Latin America

Online dating in Latin America has experience a rise in popularity over the last decade. Dating apps like CupidDate, Tinder, Instagram and others are used on daily basis by thousands of single Latina women. A large part of these single ladies are interested in meeting a foreign partner for either casual dating or a more serious relationship.

Having said that, the online dating game is not without its risks. Scammers are actively involved online and will use fake profile photos to earn your trust and make you fall in love. Eventually they will make up some excuse in the form of a family tragedy or a personal sickness to ask you for money.

Thankfully, I will share with you my personal experience with using the best latin dating apps:

Your favorite country not on the list? No worries – check out my article on the Top 5 Latin American dating apps here!