Dating In Colombia: The Ultimate Gringo’s Beginners Guide!

Colombia – is one of the most attractive countries in South America in terms of girls. You are probably familiar with those beautiful weather girls all over the Internet – most of them are Colombian, right?

How about the popular term from adult videos referring to these girls as Latinas? Exactly! This is where it all started.

Now, assuming that your consciousness is pure and you have never watched any of these videos, how about some celebrities? Everyone has heard of Shakira – the right body proportions, a beautiful face, and crazy hips.

How about Sofia Vergara? Danna García, Carla Ossa, Catalina Otalvaro, and Zulay Henao are just some of the most famous Colombian beauties, yet the list can literally go on forever.


Whether you decide to visit Colombia or you plan to move there, finding one of these beauties for yourself is a must. However, dating in Colombia is not like dating in a western country.

Colombian women belong to a different culture, so there are a few differences you need to take into consideration. There are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind, as well as some rules to help you appear as an irresistible gentleman.

Dating in Colombia – Do’s and Don’ts of Dating Colombian Women

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Ok back to business!

Now you might be wondering. What can I do to make sure my date goes as smoothly as possible?

Fear not, my friend… Frank is here to help you out! 

Do’s when Dating Girls in Colombia

As a general rule of thumb, you better learn to dance. People in Colombia dance a lot – see Shakira’s videos for reference. Women like it more than men and they do it all the time. Along with football, dancing is like a national sport. There is dancing everywhere and if you decide to go out, chances are you will end up in one of those places where people dance.

At this point, you do not want your girlfriend to go crazy on the dance floor while you sit down and watch, as other men may join in. Therefore, learn some dance moves and you will make a perfect impression. It is simply part of the local culture.

When dating a Colombian woman, make sure you compliment her. A lot!


Sure, every lady needs compliments, regardless of her location. But when it comes to Colombians, chances are she will need even more. It might feel a bit unnatural first, but there is nothing to worry about – you will not look fake. Girls are used to being complimented, so join the fun.

Failing to compliment Colombian girls may make them think you are not on the same page. Furthermore, if you are interested in a long-term relationship, regular compliments will keep the relationship strong.

Other than that, keep in mind that Colombian beauties are straightforward. Do not play games with them or you might get burnt. They need to know where their relationships are going. Especially when you’re hanging and banging in cities like BogotaCartagena, or Medellin.

Sure, if you want to meet someone for marriage, do not tell them you want to marry them on a first date. Just keep it casual and express your desire for a long or short-term relationship.

Don’t when Dating Girls in Colombia

Ending up on the dance floor? There is one rule – dance. Avoid talking on the dance floor, but use your body to communicate with your girl.

Alcohol is widely accepted in the local culture, but Colombian ladies do not get their hopes up if you nail eight cocktails in two hours, so keep it simple.

If you want to meet Colombian women for marriage, keep in mind that Latinas have a volcanic nature. They can get jealous very easily, so try to avoid things that might upset them. Instead, focus on being attentive and loving.

First Date Rules in Colombia

  1. On a first date, dress casually, but smartly casually. Your girl will look great – no doubts about it. She will keep it casual and she wants to meet a good-looking man, so go to the next level and opt for smart casual. Make sure your shoes are clean – these are some of the first things girls notice.
  2. You need to smell good – shower first, but do not shower yourself in cologne. A kiss on the cheek is acceptable when you first see the girl, as well as a compliment. Make sure she can sense a nice cologne, so put some on your neck or behind your ears.
  3. Chivalry is not dead in South America. Feel free to open the door for her and act like a real gentleman. However, you should not bring any flowers, as you have no idea what kind of flowers she might like.
  4. Be on time, but never expect hot Colombian girls to do the same – just wait patiently. Come up with some good jokes and avoid clichés, such as discussions about Pablo Escobar. In the end, pay the bill.

Do Colombian Women Like Gringos?

As a general rule of thumb, women from less developed countries than the USA are usually interested in such men. Whether they are from the UK, Germany, China, Japan, or Mexico, if one country is less developed than another, women find men to be more attractive.

It is easy to tell why:

Colombia is a beautiful country – nice and welcoming people, hot girls, lots of history, great parties, and, just like everywhere else, some dark areas that tourists avoid. There are not too many opportunities in terms of the future. A beautiful girl would have a much better life in a more developed country than in Colombia.

Therefore, many beautiful Colombian women find attractive men from other countries. This is not about the money or about the possibility to move somewhere else, yet these factors do count as well. You are less likely to see a beautiful South American girl hanging around with a man way out of her league.


Even if you are not the most attractive man in the world, you have the exotic factor. You are not a Latino, so you have the so-called gringo effect. People of different ethnicity always look exotic, while their exoticism adds to their looks and attraction.

With these aspects in mind, you might be quite successful hanging around Colombia. Some girls might break their necks turning around to check you out. You are likely to be attractive just by looking different. If you are taller than average, it is even better.

Try to stay away from highly touristic areas if you want a long-term relationship. Local girls know many foreigners hang around just for sex and one-night stands. Especially the ones that visit dodgy Colombian bridal agencies and travel in groups.

What about online dating?

You can find Colombian girls on most dating sites, but the offer is often limited to well-known Colombian dating apps.

If people in the UK and the USA love Tinder, Germans go on Finya and Italians use OkCupid!

As for the Colombians? Well, they have turned to It is designed in English, so it puts together Colombians who can speak English and foreigners. What else can you ask for? Registration is easy and the concentration of Colombian beauties is simply astonishing.


This website makes the best choice among dating sites in Colombia if you do not have any friends in Colombia to hang around with. There is no one to introduce you to local girls, so you need to go online or approach girls in clubs or bars.

Ideally, you should start early, so you can make a few friends before you even get there.

Just like on any other dating website, there might be potential scammers around, so use common sense when talking to strangers over the Internet.

How to Avoid Being Scammed in Online Dating

Never send any money to anyone you meet online. Do not disclose card information either or details that can be used to reset passwords. The reason is irrelevant.

Ignore messages or discussions from girls who look like international supermodels or adult movie stars, especially when they promise you the world before you even upload the picture. No world beauty will ever want to sleep with you before even saying hello. If it feels too good to be true, it probably is.


Keep conversations basic. Talk about likes, dislikes, culture, and so on.

Sharing personal details is a sensitive topic. You can share details about previous relationships or your private life, but do not disclose the smallest details that can compromise your security.

Take the conversation to another level – messengers, phone calls, video calls and so on – when you are confident enough that the person is who they say they are. Seeing them live will also add to your peace of mind.


The bottom line, it is relatively easy to meet Colombian women, whether you do it in real life or over the Internet. There are not too many rules in terms of dating, but stick to the basics and remember – it is all about her. Make her feel that way and you will be on the right path.​

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