Medellin Women – Dating Tips You MUST Know!

​Meeting girls from Medellin has never been easier!

Medellin is one of the most popular cities in Colombia. In fact, there are people out there who cannot name the capital of the country, but they are aware of Medellin.

There are two reasons for its popularity:

One of them is Pablo Escobar. The other one is the beauty of the girls from Medellin. 

You see, Medellin has some of the most attractive girls in the world.


Clear skin, tanned colors, full lips, long dark hair going all the way down to their booties (sometimes fake, by the way, but who cares?), a volcanic attitude, and perfect facial features – this is pretty much what a typical city girl looks like.

This city has more women running in gyms than any other city in Colombia – pure statistics. Beauty is not about good looks, but it has become an actual obsession in recent years. Many girls even rely on plastic surgery as soon as they turn 18, whether it comes to lip, breast, or booty implants. You will see the same with girls from Bogota, but Medellin takes the lead!

Still not convinced about all these? Sara Jaramillo, Katherine Medina, Danna Garcia, and Ana Sofia Henao are just some of the most popular Colombia beauties coming from Medellin, but the list can go on.


Now, what should you know if you want to travel or even move to Medellin? First of all, you need to understand how the dating game works in Colombia. Therefore, I recommend you learn more about:

  1. Where to meet Colombian women
  2. How to approach the first date
  3. The best free Columbian dating apps

These are 3 valuable must-read blog posts that you must read if you are serious about picking up the señoritas!

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Dating Culture of Medellin

Are you ready to get started? Follow these steps and all will be good!

Dating Rules

There are no major rules when it comes to dating in Medellin. If you have dated a Latin girl before (Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Argentinian, and so on), the rules are similar.

Unless she comes from a very rich family and she is too sophisticated, a drink might be the best choice. Choose a quiet place without loud music, but some intimacy instead, so you two can talk.


If she is more sophisticated, invite her to a restaurant – otherwise, this idea is not always the best. You might as well opt for a nice walk once you are done with the drink.

Dressing Code

The dress code is usually casual. Again, it depends on how sophisticated she is. If you go out with a city girl who seems sophisticated, opt for smart casual. Leave the T-shirt at home and get a shirt. Drop the colorful sneakers and opt for simple one-color sneakers instead. Keep it sober and smart.

If you date a neighborhood girl, you can go a bit more casual. You should not have any problems deciding based on her style.

General Rules

A beautiful woman from Medellin will spend at least an hour getting ready before seeing you – this implies a manicure, makeup, changing her clothes at least twice, and so on.

If you are late, you do not respect her hard work. She will look stupid waiting for you while looking mint, so she might even disappear before you show up. Therefore, go there at least 15 minutes earlier and wait patiently.


In Colombia, women expect men to be gentlemen. You will have to pay the bill, whether you take her to a restaurant or out for a few cocktails. Do not even think about suggesting splitting the bill.

You will look cheap. Splitting the bill might be normal on first dates in other countries, but not in Colombia.

Avoid clichés and do not even mention Pablo Escobar. Every foreigner has mentioned it to local girls – you want to be different. Compliment her on everything and all the time – mention her physical features, but also compliment her dressing style or hairstyle, as these things are strictly related to her creativity.

City Medellin Girls Versus Countryside Girls

City girls in Medellin are better educated, but also more sophisticated. They dress better, look better because of all those beauty salons and shops, and have higher expectations. They speak better English and even if they do not, they can still carry on a basic conversation with easy words.

Especially the more matured Colombian women look like absolute foxes!

On the other hand, countryside girls still look good, but they are more natural and their English is not so good. Their expectations are lower.


Whether you are looking for one-night stands or a long-term relationship, you will find it easily anywhere. However, one-night stands seem to be easier in the city.

In my experience. When it comes to long-term relationships, countryside girls seem to be more loyal.

What do Medellin Girls Think of Foreign Men

When she only wants a classic one-night stand, you are either good-looking or she wants to have some fun at your expense – not too expensive anyway, so enjoy it. If she wants a long-term relationship, she either likes you or hopes to move out of Colombia.

Colombia is still developing, so Europe or the USA can be quite appealing for Medellin girls. For this reason, the so-called gringo effect will have girls giggle and whisper when they see a foreigner. In other words, take advantage of it and make small conversation when you buy food in a supermarket or when you order in a restaurant.


The bad news is that you will find some stunning girls looking like your dream women, but they may not speak English. Other than that, most Colombian girls are into foreigners.

Where to Meet Girls in Medellin

Meeting women in Medellin is not hard. Simply walk down the street and you will find plenty. Go to a bar and there will be lots of them. Approaching beautiful ladies in public places is a good idea, but only if they seem relaxed. Do not do it in the doctor’s office or in the queue at the bank. Instead, do it in a bar or maybe in a shopping mall.

It is easier when girls have other girlfriends with them, as they feel more confident. You do not know whether or not they are taken, so you will get some rejections too. Also, you will be rejected every once in a while because they are not used to being approached.

Some of the best bars in Medellin include La Strada, Donde Aquellos, and Patrick’s Irish Pub. If you want to have a walk after a coffee and get to know your date better, a walk in one of the local parks might do the trick – romantic, chilled, and beautiful. Top parks in Medellin include Parque Pies Descalzos and Arvi Park.


If you are up for one-night stands, nightclubs become your best option. The music is loud and most parties are wild, which means you will not make too much conversation. However, pulling girls is a lot easier due to the atmosphere. They drink, dance and party, so they might as well get a foreign partner as well.

If you choose this option, scout your potential targets for a bit. You do not want to go talk to a girl and get tapped on your shoulder by her boyfriend.

Top clubs to meet and interact with beautiful Medellin ladies include Sixttina, Salon Amador and …. Sweet Jesus Mine.

Whether you choose to explore local beauties during the day or after dawn, you should mostly stick to downtown. That is where most of the action takes place. Besides, the city center is safer and more exciting, but girls also look better in an attempt to impress men.

Best Strip Clubs, Nightclubs, and Massage Parlors in Medellin

Top bars and clubs in Medellin are located in La Strada Mall and Parque Lleras. These are the main areas of entertainment in the city center. Some good nightclubs to party in include Kukaramakara, The Blue Bar, and Dulce Jesus Mio.

Trying to leave the hectic lifestyle behind and moving on with a happy ending massage can give you good relaxation. There is no stress involved. The Secret Sala publicly displays tariffs too. Fantasia Energy is worth some attention too, not to mention Sex Club Amicas and Alejas. These salons are ideal for guys who just want to score. If you are interested in a long-term relationship or even marriage, you should definitely not start in a club.


As for gentleman clubs, the best ones in Medellin usually involve strippers.

Prostitution is not really legal in Colombia, yet there are many parts of the country where it is overlooked. You may find massage parlors that tell you precisely how much oral sex costs, as well as sexy girls waiting for customers down the street. Local newspapers also have ads regarding girls.


As a short final conclusion, Medellin has a good reputation and for some good reasons. It makes no difference if you want to explore it yourself or if you simply look for some action. You can find one-night stands on a daily basis, but you can also come up with a solid relationship. It obviously depends on your preferences.

Girls are beautiful and your options are countless. Being a foreigner puts you at an advantage over Colombian men, but you should still be careful when approaching or talking to women, as you do not want angry boyfriends and husbands on your back.

Apart from being stunning, Colombian chicks also make good mothers and girlfriends – but again, it depends on the girl.​

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