Dating Hot Cuban Women is Amazing! Here is Why!

If you are thinking of dating a Cuban girl, it is very important for you to understand more about her country and culture. The women from Cuba are great romantics, and they are undoubtedly great company for you, on a date.

They are passionate lovers as well, which helps you to build an instant connection with them. In this article, you will get a brief idea about these women in general, their dating culture, and where you can find them.

Dating women from Cuba will no more pose a challenge for you!

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Looks at Cuban Women


When you meet Cuban women, the first thing that you would notice about them is their striking beauty. All these women look hot, sexy, and feminine.

They have perfectly-shaped bodies and mesmerizing smile, which makes you go weak in your knees. They are natural dancers, and the way they sway their shapely hips when they walk is a sight to behold.

You will find quite a lot of black women as well in Cuba.

The best thing about these women is that they are not even aware of their physical beauty. Most of the women in Cuba can give global supermodels a run for their money with their awesome features.

These beautiful Cuban women are known for their characteristic features of dark hair, beautiful eyes, and peculiar olive skin. Their laugh without a care in the world and dance like nobody is watching them.


Their carefree and vibrant nature makes them wonderful dating companions. They are also very loyal in their relationships. So if you are marrying a Cuban woman, you can be assured that she will give her best to keep her family intact, despite all odds.

Dating Culture of Cuba – Must-know to date Cuban girls

Cuba is governed by a lot of laws and regulations; therefore, the dating culture here is completely different from what you would find in other developed countries such as the USA or UK.

It does sound weird, but the locals are allowed to interact with the tourists/foreigners only if they have a valid reason for doing so. You will be surprised to see police officers all over the Cuban islands.

Even when you try to get friendly with Cuban girls in public places, you will face rejection. This is because they are always being watched by the officers. Before approaching a woman in Cuba, you should be clear on what you want from her.

Are you looking for companionship? Do you want to go out on a date with her to know her more and build a serious relationship with her? Are you interested only in sex?


Are you looking for a sugar baby whom you can marry and take back to your country? These are some of the common purposes why guys hit on Cuban women. Regardless of the dating culture in the country, the way you approach women will depend on what you want from them.

Local culture

You need to hire a car to take your girl out and have to visit a private beach or bar that is out of reach of the police officers to get to know a Cuban girl better.

The locals aren’t even allowed to use the same means of public transport as that tourists or foreigners. So, if you want to date a hot Cuban woman, ensure you do it privately.

If you thought that you could meet a woman in Cuba, ask her out easily and talk to her about sweet-nothings all through the night on the phone, you are mistaken!

Most of the women in Cuba don’t own cell phones because of the country’s expensive sim card rates. You can reach your girl only through a home telephone or a landline.


In short, dating a Cuban woman today is similar to the culture that prevailed in most countries in the 60s and 70s. If you are interested you can read more about the history of Cuba here.

Online dating in Cuba

It is quite true that internet penetration in Cuba is far lesser than what we see in other countries. However, it is also true that many men (and women, too!) have started using the internet more aggressively these days than before, because of the growth of many online dating sites here.

Since there are lots of restrictions in Cuba when it comes to locals meeting foreigners and speaking with them, people feel these online dating sites are safer and more relaxed.

There are many online dating sites in Cuba in which you can register for free by giving some of your vital details. You will then be connected to many shapes and colors of Cuban women of your choice.

As we already saw, women are very loyal, and when you make an earnest attempt to connect with them honestly, they will work hard to make your relationship work. According to Cuban culture, a woman always expects her man to be honest, faithful, and straightforward.


On these dating sites, you will find pictures of many hot Cuban girls who are ready to give you want. The only thing that you need to be sure of is what you expect from them.

If you are too social or friendly, your Cuban girlfriend may assume that you are serious about her. On the other hand, if, if you aren’t too involved in the conversations, the girl will think that you are only using her. Though there are quite a lot of dating sites in Cuba, you should do a lot of research before choosing one, so that you choose only legal and approved sites.

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Where to meet Cuban women?

Finding pretty Cuban girls is not difficult. The beautiful island country is full of hot women. However, pursuing them and getting them to agree to come out on a date with you is the most challenging part. When you are in Cuba, watch out for these places, because it is these areas where you will meet the most beautiful women.

Before we proceed to tell you any specific place, here is a disclaimer for you. Never frequent any place that is crowded with tourists and never go to famous tourist destinations if you want to meet Cuban girls.

You can visit any restaurant or office building and ask out a woman who is working there. When you contact women who have regular jobs, you can be very sure that they aren’t prostitutes unless you are looking for a mate only for sex.

Go away as far as you can from the capital island of Havana. Havana is very crowded, and you will never get a chance to spend quality time with your date here.

Go to the local pubs and bars to meet beautiful local women; ensure that you take them around in a rented car to avoid the prying eyes of the police.


You can bring back your girl to the hotel where you are staying; most of these hotels are aware of these things. You can travel to Holguin if you don’t want the constant eyes of the police over you.

Final Words

In short, all you must remember is to be as discreet as possible when dating Cuban ladies. Due to the strange laws of the place, the police are everywhere, and they have strict watch over the locals, especially the beautiful women.

If you take enough precautions to avoid crowded tourist spots, you should find reasonable success in dating and even marrying a Cuban womanif you are lucky!

Extra tip from a pro!

The women of Cuba are very beautiful and independent, but they are very loyal as well. When there is a problem in the relationship, they believe in mending it instead of breaking up. They are passionate lovers, responsible and understanding wives, and fantastic mothers. Their family is of utmost importance to them, and they will go beyond the mile to keep their family intact.  They are great cooks and brilliant dancers as well, which only proves that they are a complete package.

It is a shame that the women of Cuba are mostly perceived as sex objects or sugar babies. The reality is that they are very down-to-earth and loyal people who yearn for faithfulness from their partners. They are very forgiving, and they are ready to give their men a second chance so that they can lead a happy life.

They are very upfront and die-hard romantics at heart. While dating these women, you need to be quite tech-savvy and use the internet or apps more for communication, because mobile phone communication is very expensive. If you see the help of dating sites, you need to be very particular about their authenticity, to avoid any ambiguity in the future.

Today, one of the most common reasons for relationships going astray is the lack of communication. In Cuba, there is a high probability of that happening because communication, per se, is quite complex here.

When communication itself is a challenge, it does become difficult to date a Cuban beauty, but if you are clear about the laws and your expectations, you are sure to do a great job.

Happy dating!

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