How To Visit The Bogota Red Light District

Colombia is a country of contrasts. You can find some of the most loyal women in the world, great girlfriends and wives, but you might as well see the party side. You are less likely to get a girlfriend if you go there but have some fun and some unforgettable experiences.

If you visit the Colombian capital Bogota and you do not travel with your sister, girlfriend, wife, or mother, make sure you do not skip the Bogota Red Light District.

Discovering the Bogota Red Light District

Bogota is similar to Amsterdam in terms of prostitution. However, prostitution is normally illegal in South American countries. But despite the law, there is a wide area in the city center where prostitution is 100% legal. Simply put, anything goes in there and you negotiate sex just like you negotiate a bag of potatoes at the local grocery store.


Locally, the Bogota Red Light District is also known as Santa Fe. Some refer to it as The Tolerance Zone for obvious reasons. At a first glance, it looks like a crazy area. But at the same time, wherever there is prostitution, there are some dangers as well.

Make sure you use common sense. In other words, stick to the right places, avoid sketchy streets and areas, but also avoid walking by yourself in the middle of the night. On the other hand, if you hang around with some friends, you might have the time of your life without even spending too much.

The Red Light District is located between Calle 22, Avenida 19, Avenida Caracas, Avenida Fernando Mazuera, Carreras 13, and Carreras 13A. There is public transportation to take you there. Taxis are also widely available.

Best Places in the Bogota Red Light District

Literally, any club in this area is worth some attention – there will be fun everywhere. However, if you also want half-naked girls around you willing to do anything in case you get too hot, you might want to try Paisas Club. It is located in the top part of Santa Fe and it gives you access to about 20 girls.


Fiebre Club is next to Paisas Club, but it is way older. Girls outnumber guys during weekends. On a positive note, girls are naturally happy with their jobs – you can see it on their faces. They love dancing half-naked and rubbing against horny clients.

Lido’s is a primary option if you want safety. There are plenty of cops around this area too. It might look small, but once inside, you might be welcomed by more than 60 girls. It is a brother disguised in a bar – you can have a drink first. The sex menu is quite diversified and even allows taking the girl back to your hotel.

If you are tired and feel like having a sexy massage with a happy ending, head to Tantra Spa, Abejitas Spa, or Absolut Spa. If you want to keep it cheap, go to One Relax Center. Girls are not top-notch, but they are still attractive.

Rules to Follow

Each nightclub or brothel may have its own rules, which are sometimes written in large letters or just passed over by one of the employees. Follow those rules – everything else is accepted.

As a general rule of thumb, once you find the girl of your dreams and choose to have sex with her, you will have to pay upfront.


You can negotiate sex in the Bogota Red Light District just like you negotiate anything else. For instance, you can get a sexy massage from a naked girl, but sex is usually not included in massage parlors. Ask if you are interested and you will be given a price.

In most brothels or strip clubs, you will most likely start with a drink. Some of the fancy ones will not let you get a cheap beer and hang around the whole night. Instead, you might need to get a whole bucket of beers or perhaps an expensive bottle of spirit. Once you decide on a sexy girl, it is also expected for you to get her a drink.

Apart from the organized type of prostitution, there is also street prostitution. There are not too many rules there – everything is discussed upfront on the street. You will usually need to pay upfront. There are no drinks involved, but just pure sex and nothing else.

How to Stay Safe

The good news about Bogota’s Red Light District is that although it looks sketchy and dangerous, it is relatively safe if you use common sense. There are cops around, as well as off-duty officers looking for some fun. However, there are a few general rules to help you out.

Do not walk alone by yourself in the middle of the night. If you are with three or more friends, everything is different. If you are by yourself, you will be insistently approached by all kinds of dubious people offering you the world for some money.

In terms of showing off, do not dress flashy. Keep it casual, but not smart casual. Use a T-shirt instead of a shirt and stick to simple jeans. Do not carry lots of cash or if you do, make sure it is split in more pockets. Do not show off in brothels or strip clubs. Your phone should be kept in a safe place too.


Finally, do not leave your drink unattended no matter what. There are occasional reports of men being drugged without even knowing it. They pass out and get robbed of all their belongings. If you have left your drink unattended for a few seconds, just play it safe and get another one.


In the end, the Red Light District in Bogota is definitely worth some attention when you hang around with your buddies. Having a few friends around will keep you safe as long as you mind your business. Stick to the goal – the beautiful Colombian ladies – and you will have a great time.​

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