How To Approach And Date Mature Mexican Women? Viva La Mexico!

Interested in dating a mature Mexican lady? Sure, no one can say no to a young hottie, but when it comes to real dating and a relationship, it might be wise to look for a mature lady, especially if she is in your age range.

However, mature Mexican women are different from ladies from other countries. Most commonly, girls in Mexico get married before 25. They may wait until 30 in larger cities, such as Mexico City or Guadalajara.

On the same note, they are more open-minded in big cities, so a mature beauty is probably divorced if she is single in her late 30s, 40s, or older – less likely to happen in the countryside.


All in all, there are a few things you need to know upfront.

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She Knows what She Wants

Mexican ladies are like volcanoes. They can be easily kept under control with the right compliments at the right time, as well as gentle behavior. Make them feel loved and they will stick to you. On the other hand, you can make the wrong moves and they can erupt.

As they get older, they tend to chill down, yet they still have their volcanic nature deep inside them. But then, they are more experienced and mature. They know what they want and they have no time for games. Interested in a cougar one-night stand? She will smell your plans right away.

If you plan to play and have some fun, make sure you find someone who is into the same thing or you will waste your time. If you are up for dating and a proper relationship, make your intentions clear right away. Honesty will take you a long way.

Less Common Places to Find Mature Mexican Women


You can find ladies everywhere – from a shopping mall to a nightclub. It depends on the city’s culture. The good news is that if you see a mature lady out having fun, chances are she is single. Otherwise, she would be there with her partner – unless it’s a lady’s night and she is out with her friends. Feel free to approach them in a polite manner and get ready to be told that she is married. It might be wise to scout her for a bit and try to see her fingers – if she does not have a wedding ring, go for it.

There are fewer known places to meet mature women too. The wedding ring trick works everywhere. From this point of view, Mexican cuisine is a big thing in the area. Therefore, grocery stores, shopping malls, and supermarkets are great places to meet mature singles – lots of topics to talk about in terms of food and shopping, a quiet environment, and multiple approaching options.

Respect the Culture

The deeper you are into the Mexican culture, the more successful you will be. Learning a bit of Spanish will go a long way. Besides, younger generations are more likely to speak English than older ones.

Of course, it depends on which part of Mexico you want to visit. Know a bit about the local history and culture and never approach sensitive topics, such as Donald Trump’s wall, drug cartels, or corruption.

On another note, a mature Latina is a bit old-fashioned compared to younger girls – it makes perfect sense. It is the same all around the world. If a younger generation can easily embrace modern music, a mature Latina is probably into classic salsa.


Trying to woo a Latina cougar? You better improve your dance moves, especially if you are hunting out.

You might as well take a few dancing classes too – another great place to meet Mexican mature women. The dance is normally performed in pairs, so you will most likely meet some singles trying to brush up their skills too.

Dating Tips

Look your best – she is a lady and not just a young 21-year-old babe who will fall for everything. She is experienced and she will look good. Normally, smart casual is the way to go. Smell good and act like a gentleman. Open the door for her, pull her chair and be polite. She will not fall for random things that impress young girls.

Manners are important, as well as honesty. At this age, she does not have the time to play games and fool around, so make your intentions clear. Most mature women looking for serious relationships. If you end up with a cougar, she will probably tear your clothes apart before you even make it to the date, so you can tell right away what kind of lady you are dealing with.

Pay the bill, take her home and remember that you do not necessarily need to push too far during a first date. You just have to keep it casual and bond – form a friendship. On a second date, you can keep it even more casual and perhaps have lunch or dinner, then take a walk down the beach.

Reasons to Date a Mature Mexican Woman


Generally speaking, unless you are dealing with a cougar, mature Mexican women are loyal. It is the main advantage. They know what they want, so everything will be perfectly clear. You will click on the first date if you two are on the same page. She is probably financially stable and does not live with her parents or roommates, yet she might have kids. Sex will also be better, as she is experienced and she is aware of what makes her happy. She might be in control at times, but she will also let you take over.

Last, but not least, Latinas maintain their sensuality as they age too, so she will still look smoking hot in her 50s.

Any Drawbacks?

Some mature women come with baggage – kids. If you have kids too, it makes no difference. There are multiple situations and each of them has at least one fix.

The bottom line, a mature Mexican woman can be a bomb that needs to be diffused. It takes time to get to her and it implies following some rules, but you will not regret it.