Top 10 Most Famous Sexy Latina Women In The World

Whether they are born in South America or on foreign soil, Latina women tend to have something special. They look exotic and they have strong, beautiful features. While many of them fail to get the credit they deserve, some others mesmerize the entire world with their beauty. Here are some of the most beautiful Latinas who made it to the next level.

Eva Mendes


Eva Mendes is known for her full lips, clearly defined features, and piercing eyes. To make things even better, that mole on her left cheek will draw instant attention. There are no doubts about it – she is a bomb. She has the strong features that every lady would dream about.

With a team of makeup artists and specialists around her, Eva Mendes agrees that her mother is the only person she fully trusts in terms of looks and appearance due to her honesty.


Shakira is living proof that hips make a difference in South America. If you can dance in South America, you will score. If you cannot, you better take some lessons or you will miss lots of opportunities. Apart from her hips, her baby face seems to be the most attractive element.


Despite being an authentic Latina, Shakira does not have the general features that most people would expect – a year-round tan or dark hair. However, all of her features combined make her look as natural as possible. Interested in meeting Shakira look alike? Check out my blog post on the best Colombian dating sites and how to meet Colombian girls!

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is the perfect definition of a Latina – natural beauty, sensuality, and sex appeal. The best part is that she has all these without even trying too hard – she hardly wears any makeup. All in all, she has everything you might want from a woman – a perfect body, a brain, and a stunning face.


She is a former model who began her acting career in Mexico, yet she gained notoriety due to her beauty and acting skills, only to become one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. Apart from acting, she is also a producer.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba will most likely maintain her hotness for ages – even during her mature years. Her baby face has not changed too much over the last couple of decades. She is one of the best actresses in Hollywood, with a plethora of awards. She is also a model and a businesswoman.


Most people have no idea that Jessica Alba is a Latina, as she was born in the USA. However, she got her genes from her Mexican-American father.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is the queen of all MILFs. You can look at her, and figure out that she is no longer in her best years and still feel crazy about her. There are no doubts about it – she will be that hot MILF forever. She has the perfect skin color, full lips, big seductive eyes, and a body that you could kill for.


The talented beauty is not famous for starring in Modern Family and other comedies only. Apart from acting, she is also a television host, producer, model, and businesswoman.

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez is known for two things – her looks and her music. But then, she is also an actress, fashion designer, producer, author, and dancer. While not so much in public attention over the past few years, she is still an icon when it comes to Latinas.

When it comes to her looks, she is an inspiration for most Latinas out there and not only. Lots of ladies follow her beauty tips and ideas and seek inspiration from her. Furthermore, her body and face are still stunning, even nowadays, when she is no longer young and fresh.

Alessandra Ambrosio


Here is an interesting challenge – take a look at Alessandra Ambrosio and try to find a flaw. Literally. It feels like gods have created her as a model for humankind because there is nothing to complain about. She is mostly known for her work with Victoria’s Secret, especially after the PINK line was launched.

Alessandra Ambrosio is also an actress. She comes from Brazil and underlines South American beauty in a fine and subtle way – perfect body proportions, seductive eyes, and a beautiful mouth.

Adriana Lima


Adriana Lima has done a lot, yet most people know her for one thing – her mesmerizing beauty. She has everything a man could seek in a woman – great curves, perfect proportions, full breasts, blue eyes, big lips, exotic hair, and great teeth. Is there anything else you can ask for?

From a professional point of view, she is most commonly associated with Victoria’s Secret. She was also a spokesperson for Maybelline, not to mention the numerous commercials she stars in. Just like Alessandra Ambrosio, she originates in Brazil. You can find my overview of the best free brazilians dating sites here.

Penelope Cruz


Penelope Cruz is in the same category as Salma Hayek – around 50 years old, but still hotter than a 19-year-old model. She is Spanish – not too many connections with South America, but still a Latina. She has a natural beauty, a great body, and sexy facial features that no man can resist.

To make things even better, Penelope Cruz is also a talented model and actress. Believe it or not, she was signed when she was only 15. She debuted on television when she was only 16.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria has one of the most fascinating faces when it comes to Latinas. She is an authentic Latina with large seductive eyes, a beautiful smile, and great lips. Add a sprinkle of tan and you have a mesmerizing beauty.


She claims that her personality is what made her stand out in the crowd. She said that beauty lies in personality, not in the skin. While everyone can agree, it is obvious that a beautiful face and a great body will also help in the process.

In conclusion, this list can go on forever. These are only some of the most beautiful Latinas that gained international fame, but South America is full of mesmerizing beauties who can drive any man crazy.​