Colombian Women – Best Places to Meet Them & Hook Up!

It’s no secret that due to the drug trafficking activities and violence involving the notorious Pablo Escobar and the cartels back in the day, relatively few have the desire to consider Colombia as their vacation destination, and even fewer would consider making the journey just to check out the cute Colombian girls running around the country.

Well, it’s their loss because Colombia is not as dangerous as it used to be. Sure, like any other nation on this planet, there are some areas you’ll want to steer clear of.


Two, the beautiful Colombian women are definitely one of the major attractions here and are therefore absolutely worth the trip to this charming country which is situated in the Northwestern portion of South America.

Once you picked up a girl, I highly recommend you read my supporting blog post on understanding the Colombian dating culture and what the best Colombian dating sites are!

Yes – I’m Interested to Meet Real Colombian Women!

How to date a Colombian woman?

Some of the most beautiful Colombian women that are widely recognized by many all over the world are pop singer Shakira, hot Colombian actress based in Hollywood Sofia Vergara, twin models Camila and Mariana Davalos, and Miss Colombia 2008 winner Michelle Rouillard.

Perhaps the last three names are not exactly world-famous, but nevertheless, they are really, really hot.

So how do you even date such hot women? Is that even possible?


In several minutes from now, you’ll discover some top info on dating Colombian ladies, what activity you should take the time to learn in order to boost your date-pulling chances, places that are brimming with pick-up opportunities, some facts about Colombian women, and the Colombian dating culture.

You will see it is very different compared to the Cuban dating scene and especially when picking up Brazilian chicks.

In addition, I’ll let you in on what is the best online-based Colombian dating service for finding potential dates right in the comfort of your home.

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It’s one of the most awesome Latin dating sites out there, and there’s no joining fee which is nice.

Anyway on to the guide, so let’s get down to business guys!

Best Colombian Dating Sites

Listen up; a really wonderful way of going around the social circle/group barrier is by using Colombian dating sites. You can find plenty out there and as a matter of fact, I’ve already mentioned a very good one earlier.

Again, joining up is free and the site is called Colombian Cupid.

Many beautiful women of Colombia are available on it, so go find some profiles you like, develop a relationship with them, then decide when you want to meet up with them in Colombia.


Screw endorsements from friends and social circle groups, that site can help you hook up with a hot Colombian woman in almost no time at all.

You can read my full review here!

What about sugar dating in Colombia?

A sugar baby is a person who receives cash, gifts, or other financial and material benefits in exchange for a company. It can include sex or intimacy, but it doesn’t have to. The good thing is.. it is totally up to you guys! This form of dating is becoming more and more popular amongst young and beautiful Colombian women.

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Why Are Colombians So Pretty?

First off, the chicas here are blessed with deep big gorgeous brown eyes, with some having been born with a blood cocktail of everything including black, white, and indigenous, thus resulting in some of the hottest Colombian girls you’ll ever lay your eyes on.


The younger ones are generally highly mindful of their appearances, are well-groomed, and are often clad in outfits that exude feminine charm.

This isn’t to say that older Colombian women look piss-poor. I did meet quite a few ratings of 7 to 10 babes of more mature age, but none were interested in going out with me (damn it!)

The Variety Factor      

The variety of ladies in this country is pretty nice. After all, the country has about 85 different ethnic groups.

Blacks (Afro-Colombians) abound particularly in the northwest part of the country, the north part has a large community of mestizos (a combo of Europeans and indigenous), while the east and south territories are rich with indigenous people.

Cities such as Bogotà, Medellín, and Cali feature women of varying looks—black, white, mestizo, mixed, etc.


Communication—Can I Get By With Just English and Good Looks?

Like in most Latin countries, English is not a widely spoken language here.

Sure, if you’re a mega handsome guy, some of the hot Colombian chicks you try to pull might just like you enough to help you work through the language, but that’s a really big IF.

The fact of the matter is you’re better off sharpening up your Spanish-speaking skills for cryin’ out loud!

If you want a Colombian girlfriend but you’re not willing to put in the time to reach at least basic fluency in Spanish, then you’re gonna have a hard time even conversing with the chicks there, let alone getting a girlfriend.

With basic fluency in the language, you will be comfortable striking up conversations with any single Latin woman on sight, making it much easier for you to turn your charm all the way up and get her to say “sí” when you ask her to date you.

Cities to Meet Colombian Ladies


The fourth-largest city in the country is situated close to the Caribbean Sea between Santa Marta to the east and Cartagena to the west.

The presence of tourists/foreigners are rather lacking so you’ll stand out if you decide to go date hunting in this city.

I had several successful pulls in Barranquilla so it might prove to be a big hit for you as well if you know what you’re doing.

meet - colomian-ladies

Each year, however, be prepared for a heave of tourists at the end of February or the beginning of March. A folk and cultural festival called the Carnival of Barranquilla is held during these periods.

The flood of tourists may put a bit of a dent in your exotic foreign status in the city, but on the flip side, you’ll be handed ample opportunities to meet and date gorgeous Colombian women.

Recommended bars/clubs:


With its numerous cultural venues, malls, sports, attraction parks, and universities, the country’s capital has been regarded as the “Athens of South America.”

If you are just interested in a quick hook-up I recommend visiting the red light district in Bogota. For anything else, just keep reading!

In Bogotà, you’ll encounter a lot of white or light-skinned chicas, and oh UNIVERSITIES…you know what that means right?

Yep, dating opportunities with countless early 20s young Colombian girls. Don’t believe me? Read my blog post on how to pick up women in Bogota– You do not want to miss this one!

Apart from higher education institutions, you’ll also want to check out the attraction parks and malls which see plentiful foot traffic.


In all honesty, it’s a rare sight to see hot Latin women walking solo in attraction parks throughout Bogotà, but they are certainly not uncommon in malls.

A few of the malls I went to and experienced successes were Calima Shopping Mall, Unicentro Bogotá, and Santafé Mall.

Recommended bars/clubs:


The second biggest city in Colombia, clean, and very well maintained. The women here are more diverse in looks compared to the other cities on this list.

Foreign dudes are a dime a dozen so your exotic foreigner card might lack the pulling power. That’s okay though because Medellín Colombian women are sweet and friendly. You can read all about it in my blog post about my time dating Medellin women on a daily basis.

My unsuccessful approaches were all politely declined. I also had a few successful pulls during my stay in the city and they were all decent to splendid.


Scour the various malls here for pickup opportunities as well as the foot traffic area around the Metro de Medellín.

Recommended bars/clubs:  BabylonSalón AmadorDiscoteca FahrenheitEl Grifo,


This is the third-largest city and is well-known as the “Salsa Capital of the World.” Cali has produced many world-champion salsa dancers and naturally, lots of people would head over here just to learn this form of dancing.

Since the ladies here are into dancing a lot, many possess babelicious bodies. Being able to salsa dance will greatly improve your chance of getting dates with some of the single Colombian women here.

Recommended bars/clubs:  Eliptica ClubEl Viejo BarrilLolas ClubDubai Night Club

The Activity That Can Increase Your Rate of Pull with Hot Colombian Women

Remember earlier I mentioned an activity that can bolster your chances of getting dates in this country?

Well, the activity in question is dancing, particularly Colombian/Cali-style salsa. The folks here love their salsa!

If you can salsa really well, seducing the talents you want on the dance floor can be quite a breeze.

Compared to other Latin dance styles, salsa calls for more patience and practice, but it isn’t necessary to learn some of those crazy funky moves.


Just have the basics down pat, know how to lead properly, and get your rhythm and timing right—and you’re golden!

Venus to Show off Your Salsa Skills and Attract Potential Dates

In Cali:

In Medellín:

The Dating Culture and Some Final Words of Advice

In Colombia, I would say the dating culture is more social circle or group-oriented compared to other Latin nations I’ve been to.

Dating a Colombian girl is a whole lot easier if you’re endorsed by someone that the chica actually knows and trusts. Heck, my best friend got  married to a smoking hot Colombian girl 2 years after he was introduced to her by his secretary. The power of networking, my friend! 

And although hitting the nightclubs is a good way to meet random chicks, girls often hang out and sit in groups, and they can be a real pain in the ass to break into.

One way of getting invited into a group is by spending some dough on a bottle of decent booze, and then performing some of that salsa shit you learned beforehand (or whatever dance styles you got), beside the group that you want to break into—voila, you’re invited!

It goes without saying that this would only work if your dance skills are up to scratch.

If you dance like there’s a chipmunk up your ass, those pretty Colombian girls will likely freak out and they might just call the bouncers on your ass.

Anyway, I did this twice and it worked both times. The obvious downside to this MO is that you got to spend some money.

If you have a bit of cash to splash, then give this method a shot, otherwise, just approach head-on.

Good luck and may the spirit of Don Juan be with you!

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