5 Off The Grid Cities To Meet Brazilian Ladies

Beautiful Brazilian girls are literally everywhere in Brazil, ​​from the biggest cities and fanciest areas to the most remote villages and less developed areas.

However, most tourists tend to focus on RioFortalezaSao Paulo, Manaus, and Natal – the biggest cities. Read my related blog posts to see how I picked up girls in these popular cities.

But to be honest – Going off the grid and heading toward smaller cities will put you an advantage!

First of all, you will not be seen as just another western tourist looking for one-night stands. Second, the less popular the place, the more down-to-earth the girls are.

So, what are the top five off-the-grid cities for dating a Brazilian girl?

Belém – Where Brazilian Ladies Are at a Surplus

Belém is a representative city for the north of Brazil. While not the only cool city in the north, it is definitely your best option if you must visit just one local city. It has over a million inhabitants – small by Brazilian standards, but big enough to find good girls.

The best part about Belém is that men are in serious demand. Unless a guy is obviously taken, 90% of single girls will be interested in him.

As a foreigner, you will be instantly observed. The competition for a decent and good bachelor in Belém is quite fierce and you will be one of the best options.

On another note, women here are not too shy about what they want. They will not be embarrassed to check you out. Unless you are Quasimodo, you will make lots of eye contact and pretty girls will always give you sensual looks.

On the downside, girls here are not proportionally as attractive as girls in larger cities, but you will still find plenty of beauty down the street, in the city center, or in nightclubs.

Curitiba – Brazilian Ladies with a Swedish Touch

Curitiba may not be the largest city in Brazil, but there is clearly lots of eye candy to convince you about its beauty. Given multiple generations of migration, the ethnicity is mixed. The best description? Imagine European girls with an olive skin tan – not super curvy, but curvy enough to have you grab something. They are thin, with a good shape, tanned and blue eyes – what else can you ask for?

Most women are 8s, yet you will find some solid 10s as well.

The best part is that even the best-looking ones are quite friendly and approachable. Moreover, this area is not infested by tourists, so you will score out of your league without too much hassle.

On the downside, these girls might feel harder to get a connection with when compared to chicks in Rio. Ideally, you should be specific about your liking her, rather than making small talk. They appreciate honesty. You should also use lots of body language – the sexy friendly kind of language.

Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte might be the ideal place to meet stunning Brazilian ladies. It is quite big at 2.5 million people, but it will not eat you alive like Sao Paulo. It is just big enough so you can always meet new people. It is not tourist infested, which means the response rate is quite impressive when approaching ladies.

Some bars are more common among foreigners, so this is where you find women interested in you. Many of them are only looking for fun – great for one-night stands. Some others are undercover prostitutes, so you will need some practice dodging them. Simply ask everything upfront to prevent disappointment.

Apart from the good response rate, you have a safe city if you stay out of certain areas, a good climate, the same kind of fun you have in Rio but at a lower cost, and lots of attractions to visit.

São Luís

São Luís is one of the three Brazilian state capitals in the islands. In other words, it has beautiful white sand beaches for a chill, great food, and lots of parties at night. It is one of the top-rated cities in terms of girls. Whether you choose to go out in the city center during the day or you hop around clubs at night, the game will be quite solid.

Compared to other cities and girls from Brazil, São Luís is more down to earth. Women will seem friendly and slutty when you approach them and start a conversation, but they actually make great girlfriends.

You are an exotic fruit, so you obviously have a better shot than most Brazilians.

All in all, São Luís is extremely relaxed. The attitude is about chilling and women are really good – excellent for relationships. If you are into one-night stands, nightclubs become your best option.


Going to Teresina will bring in a pretty good deal in terms of girls – two for one. How come? It is across the river from Timon – all you need is a ferry to hop from one city to another, depending on where you want to hang out. It is also rated as the safest capital in the country. Life is more chilled, women are more educated and open-minded, while tourists are not so common here.

Women from Brazil are known to be crazy when it comes to fun and parties, but the ones in Teresina exceed all expectations. They sure know how to have fun, while the gender imbalance is obvious everywhere – on the streets, in bars, restaurants, or nightclubs.

Just like everywhere else in Brazil, speaking Portuguese can help, but it is not mandatory.

Being a foreigner, you will most likely be a novelty the moment you arrive, so enjoy and make the most out of it.

Final Words

The bottom line, you do not have to rush to Rio or Fortaleza to meet some beautiful girls from Brazil. They are literally everywhere. Since most tourists rush to these big cities, going off the grid will put you in a limited edition. You will not be just another tourist, but one of the few tourists.

Your chances to score are much higher, while girls are often more realistic, rather than gold diggers or prostitutes.