What To Expect When Dating A Dominican Woman?

Dominican ladies represent a special breed in the South American market. They are somewhere between the loose Brazilians and the more formal Argentinians. They are more elegant and down to earth than other Latinas, but they also have finer beauty.

In other words, they can be defined as cute sexy South Americans with perfect proportions.

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When it comes to dating, they share some similarities with other Latinas, yet they also have their own particularities. So, what should you do or avoid when dating a Dominican beauty?

Do Make Your Intentions Clear


Just like for other Latinas, it is important for Dominicans to know upfront where their date is going. If you pick up a slutty girl in a nightclub, it might be obvious that you are after a classic one-night stand. If you end up going out for coffee or dinner, you tell her that you actually like her and want more than just sex.

Either way, Dominican ladies are quite straightforward and must know upfront where their date is going. You do not have to turn a date into a business meeting and put everything on the table straight away though. Instead, your interaction and body language will be conclusive enough for her.

Keep things simple and clear. Assuming that you already know your goal, you should make it slightly obvious straight away. If you are after a long-term relationship, do not tell her that you seek a wife from the first date. If you are only looking for sex, express your will in a polite and subtle way. She will get it.

Do Not Make Her Jealous


Latinas are normally volcanic. They can be extremely passionate about love and sex, but they can also spitfire if you drive them crazy. Besides, you have to put yourself into their shoes – would you like to be jealous? Would you like someone to make you insecure with their actions all the time? Exactly!

This inner passion comes from deep emotions. Dominican women are extremely emotional. They will love you like there is no tomorrow, but they will also hate you if you give them reasons. No matter what you do, avoid behaving in a way that will make your girlfriend jealous.

Simply put, be a loving person and show your emotions. Be attentive to her needs and treat her like you want your mother to be treated. More importantly, your affection must be visible – small gestures and words. All these will lead to another important aspect when dating a Dominican woman – compliments.

Do Make Compliments


Compliments are a big thing in Latin America – bigger than in North America or Europe. While a compliment can make a lady feel good anywhere in the world, South America is different. You have to do it all the time. Be generous when it comes to compliments and always do it.

However, make sure you do not sound fake. Do not be aggressive in your compliments and do not do it over lame things. Also, you can compliment her on her natural looks as well – something that Europeans and North Americans are not so used to.

Sure, complimenting her style will also pay off, as every woman likes to be complimented on her choices. But then, she will take credit for things that she is not really responsible for – looks, features, and so on.

Fail to compliment a Dominican lady and she will think that something is wrong with her. She will think that you are not interested in her, so your date may not get too far.

Do Not Get Wasted


The drinking culture in the country is relatively free, but you must be careful. Sure, you can go out in a nightclub or have a couple of cocktails during dinner, yet you need to limit your drinking. This is not a competition between you and her.

While most Dominican women are used to drinking men, they want something else. They would rather have all the attention, so they do not want you to turn your head over a glass of wine. Just make sure you know the limits between being in a good mood and feeling way too happy for the evening. She will notice as well.

Do Learn to Dance

The dancing culture is quite high in the Dominican Republic – just like pretty much everywhere in South America. All Dominican women love dancing, even if they do not always show it. However, whether it is an event that involves dancing or a night in a club, your date will most likely jump on the dance floor.

There are two reasons wherefore you must learn to dance. First, you do not want to see another man spin your lady around while you sit there with a glass of wine. Second, she will love it if you show her some good moves. It is part of the culture and it shows that you can blend in.


Do Not Talk on the Dance Floor

Dominican women emerge into a completely different world when they dance. They feel it.

You can see the passion in their moves and eyes. For this reason, a dance is an opportunity to bond and not a chance to get to know her better.

A couple of compliments, in the beginning, will work wonders, but other comments will become irritating. It shows that you have no respect for the culture. Plus, your lady cannot focus on her dance, so she will feel annoyed. Instead, talk to her by using your body language while on the dance floor.

Bottom Line

In a short final conclusion, Dominican women are not complicated. In fact, they would rather be straightforward than play around and give you clues. Sure, a little teasing, in the beginning, will work wonders, but this is pretty much it. Stick to these rules and there is no way you will fail.

There are, of course, more aspects you need to remember, but these rules should be obeyed for a successful date.

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