​Hanging And Banging With Girls From Mexico City – A Bachelor’s Guide!

Mexico City – a city of contrasts. Explore the Mexican culture, meet some of the most open-minded girls in Mexico, enjoy the local cuisine, visit some attractions and keep safe.

At first, the city might be a bit challenging. It feels like the Bangkok of Latin America – it can swallow you if you are not careful. However, once you settle in, you will discover a friendly attitude towards foreigners, a normal lifestyle, and lots of local beauties.

Whether you are looking for casual sex, one-night stands, hookups, dating, or long-term relationships, Mexican women can be quite diversified. When it comes to Mexico City, your options go even further.

You will find hotties from all over the country, as well as many tourists too. So, what do you need to know before diving in and hunting beauties?

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Dating Culture – Meeting Girls from Mexico City

The dating culture in entire Mexico is different from the dating culture in English-speaking countries. It is a bit old-fashioned and conservative. In other words, men are expected to make the first move. Even if you see a girl watching you or you make eye contact, chances are you will have to approach her. Sure, some girls are more open-minded and will give you even more signs – a smile, a wave, or even a hello. But then, get ready to approach yourself or you will miss many opportunities.

Latinas are more about dating and long-term relationships. They tend to get married early. However, this is Mexico City. Girls from Mexico City are more open-minded than girls from other cities or towns. Plus, you have the gringo factor – you are exotic. In other words, you will be quite attractive, so you will most likely find lots of one-night stands too.

How Mexican Chicas React to Foreigners

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico, which means people from all over the country get there. Some girls may not be used to foreigners, so they will not interact. Most of them are open-minded and already used to foreigners. The gringo factor will work differently on each girl, so you should have more tricks up your sleeve.

A conservative girl from a traditional family is not always interested in dating a foreigner. But then, you are so exotic that many of them will crave an adventure – a casual hookup. They will not necessarily want to date you though. To some others, you are so exotic that they want you in their lives. Just like you have probably guessed already, you will also meet the gold diggers, who will see you as a ticket to another country.

Mexico City Girls Versus Countryside Girls

Interested in one-night stands only? Mexico City girls are quite open-minded. They are friendly, but they can also entertain you. They are used to going out and having fun. They have seen foreigners before, so they will not feel harassed when approached. They speak good or at least decent English and they make good dating partners as well.

On the other hand, countryside girls are not so good with English and they may not be used to interacting with a foreigner. It is still worth a shot, as you can never tell. However, if you meet a girl from the countryside, she is likely to be more loyal – great if you are looking for a relationship. As a general rule of thumb, countryside girls tend to be more conservative than city girls.

Dating Rules in Mexico City

Keep it classic and be a gentleman. In other words, local women expect lots of compliments, paying the bill, opening doors, and folding chairs. It is one of those places where you have to apply all those gentlemanly rules your mother has taught you.

Keep first dates simple. Dress smart casual and go to a bar or a lounge. Nightclubs are not the best idea, as there will not be too much conversation. The second one may involve a restaurant and a few tourist attractions, as well as a walk in the park.

Make sure you express your interest early – she has to know that you like her right away. Tell her by complimenting her. If she is clearly into you, you can go for the first kiss within the first hour or two – simply follow her signs.

Where to Meet Them?

The game is always on in the Mexican capital. Mexico City girls are everywhere around you. Most date spots and pick-up bars are concentrated in a few major areas – Condesa, La Roma, and Polanco. These areas are more expensive than others, but this is where the hotties hang around.

They are also quite safe. It is worth noting that there is a fine line between bars and clubs. While a bar can be chilled and peaceful during the day, it can become a nightclub later on. Music goes louder and louder and you end up with dancing girls around you before even knowing it.

Some of the best bars and nightclubs in these areas include:

  • El Lago Restaurante
  • Dulce Patria
  • Azul Historico
  • Maison Artemisia
  • Limantour
  • Rosetta
  • Loma Linda Plaza Carso
  • Sartoria
  • Licorera Limantour
  • Cafe Paraiso

The list is much longer. Just walk around and if it looks good, pops in. These options are good to pick up girls, but also to take a girl on a date. If you go dating, do it during the day, as the music will be too loud for you two to have a conversation after sunset.

During the Day

The game is on during the day as well. Simply walk around, introduce yourself to beautiful ladies and tell them you have noticed them walking, shopping, or whatever they were doing. Ask them what they are doing later if they want to hang around with you. Get the phone number, thank them in a polite manner and leave. Call them later and set a date. Most importantly, always smile.

The day game can pay off big time if you are into dating, but it can also be a waste of time. Go for it if you got nothing else going on during the day. Otherwise, simply smile when you see a hot girl or just approach those who you catch looking at you – keep your return on investment high.

A street approach is not always the best idea because Mexico City is generally known to be unsafe. If she is not interested, do not push it. Try to keep it casual and avoid looking like a predator looking for women. If the weather is good, say hi to hot women having a coffee or doing window shopping. However, they are more approachable inside shopping malls or buildings because they feel safer.

Top options to find beautiful Mexican women include:

  • Perisur
  • Antara Fashion Hall
  • Plaza Luis Cabrera
  • Centro Comercial Santa Fe
  • Reforma
  • Oasis Coyoacan
  • Plaza Universidad
  • Paseo Acoxpa
  • Galerias Insurgentes

Best Nightclubs, Strip Clubs, and Gentleman’s Clubs for a Stag

Just like bars and romantic dating spots, top nightclubs are in the same three areas – Condesa, La Roma, and Polanco. Some bars have no entry fee during the day, but you might get charged after sunset, as they turn into nightclubs – it is not a general rule though. You can easily hop from one place to another to find the right kind of party.

All in all, the top-rated nightclubs in Mexico City include:

  • Patrick Miller
  • Bar Oriente
  • Poe
  • Sixtie’s Bar
  • Salon Corona Gante
  • Mancera Bar
  • Mama Rumba

Mexican girls do not always need alcohol to go loose, but the party atmosphere still helps. These are the ideal spots to find casual hookups and sex, yet you can also take a casual hookup to the next level by getting her phone number and asking to see her again.

If you are up for a quickie or some adult entertainment, Barba Azul is probably the most reputable strip club in the area. This is where locals also head for entertainment. Prices are decent, while girls range from 7s to 9s. Deja Vu Showgirls and Kinky Bar are not to be overlooked either, yet Kinky Bar is a mix of a classic nightclub and a strip club.

Massage parlors are worth a shot too. You can get anything – from a basic happy ending to full sex. Ask upfront and you will be given a price. Clinica Savalle and Golden Body are just some of the best options, but you will find many more while walking around.

Given the size of the city, escorts are extremely diversified, as well as street prostitution.


In the end, unless you bring your wife or girlfriend, chances are you will easily get laid in Mexico City. However, you need to up your game as well if you want to score out of your league.

Get in good condition, put on some nice clothes, adopt a happy attitude and get ready to make the first step. Everything else will be natural.​

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