​Seven Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Fortaleza Girls

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world and it “benefits” from an obvious gender gap, so the multitude of beautiful women makes it a real attraction for men from all over the world. While most tourists focus on Rio or Sao Paulo, the truth is that off-the-grid cities can provide even more chances to score, whether you are looking for a crazy one-night stand or a long-term relationship.

Fortaleza is a top-notch attraction off the grid. There are local beauties, as well as beauties from other cities on holiday. It is not tourist infested, so you will be an attractive exotic fruit.

But then, what should you know before hunting down some Fortaleza girls? What are the most important things to know before approaching a babe or trying your luck in online dating?

The Three Date Rule with Fortaleza Girls

There is an unwritten three-date rule when it comes to dating. The first date is all about meeting her, introducing yourself, and getting her contact details. It makes no difference where you approach her. The second date is supposed to be relaxed. This is actually the first official date, as the first meeting was just an introduction. Go to a bar or a lounge and have a few drinks, get to know each other better, and even share your first kiss.

The next date is also casual and implies a different activity. It is not about drinks anymore, but you might as well go for a walk in the park with two takeaway coffees or perhaps go down to the beach. From that point on, anything can happen.

The Quick Kiss

Girls in Fortaleza are used for men to attempt kissing them after 15 minutes of knowing them. If you talk to her for half an hour and she seems to love your company, do not be afraid to go for the kiss. You do not have to wait until the end of the date.

On the same note, if you fail to kiss her, she might think that you are not attracted to her. If it is obvious that you are, she probably thinks that you are weird. This is one of the main things to remember in the Brazilian dating culture, especially in Fortaleza. Everyone is more relaxed and people try to avoid playing games.

A Kiss Means Nothing for Fortaleza Girls

The first kiss comes really fast when meeting a girl in Fortaleza. You obviously like each other, so go for it. Brazil is probably the only country out there where a man can kiss a woman 10 minutes after meeting her. Now, what does this kiss mean?

Considering it comes so fast, it does not really mean too much. It only means you like each other’s company. It means you are friends and perhaps a bit more – leaving room for options. Keep in mind that it does not represent an indicator that you will have sex the same day.

Confidence and Aggression

Brazilian men are confident and aggressive. If you come from a western country, you are probably different. You want to make eye contact for a while before approaching a woman, but not in Fortaleza. You will need to up your game and get out of your comfort zone. Do it a few times and it will become part of your game.

Look around, find a girl you like, make sure she is not accompanied by a man, and simply go talk to her. Tell her your name and how attractive you find her – simple and efficient. It might seem aggressive, but local girls are used to this attitude, so go for it.

No Games

Nobody likes games, yet most people do them. You approach a girl really slowly. You take your time to make sure you will not fail. Everything is different in Fortaleza. When you like a girl, you go talk to her and tell her you like her. If she responds back and seems to love it, you can kiss her within 15 minutes – facts!

Avoid taking the long route or someone else will grab her. Also, it is worth noting that women in Fortaleza can be approached anywhere – a mall, a store, a restaurant, or down the street. They are comfortable with being approached, so they will not freak out like women from western countries.

Learn Portuguese

If you truly want to connect with women in their country, learn their language. Portuguese is the official language in Brazil. Not only does it show dedication, but no one can resist a sexy accent.

If you speak Spanish, Portuguese is 90% similar. It helps to speak the Latin language, but it is not mandatory. Give yourself a few months and you might be able to carry on a basic conversation in Portuguese.

Moreover, this technique gives you access to Fortaleza ladies who cannot speak English too. It opens the door to a completely different market that most foreigners do not have access to, making you look even more exotic.

Keeping in Shape

Keeping in shape is important, whether you go to Fortaleza, Rio de Janeiro, or another place. You will notice both women and men in Brazil are trying their best to keep fit.

Men look good, as well as women. No one asks you to be a supermodel with fully shaped muscles, visible veins, and a six-pack abdomen, but try at least not to be fat. It will be a con when dating hot women – pretty much everywhere, not just in Brazil.

This aspect is even more important when trying to approach girls in a city with a beach, where everyone has to show their bodies every once in a while.


In the end, Fortaleza girls are not much different from girls in Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo, or any other place in Brazil. However, they are more realistic and down to earth, so you might need a better approach. Other than that, these tips should lead you in the right direction.​