Seven Facts About Manaus Girls That Will Blow Your Mind!

Located in the middle of the Amazonian rainforest and boosting over two million inhabitants, Manaus is one of the few places where good-looking women feel offended if no one honks at them when walking down the street. This city is all about sensuality. It is hot and it is humid – close to 100%. In other words, clothes will always be a problem and everyone is dying to get rid of them.

On another note, girls from Manaus come with exquisite beauty – they represent a mix of genes, conquerors, tribes, natives, and Europeans. They have a bit of everything, so they literally look perfect. To make things even better, there are not as many tourists as in Rio or Sao Paulo, so you will look even better.

Now, what should you know about the girls in Manaus?

Things Escalate Fast with Girls from Manaus


Women from Manaus are sexual creatures. They find sex to be healthy and pleasurable. They love making out, so kissing will happen within minutes after the chemistry is established. It takes a few minutes to approach a girl and get her contact. On the first date, make sure you kiss her within 15 minutes or she will think you are not into her.

Keep in mind that making out so quickly does not mean you will get laid within the next hour. There are more factors that might affect sex. Meanwhile, enjoy the seduction procedures.

No Game Needed 

Manaus – and Brazil in general – might be a man’s dream. Forget about seduction, games, or pickup lines. You see a beautiful girl, you walk to her, smile, introduce yourself, tell her she is pretty and ask her if she wants to hang out sometimes. You get her contact if she says yes and calls her the next day. Literally.

Drag it and you will look like an idiot. Women are used to being approached, so they will not freak out. If you want sex only, approach women in nightclubs for more success. If you want to date, do it on the street, in a restaurant, or in a shopping mall.

Everything is straight to the point. This is what Brazilian men do, so women are used to it. Do not feel shy or embarrassed, as this is the way to score out of your league.


It Is Always on in Manaus

Exactly. You will find beautiful girls waiting to be approached everywhere – gym, metro, cafés, malls, coffee shops, buses, beach, juice bars, and down the street. Women from Manaus are approachable anytime, anywhere. They do not need alcohol or parties to loosen up, as they are already there.

There are, however, different rules for Brazilian men and foreigners. Brazilian men get away with more stuff. Even a caveman can score if he is Brazilian. Women just blame it on being a Brazilian thing. Expectations are a bit higher for foreigners. Therefore, be aggressive in your approach, but be a polite gentleman.

Easy Girls? Think Again!

Just because they are open about sex and they exude sexuality, girls from Manaus are not as easy as they seem. This is just a western misconception that you can forget about.


Kissing and physical affection will occur within minutes – no doubts about it. If she enjoys spending time with you and she seems relaxed, you can kiss her within 15 minutes.

Sex with a regular girl from Manaus is different though, as it takes more time. Most women seek stability, as well as long-term relationships. Of course, just like everywhere else, you will find one-night stands without too much hassle, but girls you normally approach during the day are less likely to sleep with you the same night.

Meet Her Family

If dating goes right, you will be introduced to a girl’s family within a few dates only. Chances are it will happen within the first month – depending on how often you date her. Do not be scared about it. While westerners take months or even more than a year to introduce their partners to their families, things are different in Brazil.

You will meet all of her relatives, including grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. It is perfectly normal, so there are no reasons to freak out. It does not mean that she is trying to tie you up. It is just how things work there.

English Versus Portuguese


If you look for girls in Manaus over the Internet, most of them can speak decent English. They expect to meet foreigners, so they can have a conversation. Local girls can also strike up a conversation in English down the street but do not expect something too complicated. Keep it simple and you should be alright.

Portuguese is the official language though – 90% similar to Spanish. If you can learn it just enough to have a conversation, you gain access to around 40% of the beautiful ladies who cannot speak proper English.

Your game will be better and you will stand out in the crowd when compared to other foreigners.

Looks and Style

Girls in Manaus try their best to look flawless. The gym culture is strong in Brazil and men look good. Therefore, just because you go into a less developed country, it does not mean that you can go out in your pajamas and score right away. Instead, wear nice clean clothes, smell good and keep clean.


Ideally, you should not be fat. No one asks for a six-pack abdomen or a supermodel look, but at least try to avoid being fat. Just keep it in good condition.

Final Words

In a short final conclusion, Manaus is a different breed of location in Brazil. If you have visited Rio or Sao Paulo before, expect Manaus to be a bit different. Girls are more down-to-earth and direct. You are more likely to get a relationship in Manaus than in larger cities. On another note, it is just as easy to find one-night stands.

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