​The Top 5 Most Beautiful Colombian Women In The World!

Colombian women are known all over the world for multiple reasons. They are loyal and make good girlfriends, but they are also known for their stunning looks. Not only do they have amazing booties, but their long hair cascading down their waists and framing their full lips will literally amaze you.

Most people put all South American ladies in the same basket, but the truth is that beautiful Colombian women tend to dominate the chart. Still not convinced? Check out some of the most famous beauties coming from Colombia.

Danna García

Born in 1978 in Medellin, Danna García is one of those beauties who keep aging in numbers, but their looks simply do not change. She might be in her 40s, but she looks like she is in her mid-20s. This proves once again what kind of genes Colombians have.


She is a popular model and actress not just in Colombia, but all across Latin America. She is most commonly known for multiple roles in telenovelas – Latin soap operas. While she is no longer working as an active model, she initially became famous for her shows on the scene. Apart from telenovelas, she had active roles in four films as well.

Nicknamed Dannita, the Colombian beauty spent her childhood surrounded by a celebrity aura. She is Claudia Osuna’s daughter – one of the most famous singers in Colombia.

When it comes to her looks, she is a perfect representation of a beautiful Colombian woman. She has dark brown hair that perfectly matches her green eyes, while her measurements are close to perfection – 87 (breast), 64 (waist), and 84 (hips). Not only is she beautiful, but she is also clever and successful. Believe it or not, she is fluent in Spanish, English, German, and French.

Davalos Twins

The so-called Davalos Twins are also known as Camila and Mariana Davalos. While they were born in the USA in 1988, they are born to Colombian parents and this is obvious in their looks.

They carry the classic Colombian characteristics. They have large seductive eyes, full lips, and hair that almost go down to their booties. As for their booties, they are rounder than a circle drawn with a pair of compasses.


The twins are nonidentical – a rare case since they are both girls. With all these, they almost look identical. Despite being born in the USA, they have spent most of their lives in Colombia. Their modeling careers began when they were 10 years old only. After becoming famous in this industry, they starred in marketing campaigns and were even appointed the faces of Bésame – a local modeling label.

The twins gained even more notoriety in 2010, with SoHo TV and one of the most popular shows in the Latin television industry. They have also participated in reality shows, not to mention hosting a few shows themselves. Given their looks and perfect measurements, they make every man’s dream – literally.

Zulay Henao, the Ideal Representation of Beauty

Born in 1979, Zulay Henao is the perfect representation of Colombian beauty. Just look at her perfect facial features, proportions, body, long hair, and full lips.


What else could you ask for? Despite her age, she looks at least 15 years younger. She was born in Medellin – famous for the high concentration of beautiful women. However, her family emigrated to the USA. Believe it or not, she was also in the U.S. Army for a few years.

These days, she is known for multiple projects. You have probably noticed her in films like Illegal Tender, Boy Wonder, and Hostel: Part III. She is currently among the lead characters in If Loving You Is Wrong – the famous series on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Sofia Vergara, the Perfect Colombian Spirit

No matter what film you saw her in, Sofia Vergara has always been a volcanic character. It is not necessarily part of the role, but part of her everyday life. This is what many Colombian women are like. They have great hearts and they are loyal, but they will tell you if you do something wrong. You cannot help but love this spirit.

Sofia Vergara was born in 1972 and looks better than many girls in their 20s. Did you know she already has a 20-year-old son? Talking about one sexy Colombian MILF! 

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She played in multiple films and series and hosted shows, but none of her projects was as successful as Modern Family – better known to the fans as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett. She has been nominated for numerous awards for her role.

Apart from acting, Sofia Vergara is also known as a model. Her hard work paid off. In 2012, 2013, and 2016, she was the best-paid actress in the USA.

Shakira, when Perfect Moves Meet Beauty

Shakira is probably the most famous Colombian beauty. She is everything a woman can be in terms of success – singer, dancer, producer, and songwriter.

She was born in 1977 and gained notoriety with her first major single – Whenever, Wherever. She released multiple albums over time and despite her incontestable talent, she is also known for her beauty. Despite her age, her baby face still makes men of all ages shake.


Her personal life made it to the news as well, especially after she started a relationship with prolific Spanish player Gerard Piqué, who is about 10 years younger. While there were a few rumors about breaking up, she gave birth to two sons, in 2013 and 2015.

Her signature look is based on long blond hair (often wavy), low-style makeup, insane abs, and perfect booty. She shared her beauty secret in a recent interview – smile all the time. In fact, she smiles so much that photographers often ask her to stop in order to display a more sensual look.


Bottom line, beautiful Colombian women can be quite diversified – dark or blond, skinny or curvy and so on. However, no matter what style they approach, they will always draw lots of positive attention with their amazing appearance.​

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