7 things you need to know about marrying a Brazilian woman

We may not know much about anything but one thing we know for sure: There is no woman such as a Brazilian woman. You could go around asking and you will find the same answer from every man alive – they just love women from Brazil!

Sometimes you just cannot stop dreaming of them, apologies ladies, but you just cannot blame us. 

We know that most of the guys will be in agreement with us and we do know that a lot of ladies will be like “there it comes again”. So now, come on ladies, we are in love with you too, but we just cannot help but fantasize about these beautiful women from Brazil.

With this in mind, let us talk about the 7 things that you should know before you end up marrying a woman from Brazil.

They are simply gorgeous

I am yet to see a living man walking the surface of the earth who would say that he has not been smitten by the exotic looks and beauty of the women from Brazil. They are so blessed with dark eyes, lustrous hair, and skin color like honey. Women from Brazil are with no trace of doubt, the most gorgeous of them in the whole wide world. And they are not at all embarrassed or conscious of this fact.

Women here are very confident about their bodies and looks and if you happen to like what you are seeing, they will be welcoming your words of appreciation for them as well.


Theirs happened to be a beauty that is very feminine at the same time. You will find them in dresses and bikinis which will have plunging necklines, but not as much in masculine shirts and pantsuits. Women here are indeed encouraged to spend a lot of the time they have on their body looks, hair, and clothes.

Staying and looking attractive is very important in their culture which tends to judge people on how they look. Keep that in mind and be supportive of the time your Brazilian wife will spend in front of the mirror.


Brazilian women are very friendly and outgoing in their nature. If a girl spots you in a café or a bar and if you end up meeting her standards, she may not think twice before asking you for your number or inviting you to buy her a drink. They are very easy to strike up a conversation with and it will not be long before you will be finding yourself sharing a song or a joke with them.

Their openness in making friends has kind of given them the reputation for being too loose and being ready to jump in bed with the very first American guy they would come across.

Now, this may stand true for some women as it can be with any nationality, but it is definitely not true for all Brazilian girls. They are just friends and they like having a good time, but they are also aware of their minds and if they see a guy who is bothering them, they know how to show him his place. Along the same lines, due to their very friendly nature, Brazilian women would also most likely have a very wide circle of admirers among men, if not many boyfriends.

So, if you are planning on marrying a Brazilian woman, you will need to learn to get along well with her so many friends consisting of both sexes.

They love physical contact

If you come from a culture where people confine themselves to their personal spaces while interacting, you may find it a bit hard to why Brazilian women are of the touchy type. This is due to the fact that physical contact is very much acceptable in interpersonal communications in this culture.

People from Brazil stand very close to each other when they are hanging out. They take their own time in greetings each person who is present. Brazilian women like being courted the old-fashioned way. They always look forward to going out to fancy places and are very happy if you dine and wine them in a manner full of style.

They are ambitious

Just like many other old societies, the culture in Brazil has also laid down some specific duties and roles for each sex. Women were expected to keep the house and raise the children while men were meant to be the breadwinners for the family. However, with the economic compulsions and the changing times, women have acquired a bigger role in decision-making.

While they were initially compelled by the unemployment of males and things like abuse at home, to work outside of the home, now more women in Brazil have gone to college and get skilled professionals.

Family comes first

In spite of the increasing rate of divorce and single parents, the family members still continue to stay close to each other. So, in order for you to seal the deal with your to-be wife, you may not only have to go about impressing her mom and dad but also different aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

Similarly, you may also have to pay attention to the cousins and other siblings when getting any gifts for the family. And on a serious note, families – even the extended ones – are mostly the first line of support if things go wrong.

They do not complain

It may seem like something is so wrong, or there is something that you are just not doing right: how you dress, who you talk to, what you said last week, etc. Brazilian women just seem to let the small things go. Living in Brazil probably helps them keep things in perspective and they do not seat about the small stuff.


Brazilian women do treat their men with a lot of respect. You will never find a Brazilian woman complaining about her man in front of other people.