​How To Tell If A Latina Girl Likes You – Use These Tips!

When it comes to dating, most men can tell if a girl is into them. You see signs and smiles, but you also get lots of personal questions and hints. Obviously, some girls are just nice, but they have no interest in you, so chances are you might blow it at times – ask her out, only to find out that she does not want you that way.

Things are different when it comes to Latinas. They are naturally nice and friendly, so do not assume anything. Instead, signs are bigger and harder to ignore. So, how do you know whether or not a Latina is into you?

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She Touches You… A Lot

When a girl likes you, she will touch you – accidentally, but actually intentionally. Colombian women are notorious for doing this. It is how they show you their interest in you. It is not that hard to figure it out. She will make it look casual, but she will grab your hand occasionally or hug you.

When a Latina likes you, she will be all over you. You just cannot miss it!

Example: Simply put, you will walk into a shopping mall and she will grab you by your elbow as if you were a couple. She will play it cool and make it look casual. Go out with her at a party and most of her gestures will be a girlfriend gesture when it comes to touching – decent, of course.

With all these, she will still keep it casual. She will give you some obvious hints, but you need to catch up quickly and make the first step or play along.

You Will Meet Her Family

This is something common in South America – the family is a big thing. Date a girl for a week or two and she will invite you to meet her family – nothing to freak out about, as it is normal in South America. Her family will be nice and polite anyway.


Do you know who also uses this tactic? Mexican women!

If she does not feel a connection, you will never see her parents.

However, on the same note, meeting a girl’s family may also mean that you have been friend-zoned. If you two are best friends, you will meet her close ones. At this point, you must pay more attention to other signs and hints that might indicate a romantic relationship.

Unless you two know each other for a long time, there are usually two possibilities – a romantic relationship or no relationship at all. If you know her for ages, you have the third option too – the friend zone.

She Plays With Her Hair

This is one of the classic tricks – whether you date in South America, Asia, or Europe, chances are you will meet a girl who will play with her hair and rearrange it every few minutes. Some girls do it on purpose, just to give you some hints – they know that most men are aware of this trick.


Some others do it because they want to look good in front of you.

There is also a feeling of nervousness. If your Latina date is really into you, she might feel a bit nervous. Cuban women for example are usually loose, yet you will find plenty of exceptions as well. The trick is old, but it still works. It is an indirect way to tell you that she likes you and perhaps you should make the first move – simple, right?

Look at Her Body Language

Always pay attention to body language. Latinas are more direct in everything – they are straightforward when they tell you what they want from you, but also when they show it to you. For example, look at her body when you talk to her.

If her body is facing you, her chest is pushed forward (not in a seductive way) and even her toes face you, she is into you.

Most Brazilian girls will also lean a little towards you and even touch you if they have the opportunity.


She Laughs a Lot

A girl who likes a man will act like nothing bad could ever happen to her. The same rule applies to Latinas, only they are more obvious. For example, she will always laugh and smile – from the moment she sees you until the end of the night. She will have a big smile on her face unless you actually engage in a serious conversation.

Pay special attention to her enthusiasm, as she will clearly display it. Whether you crack a joke or you have a relaxing conversation, she will not hesitate to touch you – a friendly hand grab or a shoulder tap. It might look friendly, but she is actually trying to tell you that she likes you.

She Tells You She Likes You

There is nothing more obvious than that – she literally tells you in the face that she likes you. This is not the most popular sign that a Latina likes you though. It is quite common in a few South American countries, such as Panama and Peru. The dating culture is free, so most people have lots of dates. They will either click within the first 15 minutes or not. In fact, you are supposed to make the first move during the first half an hour or it might look suspicious.


Many Latinas assume that westerners are shy, hence the lack of quick involvement. It is just a different dating culture. For this reason, when dating foreigners, many Latinas make it obvious. They are honest and straightforward about it – excellent for those who cannot really catch hints and clues.

Bottom Line

As a short final conclusion, it is not hard to tell whether or not a Latina likes you. Some signs are general, meaning they apply all over the world. Some others are hidden and based on hints only, so you will need to catch those clues.

If in doubt, always try to push the conversation in a more straightforward direction. Talk about your intentions and be open about them, as she will probably join in and do the same.​

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