Best Colombian Dating Sites – Top 5 Colombian Dating Apps to Get Laid!

There are plenty of reasons wherefore so many men look for Colombian wives. There are plenty of bride tours out there, as well as dating sites and even services specialized in matching Colombian men and foreign men.

Most importantly, these Colombian women look good. There are no doubts about it. They truly define the South American style with their bodies. Their faces? Stunning! They are sensual and quick-tempered, but they are also passionate.

Apart from their looks, they have a caring and loving nature. If you get a Colombian girl’s heart, chances are she will be loyal forever. These girls make excellent girlfriends, as well as great parents.


With these aspects in mind, it is no surprise that you will find so many Colombian dating sites out there.

Check out my quick list of the top three favorite dating sites and apps in Colombia. I’ll go into more detail in my reviews later in this article.

  1. Colombian Cupid
  2. LatinDate
  3. Badoo

Just like for any other industry, there are both good and relatively bad websites. Some of them will provide access to hundreds of beauties, while others barely have a few dozen girls.

Sucks, right?

But no worries – I did all the research for you and found out what the best Colombian dating websites are and their pros and cons? – (My Favorite)


One of the Best Colombian Dating Sites. Period!

Colombian Cupid is the main dating website for Colombians. It features the highest concentration of girls. You can log in with your Facebook account. Upload a few pictures for free and answer some questions about your background, goals, and lifestyle.

There are multiple search filters. The more questions you answer, the more results you will show. Browse pretty much everything in girls’ profiles. However, you will need to upgrade to send messages. The good news is you have more packages, starting at under $30 a month.

You can search by multiple physical features, questions, answers, and even language, so you can find girls who speak English. You do not have to upgrade and hope for the best. Instead, you can search, check the market, see how many girls there are, and upgrade after. For a full review of the website click here!

Search by the newest users on a daily basis and you will see anywhere around 10 women joining every single day – definitely worth a try!

latin-feels-site is a universal dating website for Latin girls – this includes Colombia as well. However, it is not specialized in Colombians, which means you will find Europeans, Americans, and so on. Most girls are from the USA though, yet you will find some Colombian beauties as well.

The registration is fairly simple and takes a few minutes. You are taken through a questionnaire – provide as many details as possible, as you can also search by these criteria – you want girls to be able to find you, right?

You can search, view pictures, sort, and react for free. You cannot communicate though, as you will need to upgrade your account. There are no upgrading packages. Instead, you buy credits and use them for certain activities. is worth some attention, but you will also find some fake profiles – pretty obvious supermodel pictures or the kind of girls that can easily find love without going online.



LatinDate could go in two directions. It has a decent database of Colombian girls, so it makes one of the biggest Colombian dating sites out there. But on a negative note, some profiles look fake – some girls look like Victoria’s Secret models, so it is hard to believe such women are looking for love online.

On another note, registration is quick and free. You can browse around without even confirming your account. The search function is quite limited, but not bad. You can still use a few criteria to find the right match.

Upgrading implies buying credits. Contacting girls by message or phone, sending virtual gifts, or favoring them will ask for credits. You can get a couple of credits for just under $4, so plan your messages wisely or it might get pricey.

The bottom line, there are some decent girls there, as well as some profiles that look like robots.

match-dating-site is one of the largest dating websites out there. It brings people from all over the world together, so it is definitely worth a try. The bad news is that there are not too many Colombian girls on it, yet you may still find some interesting profiles.

It has good communication tools, mobile support, and advanced search features. You can check it out for free. You can also get checked out for free. But if you want to send a message or see who watched your profile (among other features), you will need to upgrade.

There are more premium memberships based on the duration. The cheapest one starts at under $14 a month. Make sure you check the website out for free first, as it is pointless to pay for it and fail to find someone to match your preferences.

Other than that, given the popularity of, it is obviously spammed by plenty of robots on a daily basis too. – A General Alternative

badoo-dating-site is a general solution all across the world. You can log in with your Facebook account. Upload a couple of pictures – the more, the better. Do not forget about your location or some interests for girls to find something in common. As for less relevant details, you can keep them secret.

Find girls by location or particular physical features. You can also find girls online now. Most Colombian girls on are in the young range (under 30 years old). Not all of them will look like supermodels though, yet you will still find some good options.

Be careful with your messages. After up to 10 messages, will no longer let you send free messages. You will need to upgrade – around $7 a month. You can see who looked at your profile, browse girls invisibly and even highlight your messages in girls’ inboxes.

Try it out for free and check the market before deciding whether it is worth upgrading.

Smashing the online dating game in Colombia

The game is always on in Colombia – no doubts about it. You can pick up girls during the day in a park or a shopping mall, while the night game takes you even further. Lots of bars and parties, plenty of nightclubs, and sexy girls who lose inhibitions after a few glasses.

I wrote a very detailed blog post about dating in Colombia and how you can approach the local game. Learn how to approach Colombian women and the Do’s and Don’ts of dating in Colombia.


Read this article carefully and you will be one mean dating machine in no time!

Back to online dating!

While online dating game is not to be overlooked either, some tourists do it wrong. This is one of the easiest ways to find girls interested in foreigners. However, if your time in Colombia is limited, you do not want to go online once you are there.

Instead, get an online dating profile weeks or even months before you arrive and set a few dates before you even get accommodation.

How to approach the online dating game in Colombia

Creating your online profile can seem daunting at first. But if you think about it, it is only an interesting way to introduce yourself to someone else in a way that makes them want to find out more about you.

Setting your profile

First of all, nothing should be blank. Take advantage of every aspect related to your profile. When someone uses an advanced search function, you do not want to be skipped just because you failed to include some details. If you can use up to five pictures, add five of them. If you can verify your profile, do so. Basically, the more you put in, the more you will get back.

Most people end up online because they have failed to meet someone in real life. It is usually a matter of honesty – this is the trait that most online daters look for. Therefore, be honest about everything and your matches will be much better.


Other than that, never hide your face. This is not a social network where your friends already know you. Instead, you need to follow three golden rules. First, show your face – no group pictures, sunglasses, or big hats. Second, show your body – it is an important consideration and will improve your reply rate. Third, smile. Most women look for a good smile, so show it to them.

While having lots of info in your profile is good, writing a novel will go against you. No one likes to read 10 lines on your hobbies, 10 lines on your past, 10 lines on what you look for, and so on. When online, people want things fast, so do fill up every field, but stick to what really matters only.

When it comes to pictures, do yourself a favor and do not upload five selfies. The general idea is fairly simple – avoid pictures that look the same. Upload a picture of your face, and another one with your entire body and the rest should show you in different circumstances.

Avoiding scams


Avoiding scams in online dating is all about common sense – do not do things that you would not do in real life. Under no circumstances should you ever send money and valuables or provide important details like banking information to someone you meet online, unless you actually meet in real life and develop a real relationship. No matter what they tell you, you should never do it.

However, most scams in online dating involve bots and spam. Most dating websites have robots – as part of the game. Simply avoid supermodel profiles, those with no info, or those that claim they want to have sex with you before you even upload a photo.

Common sense should apply once you meet a Colombian beauty too, regardless of how beautiful or sexy she is.

Is Tinder popular in Colombia?


When you think about online dating or quick hookups, Tinder is the first thing that comes to your mind. This is because Tinder is hugely popular in western countries. Whether you count European countries or North America, it is probably the most common application for casual sex and relationships.

On another note, while you can find people using Tinder in every country, it is not such a big thing in South America or Asia. From this point of view, you can have it on your phone and try your luck in Colombia too. But then, Colombians tend to rely on other websites for online dating.

Other international apps are as “successful” as Tinder, whether you count Happn or Badoo. What you really want to do is find something specialized in Colombians. In other words, most chicks looking for men tend to use Plus, most chicks who use Tinder or Badoo will most likely be here as well.

Unlike applications like Tinder, Colombian Cupid allows creating a more diversified profile, adding lots of pictures, and actually searching for your dream girl. The advanced search function has lots of criteria – from hair color and eye color to lifestyle choices and location.


It might be a good idea to try to find the perfect girl, but keep in mind that not everyone completes every field on personal profiles. Therefore, you might miss some good opportunities if you go too much into detail.

Some of the features include a chat room, notifications, a free application, and advanced matching algorithms. There are a few membership options, depending on how much you want out of it. However, registration is free and barely takes a few minutes. Many features are free, but certain ones – like messaging anyone you want – are premium.

Useful phrases in Spanish for online dating

Colombians are proud of their culture and heritage. Knowing Spanish is definitely a plus and will take you far. But then, showing your date that you are willing to learn and you try will also work in the long run.

Sure, you do not have to pretend to speak Spanish if you do not, but starting with some basic things will pay off. Here are a few phrases to show someone that you care enough to learn.

  • What’s up? – Qué tal?
  • Would you like to go out with me? – Quisieras salir conmigo?
  • Kiss – Beso
  • Hug – Abrazo
  • You are pretty – Eres linda
  • You look beautiful tonight – Te ves hermosa esta noche
  • I like your smile – Me gusta tu sonrisa
  • I am looking for love – Busco amor
  • I am looking for sex – Busco sex
  • I like you – Te quiero
  • I would like to take you out – Me gustaría salir contigo
  • You are so sweet – Eres tan cariñosa

It is important to know that being able to say a few things in Spanish will not make you fluent in it. Most of the conversation will be carried on in English. Then, why do you need to know these phrases?

Two reasons!

First, you show the other person that you care enough to learn a few words in their language. It shows dedication and your accent will be sweet and sexy. They will love it – a great way to win some points.

Second, if you are serious about finding a Colombian girlfriend, you will want to speak her language too, so these words make a good start.

And the best Colombian Dating Site is… 


Bottom line, is by far the best choice. It has the best of everything – lots of Colombian girls, plenty of new profiles every day, and good features.

You do have to pay for a premium membership, but most websites will ask you for it. Besides, having a premium membership clears all the cheap guys spamming beautiful girls with random messages.

Most of these girls ignore over 90% of the messages they get, so you certainly do not want to be among those.

It is one of the top Colombian dating sites due to its name too, which attracts new people on a daily basis. Just like in every other country, one website dominates the competition in Colombia as well – in this case,​

Final Words

As a short final conclusion, the online dating game in Colombia works wonders if you do it right. The earlier you start talking to girls online, the easier it will be to have someone waiting for you once you get there – you might as well travel by yourself if you got company right out of the airport.

Again, use common sense when meeting someone over the Internet, and always be cautious. Do your homework regarding the safe areas of Colombia and stick to those places only. Other than that, there is only one thing to do – go there and have fun with a local goddess for the experience of a lifetime.​

On a side note: Don’t forget to check out my adventures meeting Colombian women in Bogota. It was fun! Even if you are just interested in having a great night in the capital! I used the above dating apps for both visits.