The Ultimate Cartagena Girls & Nightlife Guide!

Cartagena is also known as the Magic City for its beautiful women. And if you are new to the city and looking for some tips about Cartagena nightlife and places where you can find some seductive Cartagena girls, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll provide you with lots of information about places where you can meet girls like clubs, bars, beaches, and hotels.

Once you are through with this article, you would exactly know where to pick up a girl for a date. So what are we waiting for, let’s jump directly into the article?

Cartagena nightlife

Why not begin with the amazing nightlife in this port city located on the beautiful Colombian coast? Even though life in Cartagena is a little bit expensive when compared to other Columbian cities, Cartagena is always buzzing with beautiful girls. If you are a tourist visiting the city for the first time and want to enjoy having some fun nightlife, then you better head to Old town where you have all kinds of bars, clubs, and hotels so that finding a girl won’t be that hard.

Getsemani is another popular part of this city that boasts of having a couple of popular bars, Café Havana and Mister Babilla where most of the tourists and locals hang out. The nightlife in the city is not complete without visiting these tourist bars and there is a high percentage that you will get hooked up with a girl here.

The Castellana Mall is another popular place in the city where many girls in Cartagena go to parties. Other popular bars near the mall include the Green Moon and Vueltabajero.

And if you are visiting the port city for New Year celebrations, then you need to better check out the Storyland Dance Festival that starts on January 2nd every year and continues for another couple of days. All days of the festival are filled with fun and frolic and is also the best time for tourists can find the beautiful girls of Cartagena as everyone gathers around in one place for this dance festival

Nightlife in the city is mostly about spending your dancing, drinking, and enjoying with girls in clubs and bars across the city. And you can find a lot of awesome bars spread throughout the city. And if you are looking to visit a place where most of the tourists and locals hang out, then better stay around the Walled City area.

You can find some good clubs and dance bars located near the area and especially closer to the clock tower.

If you are looking to pick up some girls for the night in Columbia, then you need to better understand the cultural aspect and how to approach Columbian girls. You just need to be polite and make your intentions clear when approaching a girl in Cartagena bars.

And since this a buzzing tourist city filled with many tourists at all times of the year, you may also end up meeting other girls including Americans and Europeans. But if you are firm on hanging out with a Columbian girl then it’s not very hard to find one too.

Mostly the girls you find in the cities of Cartagena girl bars are working girls and they are easily approachable. And understand that most types of clubs in Cartagena are Salsa and Reggaeton based and if you know Salsa then you are in for a good chance to impress some girls with your Salsa skills.

But if you search hard, you may also end up with hip-hip clubs in the city too. And most of the bars allow you to enter into the bars only after paying some entry fee. Disco fans can check out the popular Elektra club where you spot some high-end working girls. The dance club is open till 3 am so you have plenty of time to hook up with a girl or two.

And tourists looking for expensive clubs can visit the Fragma club.

Popular bars and nightclubs

Some of the popular Cartagena clubs and Cartagena bars are provided below:

Hook up With Cartagena Girls during the day

Nights are long and exciting in Cartagena and since this is a famous beach town you can even spot girls on the beaches during the day as well. Bocagrande is one of the popular beaches in the city and attracts a lot of tourists and locals throughout the day. The sands are filled with bare-bodied girls and tourists taking sunbaths and you can even spot a lot of cafes and shops lined up around the beach.

The old city is another great place to find girls as that area is always buzzing with people. And if you look to go away from the sands, then better try the Castellana Mall, a prime spot frequented by girls during the daytime.  There are also many Cartagena girl-friendly hotels in the city that you can take your girl with.

It is a beach town and it is up to you to use that to your advantage as usually Cartagena beach girls might want to lie down under the sun and what better way to hook up than by striking up a simple conversation or asking for some address and slowly building the conversation? There are also many islands nearby that can be reached by ferries like Baru, Rosario, or Tierra Bomba where you can go scuba diving and snorkeling. And if you want to check out tourist places, better take your girl out to Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas and the Palace of Inquisition.

Some of the places where you can beautiful Columbian girls during the daytime include:

Final words

If you are looking to meet some of the most beautiful girls on earth, then you should visit Cartagena at least once in your lifetime. The city is sprawling with clubs, bars, and various recreational activities and filled with beautiful Columbian girls who could give you some great company.

You can find every kind of girl for dating, romance or sex, etc. If you make your moves right, then you can be guaranteed a great time in the port city. Every club and bar across the city is buzzing with girls of Cartagena night and day and even though the city is slightly expensive, it is definitely worth and you won’t regret it later.