​Colombian Cupid – My HONEST Review

ColombianCupid.com is currently the top-rated dating website matching Colombian women and American men. You will also find girls from other South American countries, especially Chile, while registration is open to anyone who is interested in dating a Latina.

In theory, it sounds good. But if you have experience with other dating websites, you are probably aware of fake profiles, robots, or supermodels who are too good to be true. At this point, you probably ask yourself –

Is ColombianCupid any better? What should you expect from it once you are there?

Layout and Design​​

Whether you are experienced with dating websites or this is the first time you use one, you will get along with it pretty quickly. It has a well-structured menu, as well as a good search function. Once you perform a search, you will find results with thumbnails. You can click on them for more details and larger pictures.

Whether you are trying to find a certain type of girl, customize your profile or upgrade your membership, you can do it with a few clicks only – no hassle and no need for help. The interface is straightforward and simple to use.

Signing Up and Exploring

Signing up is easy and free. You will have to register in order to browse the website. You can sign up with your Facebook details or fill in a small form. Check the terms and conditions, especially when it comes to premium memberships. Chances are you will need one.

What can you do with a free account? Simply put, you will get used to the website layout, search and browse profiles. You can like girls’ profiles, but you cannot send or read messages. The experience gives you an idea about what to expect too. If you think you will find prostitutes, escorts, or gold diggers, you are wrong. You will find women in all age ranges – perfectly normal-looking women, no supermodels or robots, or perfect professionals.

Setting up your profile is easy, yet the last part will ask you more questions. The title tag is the first thing a girl will read when getting on your profile. To make things even better, use an ID to verify your account and you will look even better with the verified badge.

Searching for a Match

Go to matches to find girls matched by ColombianCupid. It is just how the system works. You will find a button to improve matches and that is where you can search for small details. You can be extremely specific if you know precisely what the girl of your dreams looks like. For example, you can set the hair length, color, and even bust size. You can even find beautiful girls from Bogota!

Here comes a trick. While some women do complete these details to be easy to find, others do not. If you are looking for a longterm relationship, many good girls will not fill these parts. At this point, it makes sense to leave private characteristics to default – any. Instead, search for more important things and just look at the pictures.

Upgrading Your Account

There are a few different types of memberships – gold and platinum. There are a few differences between them, but both allow matching and messaging. Once you make the payment, the membership will be upgraded straight away. You can pay by bank transfer, card, or online payment platforms like PayPal.

Keep in mind that the membership is automatically renewed. Therefore, if you do not want to continue after a year, make sure you cancel the renewal right away – ideally, at least a few days before it renews.

Messaging Women

Generally speaking, if you are looking for a long-term relationship, you will need to go on with a longer text. You can say hello and ask how they are, but your replies will be limited. Write a couple of lines and you will get more replies. Write three lines and most girls will respond – keep it clean, short and sweet though.

Go through all the pictures before messaging women on ColombianCupid. You can upload five pictures – not more. Pictures can often be deceiving. With these aspects in mind, girls will most likely upload the best five pictures they have ever taken.

WhatsApp is widely used in Colombia, so you can ask for the phone number to make the conversation easier. You can also ask for Instagram or Facebook, so you can see more pictures and get a better idea.

Special Features on ColombianCupid

The cupid tags make one of the best features of ColombianCupid.com. You can add some tags on your profile, which girls often search for over the Internet, so your profile will be more visible.

Instead of ignoring people, you can block them if they are too annoying or they seem to spam you. The good news is that compared to other dating websites, the amount of bots or fake profiles is insignificant.

The option to verify an account is great, as it requires a real ID. If you talk to a girl with a verified badge, you know that she is real. You look more authentic too.

There is also an option to see women online now, but keep in mind their locations vary. Therefore, try to find hotties in your area. They give you the higher chance to reply because they are there and your message will pop up right away.

Online Application

ColombianCupid can be used on any platform. You can use the browser on laptops, desktops, smartphones, or tablets. However, you can make things quicker on a smartphone or tablet by downloading the free application. It features a similar interface and some may find it even easier to use.


With a high rate of Colombian women, close to no fake profiles, and an official specialization in matching Colombian women and foreign men, ColombianCupid might be the perfect choice for those interested in finding love in Colombia. It is easy to use, features girls of all ages and look ranges, and has a high response rate.

What else can you ask for?​

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