Why Hooking up with Belize Women Has Never Been Easier! My Golden Tips

If you are looking to head for this exotic place and you are interested in finding a woman in Belize, you will have a wide variety of exotic and adventurous choices. Still, this country has a small population, and you might need to look way closer than you are used to for finding a girl.

But it can be done and it’s totally worth the trouble.

Belize women are very adventurous and they like to have a good time with foreigners.

Belize is a country as small as it varied. The tropical forests and turquoise waters that bathe the numerous islands along the coast give it a special beauty. But the variety of geographic features is just a fraction of its natural wonders.

The Looks – A pleasant mix of HOTNESS!

The beauty of Belize women comes from the variety of mixed cultures they have, from Latino to African, English, Lebanese, Venezuelan, Argentinian, Canadian, and a huge variety of other ethnic groups. The predominant one is Afro-Belizean, especially if you talk about Belize City. According to population estimates, over 70 percent of this country is Latino. They are concentrated in northern, western, and southern Belize.

Time to explore the local nightlife

Belize City has the biggest number of nightclubs. Some of the best are The Tropicana, The Princess, Palm Island, and Club Liquid. The strip on Princess Margarete Drive is the hottest area in the city, as here you can find various nightclubs and casinos. North Side Belize is much safer than the South Side. Tourists that want to mix with the locals and that are looking to party can hire a cab, preferably registered with the hotel they are staying at. Clubs are really fun, with great music and people that know how to enjoy their nights.

Women in Belize love to party, therefore you can have a greater chance of finding a date visiting the dance clubs and casinos. Your tour guide can be your wingman and introduce you to single ladies for a couple of drinks. The urban girls are much more independent and outgoing, while in villages there are mostly girls that are interested in marriage and traditional dating. You prefer to date girls that are used to the modern night and are frequent visitors to bars and dance clubs.

Why picking up girls at the beach is a great idea

Another great place to find girls in Belize is to go to the beach. Kutumba Beach is a great example of a lovely place in the Caribbean Sea. Here you can go on hot dates and even on a water trampoline if you like these sorts of things. Again, there are also bars that are available, where you can find Belizean women to date. Also, seeing a lot of girls in bikinis is a great sight to have. But when you are trying to seduce women, make sure you don’t stare at other women passing by.

Shy and cute

These girls are known to be shy and polite with foreigners. One thing that is particular about them, is that they might not be that comfortable giving away their number that easily. The city has a small population, and most girls don’t want to be known as the ones that give away their number to any foreigner that comes along. If you keep that in mind, you should be fine. Show them respect and give them time, don’t rush into knowing each other. If they feel they can trust you, you will have a chance at getting their number and even more.

Don’t act like a macho – It won’t work!

Another particular thing about women from Belize is that they don’t like the macho attitude that most of the guys display. In fact, quite the opposite. Which is a good thing, meaning that you can be a good guy and be successful here. No need to pretend to be something you are not. Also, Belize girls are looking to have some fun.

They are waiting on the opportunity to be taken to all sorts of places. After all, this is a poor country, therefore a foreigner can afford much more things than most of the locals here. Taking her to different places and even allowing her to be your guide is a win-win situation.

Is there a language barrier?

Here most girls talk English, and that’s a good thing because you don’t have to learn Spanish to pick up a date. US dollars can also be used as money here, therefore no change is needed. In all clubs and bars, you will have no trouble finding single girls that are just looking for some fun, and that also know how to talk English. All you need to do is to approach them with confidence and try to engage in intimate conversations with them.

How to behave on a date

Single women in Belize are no different from other places. They are looking for a mature man that can give them a good time. Not all of them are interested in a long-time commitment, therefore being a tourist doesn’t take away from the possible fun you can have. If you are down to earth and polite, you can have great success with girls from Belize. There are many women here that are looking for a chance to have a great time and forget the problems of their mundane lives.

There are some common tips that can work great with women from Belize as well.

1. Relax

The most important thing for a man that wants to get a sexy stranger in a bar is his state of mind. If he is scared, angry, agitated, or intimidated by her beauty, he won’t make a good impression. Therefore, before having the courage to approach a Belize woman, a man should work on his internal state and be calm.

A relaxed person exudes confidence, and it leaves a 10 times better impression than someone that is emotional. Being confident also helps to not be extra macho to compensate, which we discussed is that it’s not a favorite trait to have for these girls.

2. Don’t ignore the group

If the girl is at the bar with a group of friends and you try to talk with her, don’t ignore her friends that she came along with. Leaving a good group impression is much more powerful than trying to pick one out of them, and it’s quite easy to engage in some small talk and a few jokes.

3. Buying a round of shots can do wonders

You don’t have to flash your money by buying everyone’s drinks, but a round of shots at the table or some beers, depending on what they are having where the girl you are interested in sits, can leave a nice impression that can make a date much more possible. Again, include her friends too, not just her.

4. Don’t check other women when you are talking with her

If you got your eyes on a Belize girl and you want to seduce her, make sure that you give all your attention to her, and you don’t let your eyes run to all pairs of boobs or ass around you. Make sure that you show her you are fully interested in her, and you have a better chance of being successful at flirting.

5. Don’t impose your preferences

It doesn’t matter if the girl you are dating doesn’t pick the most tasteful option of beverages there is, you shouldn’t try to enforce your preferences with her. If you want to buy her something, buy her what she wants, not what you want. Make sure that you respect her choices, regardless of how you feel about them.

6. Don’t drink too much

Belize women don’t like macho men, and men tend to become way too aggressive when they drink. To avoid situations like this it’s better to limit your alcohol consumption to the level that you know you will still be elegant and confident in your behavior. You can get hammered when you get home.

If you are out there looking out for a Belizean girl, make sure that you focus on that, and stay as sharp between your ears as possible. If you need to drink too much to get some courage to get to a girl and talk with her, then you might find yourself easily too drunk to offer her a good time.

7. Treat her with respect

All girls know what is our intention with them, so you don’t need to treat her like a sex object to make her know your intentions. Actually, women from Belize prefer to be treated with respect, to really talk with them and look into their eyes, not at their breasts. There are subtle hints of flirting that let the other one know that you are looking to have a sexual encounter, but do these with elegance and good taste. No one likes a man that doesn’t know to behave, especially Belize women.

8. Don’t try to impress her with money

If you are trying to find a date in Belize, attracting her with money is not a great idea. Most of the time, gold diggers are attracted by these sorts of things, and these types of girls can be more trouble than fun. You are already richer by simply affording to go on a vacation there, therefore there is no need to flash your cash or credit cards. Use your money as a gentleman and try to please your lady, but don’t let that be the only quality you bring to the table.

Final Words

Being mannered and well-dressed are much more important qualities, and the fact that you have money is just the cherry on top of it. Also, showing off too much can attract unwanted attention towards you, and you want to stay as safe as possible from those that look to take advantage of foreigners.

These tips can work with any girl from here, as they are generally looking for guys who respect them and know how to offer them a good time. If you help her have fun, she will reward you in bed multiple times.

Getting a girl at the bar and getting a girl in the dance club are different. While at the bar, girls are more open for conversations and they can be easily approached, in dance clubs there is much less conversation possible and even desired. If you want to talk your way into a woman’s panties, you must choose a bar, a beach, or something that allows for more intimate conversation. If you don’t want to talk too much and you want to impress with your moves, then dance clubs are the thing for you.

While bars and nightclubs are an option to get Belize women, there is also the option to use online dating. Being part of a small country, they often don’t want to be seen flirting too much and giving away their numbers. That’s why many women from Belize prefer to use online dating platforms to find suitable guys. A great place like this where lots of Belize beauties are waiting for their perfect guy is this online dating site in Belize!

Belize women prefer online dating also because it helps them select the kind of man they want to meet before actually dating. They are more outgoing online, and you can easily chat with multiple women at the same time, something that you can’t do in real life. Also, there is the fact that you don’t have to waste time on casual dates before finding out that you actually like that specific girl. And it also helps you get a date before landing foot in Belize, which is great.