10 Important Tips For Exploring The Fortaleza Nightlife!

Brazil has a reputation for a few things – beautiful girls, great beaches, and crazy nightlife. In other words, what you can do is explore during the day, chill on the beach with a cocktail and some nice ladies, then spend the nights at the top hot spots in the area. There are nightclubs located on the beachfront, as well as downtown.

The Fortaleza nightlife takes everything to the next level. The area is famous for its outstanding parties. Something new happens every night, be it Monday or Sunday.

In my experience, it is very different to busy Rio, and Sao Paulo, and more similar to Natal and Manaus. Make sure you check out the related blog posts on how to drastically improve your pick-up game in each city!

Now back to business! What do you need to know before going out and hunting girls at the crazy parties that Fortaleza has to offer?

Time to find out.

Fortaleza Nightlife – Best Nightclubs to Have Fun

Whether you are looking for a party, plenty of girls, or hookup opportunities, some bars in Fortaleza have everything. Some of the top options include Arre Egua, Pirata Bar, Rock 80, and Boate Level.

Other good options include Chopp Da Beluga and Brom’s Hard Rock Cafe.

Most singles concentrate on Dragao do Mar and Iracema. Obviously, you can find good nightclubs outside of the touristy area as well, but try to play it safe and avoid going into unknown places, especially if you are there by yourself.

Focusing on Brazilian Tourists

The best tip to meet girls? Many singles will be hanging around with their families or friends. They do not want their social circle to think they are slutty, so they might ignore you.

Look for girls going out with other girls instead. At the same time, find tourists. Fortaleza attracts tourists from all over the world, but also from Brazil.

You will find girls from Rio or Sao Paulo as well and they are always open when it comes to tourists.

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Monday Nights

Monday night looks like a dead night in western countries, but not in Fortaleza. Everybody goes to Pirata Bar on Mondays because that is where the best party is.

The club usually opens around 8 PM, while a band kicks in after midnight. The party goes on until the sun is up.

Tuesday Nights

Tuesdays follow the same rule. You might think your options are limited, but head to Varjota – Arre Egua – and you will be surprised. This night is dedicated to a Nordeste musical genre – forro.

It may not seem modern, but this is what Brazilians like to dance on, so get along and have some fun.

Middle Week Nights

Wednesdays are about Lupus Bier. The nightclub hosts a local folklore show. It is usually the same group performing, but special guests are invited every once in a while to perform.

The performance often starts about 8 PM, but try to get there earlier to find a table. Tickets are not too expensive either.

People in Fortaleza go to Praia de Futuro on Thursday. It is located in the southern part of Mucuripe. What happens on Thursday? It is crab night. Everyone has crab.

There are more options there, so you can pop from one club to another. One of them stands out in the crowd though – Chico de Caranguejo. The fun starts at about 7 PM, while a live band kicks in after 8 PM.

Weekend Entertainment

As for the weekend, everything is accessible. Your options are literally countless. Head downtown to the Centro Cultural de Dragao de Mar. It looks amazing, but it also feels like it never sleeps – you will find young people, single girls, groups of girls, and entertainment everywhere.

There are dozens of nightclubs and bar one next to another. Plenty of them come with live entertainment as well. If the weather is good, you will love hanging around on the patio.

O Brasileirinho is known for live music every day from Thursday to Saturday. Just like other bars, Sunday night is about forro. Live music starts late – usually after 9 PM, yet the bar opens in the afternoon.

NOT to Avoid

Looking for a more interesting place? Lupus Bier is something that you are less likely to see in western countries, yet everyone would love something like this. This is the most popular microbrewery in the area.

What does it mean?

Each table has a tap for beer. You do not have to head over to the bar, as you have your own tap. Pay and the tap will go on. The price is wow! For a few dollars, you can get up to 10 liters of lager. What else can you ask for?

Fortaleza Nightlife – Strip Clubs and Adult Entertainment

Boite Barbarella Show is a hit among locals, while most tourists gather around Desigual. Both options have great girls. When Desigual gets full, the nearby Club Africa takes some of the customers over.

The good news is you can find other strip clubs within walking distance. Boite Tropical is known for live sex shows with the owner and a cheap admission fee.

This club is closed on Mondays though. Abelle is worth some attention too.

Straight to Action – Brothels and Erotic Massage Parlors

If you want to skip the hassle and go straight to the action, Bellisimas is the top brothel in Fortaleza. Prices are fixed, yet you can negotiate if you are into unusual things. Girls are 8s, 9s, and 10s, so you will find a good selection.

Erotic massage parlors will also give you some happy endings – usually, manual, yet you can negotiate with the girls for more. Try out:

  • Abelle No 1
  • Anny Massagens
  • Bar de Marta
  • Excalibur
  • Jenna’s Massage
  • Paradise
  • Patricia or Rua Major

Tips to Stay Safe

Avoid walking by yourself when it is too dark, especially on sketchy streets. Sure, you can hang around downtown on the main streets, but other than that, take a taxi. Traveling in groups is a better idea and avoid strangers offering deals.

Avoid displaying luxurious items, such as jewelry. Even when you use your phone, keep it close to you.


In the end, Fortaleza will rock your world. No matter how much time you want to spend there, you will find something interesting to do every single night. Try a bit harder and you can find a Brazilian beauty for every day as well. Heck, you might even find your future Brazilian wife!