Cabo Girls – My 7-day Adventure Banging & Partying in Cabo San Lucas!

Single on holiday in Cabo San Lucas?

This might be the ideal scenario. Cabo San Lucas is a classic beach town invaded by tourists every weekend, spring break, or summer season.

Interested in some of the wildest parties and lots of hookups?

Go to Cabo during the famous spring break.

Looking for some crazy parties, as well as a little peace every once in a while?


Come any other time!

The best part is that you will always run into beautifl Mexican girls. With just over 80,000 inhabitants, Cabo may not be the biggest town in Mexico, but it has a good reputation as a holiday hot spot. You can easily compare it to Puerto Vallarta and Playa Del Carmen.

Although Cancun is still my favorite spot to hang out and BANG! 

But back to Cabo! – There are beautiful local women, as well as American girls going on holiday or perhaps looking for jobs during the summer season. I also noticed an increase in Asians over the last few years.

Long story short – Your options are countless and – even better – girls from Cabo San Lucas have a good reputation among foreigners. 

Picking up singles in Cabo is mostly about going to touristy places and hanging around. It is easy! Of course, it does help that almost every girl is drunk 24/7 when visiting Cabo.


Playa el Medano hosts the main beach and nightlife district. If your goal involves women, you want to be in that area at all times.

Now, what else should you know about girls from Cabo?

Let me show you what I learned during my 7-day stay! 

Yes – I Want My Mexican Sugar Baby Waiting For Me In Cabo!

Hooking Up with Girls from Cabo San Lucas – 8/10

The game is always on when it comes to the girls of Cabo. In other words, you can find a good hookup at any random time of the day or night. As long as you are in the touristy area, you will run into girls from all over Latin America – some of them from North America too. You can tell who is local and who is not though.

Some of the top places to meet singles in the evening include bars, pubs, and nightclubs.

The list can go on forever, but the top options include:

You do not need too much planning upfront. Just like most destinations based on tourism and singles, the nightlife will most likely be concentrated in one limited area. In this case, it all goes around Medano beach.


The best part is most of these places do not charge anything for entry. In other words, you can hop from one place to another until you find the girl of your dreams or the party of a lifetime. You will notice most people tend to move from one place to another.

During the day

Things are not too different during the day. Again, most hotties in Cabo are around Playa el Medano. Different times of the year come with different categories of girls. Go during the spring break and you will find lots of foreigners. Go during the summertime and you will find a mix of locals and foreigners. Go during Mexican holidays and you will find plenty of college girls competing in twerking competitions or just playing volleyball topless.

Other beaches – fewer hookups, more tranquil, and good for a good conversation once you find a nice lady – include Playa Costal Azul and Playa del Amor. Other than that, make sure you do not miss Omnia, Patio Los Cabos, and Puerto Paraiso. Omnia hosts some of the best daytime parties in the area.


Overall, if you want to get hooked up, chances are you will do it regardless of how little you try. Even if you are not too much into it, you will be approached by a few girls here and there anyway. When people go on holiday on a beach in the sun, they tend to forget who they are and that is when wild things happen.

Best Party Hotels to Meet Cabo Girls

Me Cabo has its own nightlife hot spot, as well as an impressive restaurant. The party is ongoing, and its downtown location makes it even better if you want to go around. Other than that, you got a private balcony to watch the party, swimming bars, cabana beds, and so on.

The place is mostly designed for young adults looking for fun. Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos carries some similar standards, only it is generally geared towards mature parties.

In other words, you are more likely to meet people in their 30s or 40s than in their early 20s.

Party hotels worth some consideration include:

Marina Fiesta Resort & Spa has something special. It is not the best, not the wildest, and not the liveliest, but there is something about it. It could be the way people mix up.

For example, you may run into a bachelor party held at the same time as a bachelorette party in a different corner of the swimming pool, as well as a few groups of friends hanging around the pools or swim-up bars. It is a mixture of people dancing and partying altogether.


I even saw three girls making out at once! :O

Even if you are interested in low-cost hotels, you will still run into some decent options. Ideally, you should hang around the Medano area, as that is where everything happens.

Celebrating the Spring Break 

The spring break in Cabo can go in two different directions. Most people get there to enjoy themselves and party like there is no tomorrow. Thousands of young adults from the USA and Canada head to various Mexican destinations for a crazy experience. Given the popularity of these parties, many girls go to Cabo on holiday during the same time.

Spring break is a mix of parties – some of the wildest you have ever seen. There will be parties on every beach – be it private or public. There will be parties at every venue once the sun sets. As long as it is not a private party, chances are you can go in. The best part? You will rarely be asked for an entry fee, so you can go in and out until you find the best party.

The Medano area is close to downtown and features one of the finest beaches in the area, as well as the nightlife hot spot. If you are around this area, you will be in the middle of the party.


When it comes to Cabo girls, it depends on what you are looking for. Local girls know there will be plenty of foreigners around. Those looking for casual hookups and sex will swarm such areas.

If you want to actually date and start a relationship, look somewhere else or wait until spring break is over. You will also find girls from other Mexican cities who reach Cabo for spring break, only to taste some foreign spirit.

It is important to know that Cabo also has some quiet areas if you are not too much of a party animal. You can meet singles in Cabo San Lucas for dating purposes as well and not necessarily for sex only. It is entirely up to you.

In terms of legal requirements, play it safe. Stick to touristy areas, do not wear flashy jewelry, and avoid suspicious areas or places. You must be 18 to buy alcohol in Mexico, but you can drink it if you are under 18 and supervised by an adult.

Light drugs are legal in small quantities and for personal consumption, yet it is up to the police to decide whether those caught will be arrested or not.

Best Nightclubs and Strip Clubs in Cabo

The Rooftop Lounge at The Cape is one of the top options in terms of nightclubs. It is a new addition to the hotel and it hosts some great parties.

The Nowhere Bar has some of the best ladies’ nights in the area – ladies drink for free, so they all get there. It is a man’s dream.

You will feel like the tiger rushing into a herd of sheep. 


Other good choices include:

Interested in some quick adult entertainment? If you do not feel like pushing your game, go ahead and check out a strip club. Buy yourself a lap dance. Some girls also work like escorts, but you would have to ask politely.

Tres Potrillos Gentlemans Club is probably the best option, followed closely by Emporium Men’s Club. Girls are 8s and 9s. That’s about it.

This ain’t like the red light district in Tijuana to be honest, but Cabo has a lot of other great things to offer.

You will also find some massage parlors or gentlemen’s clubs that mostly operate like brothels, so you will get a good bang for your money – Splash Cabo or Mermaids Gentlemen’s Club. Girls go from 6s to 8s.

Especially Splash Cabo has a lot of mature Mexican women. Hanging out and kind of desperate for a young stallion, but not easy to get. That is just the game you have to play.


You can also check out the other cities in Mexico that offer great potential when it comes to getting laid easily!


In a short final conclusion, Cabo girls are quite diversified. It is up to you to determine what you are looking for.

Interested in casual sex and random hookups? Consider it done! Trying to date a local beauty? Easy!

You can just as well do it with local girls, Mexican girls on holiday, and even foreigners like you.

However, the gringo factor will make you more attractive to locals. 

Have fun, amigo!

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