How to Pick up Girls In Bogota – My MASTER Colombian Dating Guide

Bogota is a big city, with over 8 million people living it in. And besides Columbia’s bad rep, it is a fairly safe city to be in. When it comes to having fun, no one is having fun like the girls in Bogota.


Who knows, but maybe that is one of the main reasons you considered visiting the capital of Columbia. They are unknown and mysterious combined with the strong presence of Latino passion.

You might think: What on earth are you talking about, Frank?


Well, at the moment that I am writing this blog post I just had an amazing week in the capital. The nightlife atmosphere, local food, women, and culture are amazing. Play your cards right, and the Gringo in you will have no problems picking up local women.

You see – Bars and nightclubs are the usual places where guys go to pick up girls, and girls expect them to do so. But other daily areas are not excluded, even if less common. You can pick up girls at the mall and in other crowded places.

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Ready to apply your new dating skills in the capital of Colombia? GOOD.. keep reading!

Yes – I am Interested to Meet Colombian Girls!

The Daylight Approach

Trying to pick up girls in broad daylight is something different, but if you are comfortable with it and you prefer this way, you should give it a go. The thing with this method is that you will most likely find girls that are very sober and more serious than the ones that you find in nightclubs.

Some girls appreciate thought the extra courage you need to approach a girl in broad daylight. The key here would be that your moves should be done with elegance and very good taste. Being too pushy or persistent is definitively something that won’t get you much success here. Another problem with this method is that is harder to find girls that are not busy.


In the daytime, you have people that go to work and to school, and usually don’t have time to sit around to chat with strangers. But there are some situations and places where you can find girls to attract. Malls and coffee shops are great examples of places where you can pick up girls in broad daylight. Bring your best words with you in this case, because you are going to need them.

The Online Approach

The old traditional way of picking up girls takes a lot of time and money to be executed. Also, it’s very hard to be effective at it. That’s why many men prefer using Colombian Cupid to get their Bogota girls.

For more information, you can read my comparison blog post on the best Colombian dating sites. It compares all the special features, prices, scam rates, and much more. A perfect guide for online daters!


You see, online dating is a much simpler and easier way to meet beautiful Colombian ladies. The girls are known to use these websites as well, as it helps them select better the kind of men they want to meet, before actually doing it.

Meeting Bogota Girls in Bars

Bars are very crowded in Bogota, especially during the weekend. While is not the best place to try to meet your next hot new date, it’s something that is worth trying. The major issue that comes with picking up girls from Bogota in bars, is that they are already with somebody there. Being alone doesn’t help that much, but it can be used in a flirty way if you know how. An invitation for two ladies to join you for drinks because you don’t like drinking alone might be a very efficient pick-up line.

The thing is that you have to be confident in yourself, and firm. Shy people don’t attract that much a Latina. Latinas are very passionate women, and they like men that have attitudes and that they know what they are doing. The last thing you want to appear in front of them is needy.

Bars offer you an advantage that other places don’t offer: the opportunity to communicate. Here is where you must exude confidence. Be like James Bond in his recent mission, enjoying a martini (or whatever drink you like) before going out there and saving the world again. While on your break, you can enjoy the company of a pretty lady. I am not exaggerating. Confidence will take you places and it will make you attractive, even if you don’t know Spanish that much.


Of course, the secret doesn’t involve not having any nervousness, as it is natural to feel this way in the presence of a beautiful lady. The only thing is to control it and act as naturally as possible. Being yourself is definitively the best weapon you can bring. People love to be around folks that are natural and who are true to themselves. Bogota girls are especially not going to like someone that is fake or that is trying to impress too much.

Bogota Nightlife

When it comes to going to the club, there are plenty of choices in Bogota. While girls are more relaxed after drinking a couple of glasses, and much more open to having fun, conversations are not something that is usually easy to make.

If you can impress her with your dance skills or your ability to have fun without inhibition, that’s very good. Bogota girls know how to have fun, and they will enjoy great music with moves that can make any man dizzy. Colombian women are known for their curves. Nightclubs are great for those that don’t want to spend too much talking. Connection with a girl can easily happen here with no words at all.

Sending drinks without first talking or getting to know a girl is not going to be very effective in most cases. There are many cases where people try to put something in their drink, and that’s why many girls avoid accepting these kinds of offers. You might pull this off once or twice, but it’s generally not a good idea to do it before knowing someone.

When you find a girl that shows you attention, you need to step up and take bold actions toward her. Compared with other types of girls, like the western type, Latinas are more passionate and direct in expressing their intentions. They don’t have a problem with getting touchy and kissing after a couple of minutes of meeting them.


If there is a spark between you, they expect and want to see something out of it. Make sure that you are ready to step up and own your intentions. Playing it casually or low-key won’t have any good results.


Again, as a safety measure, make sure that you choose nightclubs with a good reputation, don’t accept drinks from strangers, and avoid places that look too sketchy or that are too empty. I also recommend you avoid going on any scammy bridal or romance tours. They hire the girls to speak to you and pretend to be interested.

Getting drunk and robbed has happened to numerous male visitors in all types of places, therefore being cautious doesn’t hurt.

Final Words

To recap everything we discussed in this guide:

  • It’s a very good idea to be safe and follow the basic guidelines for protection. While men usually believe they are not targets of abuse and theft, these things happen if we don’t protect ourselves from dangerous situations. Stay in public places, avoid sketchy locations, don’t accept drinks from people you don’t know, and don’t go wandering at night.
  • Picking up girls in the bar is a great way for people that like to be more conversational in their approach. While it’s harder to break the social barrier if you are alone, it’s definitively something that can be very successful on the first try. Bogota girls go to bars with the intention of meeting guys.
  • Nightclubs are for those that prefer to not use that many words to get a girl. Here, the ability to be spontaneous and take action are the most important. Avoid sending drinks to girls you don’t know, as it can create a negative impression of you.
  • The daylight approach is for guys that really like to talk their way into a woman’s bed. This involves trying to pick up girls in public places, in situations and states that are not usually intended for flirting.
  • The online approach is for those that want to do it comfortably, from their beds. Besides the fact that you can see and talk with many women at the same time, you also have the possibility to select only the ones that you like, before dating them.

Getting girls in Bogota is an experience that should be tried at least once in a lifetime. While they expect more spontaneity and passion from you, they do give back more than receive. Colombian girls are very sensual and passionate, making them the perfect women to date.