Marrying A Colombian Woman: 5 Things You MUST Know!

Foreign marriage may occur in multiple circumstances. Some of them are occasional, while others are planned. If you want loyalty, beauty, an amazing body, and sex appeal, Colombia might be the right place to find a wife. Girls exude sensuality through their full lips, expressive eyes, long dark hair, and peach-shaped booties. To make it even better, they make great girlfriends and wives with their personalities and loyalty. Now, what should you know before marrying a Colombian woman?

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Not Hard, Not Easier, But Different

Unless you live in South America or perhaps another Latin country, chances are there will be some cultural differences. They are not that impressive and most men can easily get along with them, but it is still worth knowing what to expect.


Patience is a must. A good girl will wait for a month or two before sleeping with a man. Since you are a foreigner, you might have that gringo effect that makes you even more attractive and worth breaking the rules. However, do not be surprised to be rejected if you try too quickly. Just be patient.

When going out on dates, the man is supposed to pay. If you used to split your bill with your date in the USA, the UK or another country, things are different in Colombia. You will keep paying for dates, so plan them right upfront.

If after a few dates things might get serious or it looks like it, she might want to introduce you to her family. The family is an important thing in Colombia. Most girls live with their parents until they get married. Never reject this opportunity and get ready to meet more than just parents – sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles or grandparents may also be around.

Ready for a Wedding in Colombia


Assuming that you have successfully tackled the dating part and you are about to get married, you should know what to expect from a wedding with a Colombian woman. She will probably introduce you to everything, but it is still good to have an idea.

You will rarely find the best men and maids of honor at a Colombian wedding. Instead, it is all about the godfather and godmother. The godfather looks after the groom, while the godmother provides for the bride.

Dancing is critical. You need to know how to dance or you will fail miserably. Everyone does it in Colombia. Take some lessons in salsa and vallenato upfront. You can start yourself over video tutorials, but you will still need a professor to polish your skills.

Men are supposed to wear Guayabera suits. They are made of white cotton and are quite expensive. A cigar adds to the overall feeling.

The Crazy Hour

Colombians do know how to dance and party. Get yourself a few cigars, drink some whiskey and you will have the confidence of a salsa professor. In many western countries, weddings start to taper down in the early hours of the morning. In Colombia, that is when the real fun begins.


The crazy hour is a concept that every Colombian wedding has. Late in the night, a bunch of artists take over from the band or the DJ and come up with their own show. Every wedding has a particular theme. For example, you might have the Brazilian Carnival. On such a theme, the dance floor will be invaded by Salsa queens, short skirts, and colorful feathers. A bunch of drummers will most likely maintain the atmosphere.

You can choose the theme along with your lover. This is most likely the first Colombian wedding you will attend, so it might be a good idea to express your opinions, but let her make the final decision and choose the theme. She knows better. For you, as a foreigner, it will be the experience of a lifetime.

Choosing the Perfect Location

In many countries, you can book a wedding a few months in advance. In Colombia, people get married early. For this reason, good venues are often booked more than a year in advance. Your partner might know better what the best venues in the area are. But then, make some suggestions as well. Let her know that you are willing to spend more in order to get a venue used for foreign weddings.


Places like the Allure Chocolat Hotel By Karisma, Sofitel Legend Santa Clara, or Hotel Charleston Santa Teresa have organized weddings for foreigners before. In fact, people often come to Colombia for inexpensive and beautiful weddings, whether or not they have Colombian partners. The list is way longer and may also include Alfiz Hotel or Hotel Boutique Las Carretas, among many others. It depends on the city you plan to get married in. Bogota for example is a great city!

Prices vary widely based on multiple things – arrangements, number of guests, menu, band, DJ, crazy hour theme, and so on. The good news is that compared to a wedding in a first-world country, prices will seem like nothing.

Traveling and Living Considerations

Traveling considerations depend on your nationality. Colombia is quite popular among tourists, whether they go there for the natural beauty, old-fashioned lifestyle, attractions, coast cities, or girls. Most people in first-world countries will be given a visa as they enter the country. Simply put, they do not need to apply to an embassy.


However, rules keep changing on a regular basis, so it is always worth checking upfront. Even if you are given a visa, it might be for a limited period of time. You might be allowed to be in the country for one, three, or six months. If you want to live there with your new wife, you might have to make special arrangements.


The bottom line, marrying a Colombian beauty will add some taste and flavor to your life. It is perfectly normal to be nervous about it. It is not easier or harder than in other countries, but it is different. It will be the experience of a lifetime, so get in with confidence.​