Top 5 Best Places in Mexico To Get Laid

Mexico is the hidden gem of Latin America when it comes to hot girls. If you think that Cancun is the only place where you can safely go to meet some attractive women, you are wrong.

Sure, it represents one of the top travel destinations, but it is so tourist infested that you no longer have the gringo factor.

So, where else can you go to meet a beautiful chick?


Monterrey is one of the top options when it comes to sexy Mexican chicks. It is a large city and it is well adapted to foreigners, so no one will give you awkward looks. Girls are friendly and will not feel like running away.


On another good note, Monterrey has a better reputation these days and it is no longer as dangerous as it used to be. However, given its size and its popularity among foreigners, it is a bit more expensive than in other cities.

Fortunately, you get good value for your money. Top nightclubs include Barrio Antiguo, El Centro, and San Pedro. If you are not so much into trying your game, try out local strip clubs like Obsession, Prestige, or Harem Men’s Club. As for accommodation, chain hotels (and not only) are quite cost-efficient – Crowne Plaza, Four Points by Sheraton Galerias, or Krystal.


The larger the city, the more beautiful girls you will find. Guadalajara makes no exception either – it is one of the most important places in Mexico. What makes it so special? The quality! It is known among Mexicans for having the most attractive ladies. Go around the university and you will feel like acting in one of those Latin soap operas that only cast Venezuelan, Mexican, and Argentinian Miss contest winners.


The best hotels include Riu Plaza, Grand Fiesta Americana, and Quinta Real. If you want to push your luck with a local beauty, head to Bar Americas, Kin Kin, or El Callejon de Los Rumberos, yet other nearby nightclubs are worth a shot too. When it comes to strip clubs, places like The Men’s Club, Cesar’s Club, or Praga Club mostly feature 9s and 10s. You will be amazed.

On a downsize, everything in Guadalajara is more expensive than the exact same thing in a smaller and less popular city – from drinks and accommodation to girls and food.


At a first glance, Morelia is overlooked – girls are 8s and 9s and under in top cities like Mexico City or Guadalajara. It is easy to tell why – a smaller town, fewer opportunities. However, young tourists are less likely to hang around this place, so you will have the exotic factor.

The game is also much easier. In top cities, rich fancy girls (9s and 10s usually) will only talk to rich guys – be it someone’s son or someone famous. In Morelia, the game is fair – everyone has a shot. You just have to try.


When it comes to the local nightlife, try out Sense Club, Zacarias Live, and Sak Bar. Exesso and Chili’s are great if you want some adult entertainment – no game involved, but just money. As for top hotels, the most cost-efficient options include Mansion Real, Alameda (Centro Historico), and Best Western Plus Gran.


Despite being the fourth largest city in Mexico, Puebla is often underrated among tourists – great for you because you look even more exotic. Girls range in looks, but given the size of this city, you will find everything – from 1s to 10s. Literally.

Puebla is also famous for Cholula. What is Cholula? One of the hottest party destinations in entire Mexico. It is located right next to the city – part of its outskirts. This is where everyone goes for parties. While Puebla may not be so popular, you are less likely to find many bars and clubs over such a short distance.


Tumbao Latino, La Santa, and Couches Dance Hall & Discoteca are the best nightclubs to meet hot women, while Royal Mens Club, Bikinis, and 40 Grando Men’s Club are ideal to buy yourself a lap dance and see a 9 or a 10 shaking her booty in front of you. Your options are countless when it comes to hotels, with Intercontinental Presidente and Quinta Real being some of the most popular ones.

Mexico City

Mexico City is where you find the best girls in Mexico. No other city can match it. You can easily start a conversation with a 9 or a 10 and even score out of your league. The city is impressive and intimidating. Once you get over it, it is time to push your game.

The best places to score include Condesa and Roma if you go out at night, but the game is always on there. You can also find a cute girl to date or a hot one-night stand during the day. Go around the Santa Fe Mall or the Perisur Mall and approach beautiful girls. Head to Men’s Club, Woman’s Club Insurgentes, or Pompeya Top Club for lap dances and smoking hot beauties – no game in strip clubs, but money.


Women are open-minded – easy if you want casual sex only. Some of them would not even date a foreigner, but they would definitely have sex with them – a bucket list item for many Mexican beauties. Also, many girls live alone or with roommates – no awkward family members.


In the end, getting laid in Mexico is piece of cake and the good news is you can easily score out of your league due to being a foreigner. Take advantage of it and push your game to another level.

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