Mexican Girls – What I Learned From Getting Freaky With Mexican Women!

Mexico City is renowned for its world-famous cultural institutions such as the Museo Nacional de Antropología (National Museum of Anthropology, and the Palacio de Bellas Artes (Palace of Fine Arts).

The city is also noted for its tremendous selection of yummy street and fine-dining fares, along with its scores of beautiful Mexican girls!

Now to be honest, when a good buddy of mine first suggested that I visit Mexico City and check out the Latina girls there, well, I wasn’t so enthusiastic about the idea. I only had experience picking up women in Cabo, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta.


So – Why I wasn’t so keen in the beginning to visit Mexico city?

Time to find out!

Yes – I Want to Meet Real Mexican Women

My two reasons

#1: Those darn American TV shows (some are good fun though)!

Years of being fed a steady diet of American TV shows have distorted my perspective of Mexico in general.

I thought most Mexican women would look close to their counterparts in those TV shows—short and pudgy-looking with facial characteristics that are just outright unattractive.

Those are the kinds I usually see on television anyway.

But hey, if you like your chicas short and pudgy, that’s all right. To each his own, right?

#2: Rumors of high obesity rates among Mexican chicks

Some years back, I read a couple of articles asserting that Mexico has one of the highest obesity rates in the world.


So I figured it would be very hard to meet Mexican ladies who are attractive since the county’s obesity rate is high, and most of the female talents there are probably on the chubby side.

Yep. Dummy ignorant me, right?

Good thing that a buddy of mine took the time to share his vast knowledge on dating in Mexico, including a heads up on a really great site to help you meet Mexican singles so that as soon as you set foot in the city, you will already have a date in tow.

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My experiences in Mexico

Anyway, now that I’ve gained some experience in dating in Mexico City, I feel that it is my destined responsibility to pass on my knowledge to you my young padawan…

It is my sincere hope that this guide will help you score dates with various good-looking Mexican girls. Who knows? It may even lead you to marry a Mexican girl!

Or get lucky with a beautiful Mexican MILF.  – Trust me.. it happens. 


Speaking of which, let’s start this off with the chicas of the city. What are they like, eh?

The chicas of Mexico City: Beauty in diversity

Sure, Mexico City has its share of pudgy unattractive ladies, but because the place is absolutely huge, you’ll find that the quality of women here is pleasantly diverse.

They run the gamut from cute Mexican women sporting piercings on their lips and noses to pretty college-going chicas to high-heel-wearing hotties with full-time professional jobs, darker-skinned to fairer-skinned European-like ones, short, tall, skinny, curvy—órale, there’s something for every guy!

And all those talks about the high obesity rate? I’ll tell you what…

Single Mexican ladies with no kids typically take good care of their bodies. Generally speaking, once they start bearing children, that’s when they stop caring and would allow themselves to balloon up.

As long as you’re not looking to meet Mexican women who are single moms, then the obesity rate issue really isn’t an issue, to be honest.


Are they approachable or would you get tacos thrown at your face as soon as you ask them “quieres salir conmigo?”

The above phrase means “do you want to go out with me?”

That’s what you’ll want to ask when the girl you approached is giving you all the right signals.

Or go with “podemos encontrarnos en la ciudad de Mexico?” if you found a desirable single Mexican woman via that dating site I mentioned earlier.

Translation: “Can we meet up in Mexico City?”

Now, about getting tacos thrown at your face, that’s not gonna happen as long as you don’t act like a perverted douchebag to the ladies.

The Mexican dating culture, at least in Mexico City, is pretty easy-going and liberal. Rude rejections were few and far between in my experience.

The women here were mostly friendly to me, and I found that they were very much amenable to chatting up with foreigners.

Your success rate of pulling dates with gorgeous single Mexican girls would go through the roof, especially if you’re a white, good-looking blonde dude.

So, where are the best spots to meet and hook up with the local talents? Okay, the suggestions presented in the following section should help you out a bit.

Good places to meet Mexican girls in Mexico City


The places you want to go to in order to date Mexican ladies with quality looks are Condesa, Cuauhtemoc, Juarez, Polanco, and Roma.


If you happen to have a preference for university students, then swing by these locations.

Ciudad Universitaria

Being the primary campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the place is big and well spread out. What you’ll want to do is head over to the central library area.

Here’s where you’ll find tons of female students flocking about. Some would hang in groups, some would hang solo.

If you see a cute one hanging solo, here’s your chance. No harm in approaching a small group of female students, though there’s a good chance you might get cockblock.

Metro Copilco


The foot traffic around this train station area is dense so opportunities are aplenty. You’ll also find numerous students hanging about as most would travel to campus via this line.

Plaza Reforma 222

This is a mall located in Paseo de la Reforma. Loads of local and international beauties can be found here, most of which are from Latin nations such as Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, and Uruguay.


Artic Bar

An ice bar in the middle of Mexico City! How about that, eh? This is a very cool and interesting place to hang out on a date.


This one is a really nice nightclub that’s regularly frequented by above-average-looking girls. I quite like the vibe of this establishment.

Mano Santa

This is a good place to chill out and enjoy a few drinks with your Mexican girlfriend.



A fun place to hang out, but on weekends, it gets very, very crowded. I often see a lot of attractive Mexican women here, so it’s a pretty decent place to find top-tier local talents to date.

You’ll also want to check out the local hotties at Leonor, Celtic Pub, Mama Rumba, Terraza, and rooftop bars found in the Mundo Joven hostel, and the Hotel Condesa.

The thing is you don’t always have to enter the clubs to chat with random chicas, okay?

Sidewalks outside these nightspots will always have local as well as international talents loitering about. Just go and talk to them and try to obtain their contact info.

Final words

All right, your dreams of dating a Mexican girl are about to come true. Órale!

Hopefully, you’ll find this guide to be a good starting point for your Mexican dating tourism adventures.

If you need a helping hand when it comes to making dates, do sign up with this free dating site so you can connect with a bunch of pretty Mexican chicks online.

Truth be told, it can be quite cumbersome to wander around Mexico City looking for dates. So hook up with a talent or two on that site, and once you’re in the city, you’ll have a cute local chica at the ready.

Oh, and try to learn a little Spanish. The English levels in Mexico City are not great— the folks here speak Spanish all the time.

Thankfully, the Latina girls I met were all willing to put up with my crappy Spanish!