​The HONEST Truth About Dating & Mating with Girls From Natal

Natal is one of the best places to have quality time both during the day and night in Brazil. The temperature is constant at about 30 degrees Celsius all year, every day, and every night.

However, the mild wind blowing from the Atlantic Ocean will keep the northeastern coast cool during hot times. To make things even better, this place has some of the hottest girls in Brazil. Besides, it is not tourist infected, so every foreigner will look even better.


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Now back on topic! What do you need to know before approaching girls in Natal?

Dating Culture of Natal

The dating culture in Natal is not too different from the dating culture in other Brazilian areas, yet there are some exceptions. Girls here are not as used to foreigners as for example girls from Fortaleza. From this point of view, your attraction might work in two different directions.

Most girls will find you the most exotic fruit in the area. Do not be surprised to see attractive women checking you out – it is perfectly normal. Many times, it is an invitation to approach them. On the other hand, being too confident may also chase some girls away – less likely to happen, but possible.

Be direct and straightforward. Whether you see a girl in a store, a restaurant, or on the street, go and talk to her if you like her. Introduce yourself and tell her you like her. There is literally no room for games – people in Brazil are simple and direct and Natal makes no exception.


Once you open your mouth, she will know what you are up to. Ask her if she wants to hang out sometimes and get her phone number, simple as that. Women from Natal are used to being approached everywhere, so they will not freak out like women in western countries.

Keep in mind that during a date, if you two seem to have a good time, you can kiss her after 15 minutes. This is what Brazilian men do. At the same time, the kiss means you might be more than just friends, but it is not an invitation to sex.

Keep the first few dates casual and relaxing – have a drink in a lounge, walk down the beach, visit a park or go downtown.

Follow the same steps if you are interested in a long-term relationship. A few dates later, if she likes you a lot, you will most likely be introduced to her family – including aunts, uncles, and cousins. It is perfectly normal in Natal.

Now, where do you mean beautiful women in Natal?

Where to Meet Girls in Natal?

Girls in Natal are everywhere – literally. The beauty of this place is that you can approach them everywhere. Look around and practice – make eye contact, go talk to her, and smile. You will gain confidence after a few attempts.

When it comes to restaurants and pubs for daytime or evening fun, go to Ponta Negra – the so-called center of the city nightlife. You will find everything there, from restaurants to nightclubs. You can use these places to chill, meet girls, and even take girls out on dates.


Some of the most notable names include Lua BarTaverna PubEstacao de Malte Cerejas Especiais, and Nosso Bar.

Things change at night. Girls are even easier to approach, given the alcohol and party spirit. Go to renowned places like Restape House of Forro and CasaNova Ecobar.

You are less likely to find prostitutes, but authentic girls whom you do not have to pay for.

Best Strip Clubs and Massage Parlors in Natal

If you do not feel like upping your dating game and approaching girls yourself, you can skip the chat and dates and move on to sex – simple as that. There are a few reputable strip clubs in Natal:

  1. Cafe Teatro Paris
  2. Cafe Show Senzala
  3. Clube de Coserne

The list is long, but these are my top 3 favorite places. You also won’t get scammed here.

Interested in more than just a lap dance? Perhaps you can get yourself turned on in a strip club, then move on to a brothel and get some action.


Again, there are plenty of options, yet one of them stands out in the crowd – Cia da Baleza. The place is clean and discrete. Early reservations are recommended once you find a girl you like, only to make sure she is available for you.

Street prostitution may not be as common as a decade ago, but it still goes strong. When looking for a quickie, there is a short stretch on the Ponta Negra beach that gives you access and good visibility to most girls.

Get on Salsa street in the center of the city and you will find lots of bars and nightclubs filled with all kinds of girls. Some of them are prostitutes, while others are just having some fun around – no need to pay them. Fuso Horario Bar is also worth being mentioned when it comes to the number of girls going there at night.

Massage parlors are also common – walk around and step in. They have a few girls on site, willing to give you a decent massage with a happy ending. You can negotiate for anything extra you may want, such as sex or unusual things.


As a short final conclusion, it makes no difference what you want. You may want to approach girls yourself and have sex with a few different girls a day without paying anything – it can be done, but it will not be easy.

On the other hand, if you are too shy feel free to opt for action only – plenty of options. 

As for proper relationships, nightclubs are not the best places to approach girls. Instead, get in touch during the day on the street or in a shopping mall or by signing up for the best Brazilian dating site.