Dominican Women: What Makes Them Some of The Sexiest Girls on The Planet?

The women of the Dominican Republic are as attractive as the beautiful beaches that have drawn travelers to the country. They are flirty and feminine with the sexiest curves you will ever find!

One of the main reasons that make them so desirable is that they are open to dating foreigners unlike girls from western countries. So if you are fantasizing about dating Dominican women, let me help you with some background details and tips so that you can put forward your best moves!

I will show you the hot sport, what steps to follow, what mistakes to avoid, and how to make sure your dream girl ain’t some lying and cheating gold-digger!

Yes – that’s right! Read this article and you will become one mean Dominican dating machine! VAMOS!

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What makes Dominican women some of the sexiest girls on the planet?


Oh well – That is an easy one!

Curves, curves …. and did I already mention.. C-U-R-V-E-S?

If you used to think that only black and Latinas had some of the sexiest curves on the planet, get ready to have your mind blown by the sexiness of Dominican women. Although Dominican girls have varied complexions, heights, and features, almost all of them have great bodies.

And with great bodies – I mean something so hot that even the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would be like; Damnnn girl!

The Dominican beauties develop early and bloom into some of the hottest chicks on the face of the earth! These girls also love to show off their beautiful bodies by wearing tight-fitted clothing or even bikinis. So just one look at them can make your heart race! It does not matter where you are.


The streets, cafe, disco, and their grandma’s house… They even look amazing just waking up…

And next to their stunning looks they come in all different sizes and looks

You can find white girls, black girls, and mixed races among Dominican women. There are thin girls and voluptuous ones who flaunt their curves with pride.

Is it all sunshine and rainbows? Nope!

The more beautiful the girl, the more maintenance she will need. Sorry guys – that is just the way it is when it comes to dating Dominican women.

What are Dominican Girls Like and How do You Meet Those Godlike Hotties?

Good news: Dominican girls are flirty and outgoing!

When it comes to the dating culture of the Dominican Republic you will notice that most Dominican girls are quite outspoken and can be the first ones to approach you if they like you. This straightforward approach is something a lot of Western men like a lot.

Even if you are a shy guy you can still talk to a lot of pretty girls as they like to take the lead and talk your ears off. Of course – you do have to give them a reason first to approach you!


Fun fact; Fashion is everything in this country. They love dressing up and showing off their wealth. Gold, shirts, earrings, watches, and makeup is all part of their daily routine. You will never EVER find any Dominican ladies shabbily dressed.

Unfortunately – there is also a downside to all the beauty. Do you think Western girls are addicted to social media and Instagram? Wait till you hang out with Dominican girls.. they eat, breathe,e and sleep on social media.

I had many dates where the girl would be almost all the time starring at her phone.

At first I thought; Shit, surely I am not going to get laid tonight as this chick is checking her Instagram every 2 seconds.

Nope – They were all interested and hooking up was not a problem at all. They just love their phones too much even when they are interested in you. You just have to accept that it is a part of their culture.

Dominican women can be feminine and appear fragile but do not make the mistake of going by their appearances. They can be quite smart and strongly opinionated. In fact, a hint of disrespect and they can show you the door. So be careful of your behavior with these girls.

White girls in the Dominican Republic can be a little more uptight than dark girls. Although in this country a lighter complexion signifies money. So if you want to date white Dominican women you may have to up your dating game a bit!


You can try social gatherings to meet some hot Dominican women.  As they are so close to their families and friends, befriending the locals can help you meet the girls easily. They, being so approachable, also make it easier for you to begin a conversation in restaurants, pubs, bars, and gyms. You can also pick up some of the sexiest girls through online dating sites.

How to impress Dominican women?


Let’s get straight to the point, shall we?

Dominican women want their men to be confident and successful. They prefer the alpha males and some of them do like the bad boys! The beta males may not get much success when dating these local hotties. In fact, they may risk getting fooled or friend zoned quickly!

And with quickly I mean Star Trek Warp-speed “Quickly”. And you will never be able to get out of your friend zone.

Dress to impress and wealth

Dominican girls prefer men who dress to flaunt their masculinity. They also prefer men with money to provide for them. Age is no bar for them as long as you are rich with at least average looks. With a sharp dressing style and a car, you will find girls talking to you on their own without much effort!

Did I just read it right? Are you saying most of them are gold diggers?

Well, there are always exceptions to the rule – but unfortunately, most of them are interested in men with some form of wealth. At least they are honest about it! 

Learn Spanish


Most girls in the country speak Spanish so you may need to brush up your Spanish skills if you know the language or learn it if you do not know it at all. It is difficult to find too many English-speaking girls as upper-class girls only speak some English.

It took me about 3 months to speak Spanish fluently. Of course –  all on a basic conversation level – but with enough confidence to approach girls and bars without being worried about my Spanish.

Online dating

As I mentioned before; During my stay, I noticed that these girls LOVE their social media and online dating. It is their holy grail of finding the right guy.

If you are trying online dating you can upload photographs of you enjoying a lavish lifestyle, going to expensive restaurants, and traveling to luxurious places. You will also have to flaunt your masculinity to attract these girls to your profile. Post some photographs of you working at the gym and watch them swoon over you in no time!

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Dominican women also love men who can dance, so try learning a step or two to impress some girls in a club. These women love to dance and move their curves to the music. If you are already a good dancer then you are definitely going home with a date for the day!

If not, as long as you do not make a complete fool of yourself, matching a step or two to their music can always score some points.

How to win them over?

If you are trying offline dating, it is wise to up your daytime game as most girls in the country do not have a very active nightlife. Even if they do visit a bar, they are in a group or with their men. So the best place to meet Dominican singles will be the malls, coffee shops, and bars during the day.

However, some places in Santo Domingo have a more active nightlife that can help you meet some girls in nightclubs and bars. Also, most girls will be with men when partying at night, so avoid trouble by being discreet if you are interested to get their number.

Slip on your cards during a friendly conversation or buy drinks for the girls. You can also pass your number anonymously with the help of the bartender. In fact, the girls will be thrilled with such a mysterious admirer.


The Daygame

During the daytime, can always strike up a conversation with hot Dominican women saying you are a foreigner lost in a strange country looking for someone to be friends with! You are sure to get some numbers with your ‘lost traveler’ skills as they love to mingle with foreigners. Dominican girls are not shy of going on dates with you so pick up the courage and ask. These girls are bolder and more unorthodox so prepare to have a lot of fun!

When trying to pick up Dominican girls, some good old showing off can never hurt. If you are in a bar order the most expensive wine and watch all eyes looking at you with appreciation. If in the gym, lift some weights and show off your muscles to impress the beauties.

Punta Cana and Santo Domingo both are some of the best places to meet Dominican ladies. They have the hippest places to party, colleges, and universities visited by young beautiful women.

You can also meet beautiful Dominican women online as well. Tinder or Facebook whatever be your playground; Dominican girls love to see you showing off. Online dating is easier for foreigners to meet local girls and have more private conversations. With an impressive online dating profile, you will find many open-minded Dominican models with stunning figures interested to go on a date with you.


The girls in the Dominican Republic prefer men to approach them directly, so do not hesitate to say hello, be it offline or online.

What to do if You Manage to go on a Date?

Oh F*ck – You never imagined she would say Yes, yes? 

If you have finally managed to go on a date with a Dominican woman, be sure to have money on you. Being thrifty and expecting her to pay her share can make your first date instantly the last one. Although many Dominican women work and are financially independent, they love the good old chivalry.

Pay on the first date

They expect their men to pay on the dates. They can also get committed and serious about you if they find you suitable. They are quite close to their families so if you are going to ask Dominican women for marriage you can expect their families to get involved in the affairs as well.

They love to Hook-up. Lucky you!


If you are not looking for serious relationships and are interested in hook-ups, Dominican women are game! They are quite liberated about sex and are not shy to sleep with you on first dates. So if you are interested in having sex with them you can let them know to have an unabashed and passionate date.

Dominican women may treat you sweetly and fulfill your desires like Goddesses of Passion, but always keep in mind that more often than not they are seeing other men too, both online and offline. So do not let the encounters get to your head. Be slow and steady to win her over. Being with a foreigner you can have an edge over the local men as she will be curious and ready to explore more about you. Take your time to seduce her and impress her with your charm.

Hit or Miss

If you are going to meet a woman you have met online, it can be exciting and risky at the same time. Like many other dating stories, you may get stood up. The girl may find the dating place too far away or find some other reason to stand her up. So, ask her to choose between two dates according to her availability and decide on a venue that is accessible for her.

Be Careful of Those (…) Gold-Diggers!

If you are excited to meet Dominican women online or offline, you should tread carefully as there can be too many gold-diggers waiting to prey on vulnerable foreigners. There are many single mothers in the cities that are looking to seduce men to squeeze out their money. They will pressure the men to provide for them and their families. It is important to avoid such traps by doing background checks on your online date.


Unless you are aiming to be a sugar daddy, you should stay away from providing for a gold-digging woman interested in your money. Paying for food and a car while on a date can be a good gesture but sending money to bring up her family is not.

There are many decent girls in the Dominican Republic who will not cost you any money for dating. Unless they are prostitutes, they are not supposed to ask for money even if they have sex with you on the dates.

Be straightforward

Be straightforward about your intentions right from the beginning. While striking up conversations online you can start by saying that you are looking for independent ladies who are able to provide for their own.

You can also praise the girl by saying she is not looking for money like other girls and you like her because of this quality. If all these talks do not work, avoid and dump her after a few dates and move on to another!

A smart way to avoid these kinds of women is to date girls from upscale neighborhoods in the city. You can visit upscale malls, bars, and pubs to find girls from affluent neighborhoods. Well-to-do girls will not expect you to hand out money to them or their families.

She will be more interested in your appearance and character. Nevertheless, she will love that you have the money and you are successful in your financial endeavors. So keep your flaunting game on in the Dominican Republic.

Final Words

The key to dating Dominican women is to have good social skills and the right eye to find the perfect girl. Be careful who you choose as your date and you are good to go. So, gear up to experience a world of passion with the beautiful Dominican ladies now.

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