​Getting Down And Dirty With Girls From Cancun! Viva La Mexico!

Developed in the 1970s as a travel destination, Cancun quickly made it to the international map when it comes to wild parties, beautiful girls, and great holidays. The weather is almost always good, while the location makes it perfect – right on the Caribbean Sea.

There are three parts in Cancun – the residential one, the island zone, and the downtown part. As a tourist, chances are you will mostly hang around the island zone, which is part of the second-largest coral reef in the world. Going downtown might be a good idea too if you are up for some exploration.

Whether you are single or you travel with the guys, chances are girls from Cancun are some of your main priorities once in there. It is one of the world’s most famous party destinations, so it has something for everyone.

Obviously, Mexican girls dominate the “market”. But then, there are plenty of tourists looking for some entertainment as well.

Now, is it easy to get laid in Cancun? What do you need to know and where do you have to go to make it smooth and sweet?

Girls from Cancun Versus Playa del Carmen

Most people have heard of Cancun, so in terms of popularity, this is where you want to be. Playa del Carmen is quite new on the market. Simply put, it is just like Cancun a couple of decades ago. In other words, it is quieter and calmer. There are fewer girls, as well as fewer parties. While you can get tons of entertainment, parties are simply not as wild as in Cancun.

From this point of view, Playa del Carmen makes a better destination for those who are past their partying years. It is a good option for families, and people who want to recharge their batteries, chill on the beach and explore the surroundings without experiencing headaches caused by other tourists.

When it comes to finding a partner, girls from Playa del Carmen are similar to those from Cancun in looks. They are beautiful and they have the curves in the right places. While you can find 4s and 5s as well, most of them will be 7s and 8s. Cancun is more popular, so you will find more model bodies – lots of 9s and 10s too.

Girls from Mexico vary widely in how easy they are, based on their exposure to foreigners. In other words, Cancun girls grew up with foreigners and tourists.

They are open-minded and they look for fun. Girls in Playa del Carmen may not be so open-minded, yet you will still have that gringo effect that they find so appealing.

Best Party Hotels to Find Girls from Cancun

Play it safe and avoid exploring residential areas or places that are not too touristy. Instead, stick to the tourist zone in the party area. This is where all the parties are, while beaches are nearby too.

Grand Oasis Cancun is a massive hotel with 1,800 rooms. It is rated as a family-friendly hotel, but there are 14 bars here, so you can find plenty of girls looking for entertainment. On the other hand, Hard Rock Hotel Cancun features a beautiful infinity pool and some of the wildest parties in the area.

It is known for its parties, yet it also has some quiet areas for those who want to chill. From many points of view, this might be the best resort to get laid in Cancun.

Crown Paradise Club Cancun is ideal for those with a limited budget. It also features some adult-only bars and parties – that is where most Mexican girls hang around.

It is affordable, good-looking, and hosts the right parties. The same rule applies to Golden Parnassus All Inclusive Resort & Spa Cancun, which is specifically created for adults. Many women know that, so they go around to pick up some gringos for fun.

Other party hotels worth some attention include:

  • Beach Palace
  • Hotel Riu Cancun
  • Dreams Sands Cancun Resort & Spa
  • Oh! by OASIS
  • Aloft Cancun
  • Oasis Cancun

Many of these places are adult-only or at least they have some adult-only areas. Oasis Cancun in particular is known as a party pole for youngsters. There are parties going on round the clock – literally. You can join a party at 10 AM in the morning if you feel like it and you will definitely not be alone.

Celebrating Spring Break in Cancun

When you think about Cancun, you think about spring break. Students from all over the USA get to Cancun for the experience of a lifetime. Thousands of them invade the area and party like there is no tomorrow. From this point of view, this time of the year often beats the season when it comes to wild parties.

If you want to party like an animal and meet lots of Mexican women, here are some of the top clubs to try in Cancun:

  • Coco Bongo
  • La Vaquita
  • Senor Frogs
  • Congo Bar Cancun
  • Surfin’ Burrito
  • The City Nightclub
  • Mandala Beach Club
  • Dady’O
  • Nomads Cocina & Barra

Not only do they organize some top parties, but they are also popular with tourists. This is where you will meet Mexican chicks looking for a gringo and some crazy fun.

There is a so-called Party Zone in Cancun – close to the beach and the safe areas. Its epicenter is located on Kukulcan Boulevard, by kilometer 9.5.

There are no differences between day and night during the famous spring break. Simply put, you can go down the beach during the day and you will find just as many Mexican beauties. The idea is pretty simple – go towards the loudest music or the biggest group and start partying.

One beach club will stand out in the crowd though – Mandala Beach Club. It is known to host some of the best pool parties. Chances are most girls are 8s, 9s, and 10s, so get in shape before you get there. You can easily find casual sex, easy hookups, and even serious girls for dating in Mexico.

Interested to take it even further? If you have a larger group, simply rent a whole party boat or perhaps join one of these boats. They come in all shapes and sizes and for all budgets. Some of them are basic and all about partying, while others are more luxurious.

Best Strip Clubs, Nightclubs, and Bars to Meet Cancun Girls

Nightlife is big in Cancun. It is probably the most intense experience all around Mexico. It is excellent to chill with the guys, organize a bachelor party, buy yourself some entertainment and even meet girls for casual hookups.

Located in the famous hotel zone – the safe area close to the beach where all the clubs are, Divax is one of the top-rated strip clubs in the area. It has an impressive capacity of 300 people and features all kinds of modern music. It is open every single night and stays closed during the day. The dress code is casual.

Although a bit smaller, Kiss is just as attractive. It is also open during the night only and just like Divax, it has an entrance charge. Music is casual and varies widely, while the dress code is casual. Girls are 8s and 9s, so it stays below Divax in terms of looks. However, it is also a bit cheaper.

Finally, Dassan Place is a casual place similar to Divax in prices, but a little smaller. Girls around range from 8s to 10s. The party atmosphere is quite intense though and many groups hang around for small parties. If you set up a bachelor party, you might get a special package.

If you want to try your game and pick up girls yourself, try the wide variety of nightclubs around Kukulcan Boulevard – kilometer 9.5, with Coco Bongo, The City Nightclub, and La Vaquita being the most famous ones. Visiting during spring break? Queues can get quite long then, so arm yourself with patience. The same rule applies during the summer season.

Looking for a comfortable massage and perhaps a happy ending? There are more massage parlors to check out and keep in mind that you can always negotiate upfront if you want more than just a massage. Some of the top options include:

  • Masajes Rama
  • Cancun Hand Spa
  • Healthy Body Spa

Pleasure Principles is another so-called pleasure spa. In the western world, it would be referred to as a brothel though. Girls on site are mostly 9s and 10s, but it can be quite pricey.​​


Bottom line, there are no doubts that Cancun can be the ideal place to satisfy your wildest fantasies and have the craziest parties of your life. Whether you go there for spring break, a bachelor party, or just with the guys for a weekend, girls from Cancun will take your experience to the next level.​

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