​The NASTY Truth About Colombian Bride Tours – It will SHOCK you!

Colombian bride tours have never been more popular. The concept is self-explanatory. Men from western countries usually travel to countries renowned for their beautiful women, only to find themselves some stunning girlfriends and even wives. No one can deny the beauty of Colombian women, but on another note, these tours are not always what they seem to be. There are certain rules to follow, as well as some things to avoid and be careful about.

Unfortunately, plenty of men are being scammed by various companies, guides, and even potential brides in an attempt to find true love. There are a few risks on the other side as well. There have been a few stories that made it to the news and involved foreign men losing contact with their families and even getting killed.

Such cases are extremely rare though. Most scams tend to target simple-hearted men instead. So, what do you need to pay attention to when about to search for Colombian women for marriage?

How Colombian Bride Tours Work


The general idea is quite simple. You are a man coming from another country who has a crush on a certain type of girl. It could be an Asian girl, a Russian one, or perhaps a Colombian one. These are just the most popular areas specialized in bride tours. You reach this agency and they welcome you at the airport.

Some tours last a few days, while others last a few weeks. You are then introduced to dozens of beauties interested in marrying a foreign man. In Latin America, Colombia is the most popular country for bride tours. Many hot Colombian women can speak good or at least decent English. If you find a beauty who does not, you will most likely get a provider.

You may find tours that include accommodation as well, yet this is not a general rule. Other times, you will have to find it yourself. Your guide will introduce you to the city. They will not be your wing people, but just someone running an agency for Colombian girls interested in finding love abroad.

Once the tour is over, you can make a decision. Chances are you will be introduced to beautiful, clean, and nice girls coming from good families. You will be able to carry on a conversation. If you provide your dream girl features, the agency may even find a group of girls to perfectly suit your preferences. You meet girls, you choose one and you get married.

But Frank – That all sounds great? What is the problem? Well, In theory, it sounds easy. In real life, there are quite some dangers.


Most Common Scams Associated with Colombian Bride Tours

You will often find bride tours asking for money upfront. Whether they offer to pay for accommodation or guides around, you should avoid paying anything upfront. You risk being promised to be picked up from the airport, only to get there and find nobody waiting for you. You try to call the company, but the phone is closed. This is when you realize that you have been scammed.

Other services will charge you for the actual service. Some girls may not speak English, so you will pay for services that aim to make your life easier. For instance, you might need to pay a translator per hour. You may also have to pay for transportation in case your bride does not live in the city you are in. Again, you are less likely to meet Colombian women who want to marry you this way.


Think about it for a second – how are you going to communicate when the translator is away?

Other scams involve proper communication with a certain girl, only to be asked for so-called emergency money. Maybe one of her relatives has passed away or she does not have the money to travel to your country. Perhaps she needs some money for her visa requirements, not to mention countless gifts.

Never send money to someone you barely know – you can get scammed by friends and family who never return the money. Imagine what might happen to a stranger.

With all these risks, is it worth going on a bride tour to find Colombian women for marriage? The answer is yes, but you need to follow some simple tips and rules. So, what do you need to know?

Rules for Dating Colombian Women for Marriage


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My Rules:

  1. Most importantly, a transparent tour service for hot Colombian girls should not charge you anything upfront. Instead, you should be shown some girls and get charged if you decide on one and want to spend more time with her.
  2. On another note, avoid beautiful Colombian women who cannot speak English, regardless of how stunning they are. You might have a translator now (who will charge you money and underline a scam), but what is the plan once she starts living with you?
  3. A good reputation is a must. Look for reviews. Try to dig deeper and ensure they are authentic – ideally, reviews posted by reputable users on forums or discussion boards.
  4. Above all these, follow your instinct and do not let yourself be tricked by amazing Colombian ladies. Some companies might provide a full service and handle your accommodation too. Sometimes (very rarely though), it is alright to pay some money upfront if you are 100% sure of the reputation.
  1. Common sense is mandatory. Dating a Colombian woman is alright, but avoid getting married, signing papers, or getting her to move in with you after a few weeks only. Do your homework and pay attention to small signs.


The bottom line, a good bride tour company can be better than most dating sites in Colombia. But at the same time, three out of four companies will try to scam you. This is the ugly truth of this industry. The good news is you can overcome it if you are cautious and use common sense when dealing with strangers.

There are plenty of choices when interested in dating Colombian women for marriage, but you always need to keep cool.​