The SHOCKING Truth About Nicaraguan Women no one is Telling You!

The girls of Nicaragua are one of the most gorgeous species found in all of Latin America. Even still, many people are completely in the black about the entire nation of Nicaragua let alone their girls.

Apart from the low prices, an abundance of sunlight, and some beautiful spots to hit, the girls from Nicaragua are the next best thing to explore in this small yet beautiful nation.

Even though the nation doesn’t have many big cities, there is still quite a lot to explore as a tourist.

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The dating culture in Nicaragua is not much different as compared to many nations across the globe like PanamaPeru, and Mexico.

Dating a Nicaraguan woman is a really nice experience in terms of the good-natured and kind behavior that one will get to see and experience firsthand because that’s just how they are.

Kind-hearted, down to earth, and above all loyal are some of the keywords to describe the nature of an average Nicaraguan girl in case the question arises that what Nicaraguan girls are like.

Spotting a hot Nicaraguan woman on the street or anywhere is not really a tough job. You just need to take a stroll in the streets and you will be treated to the sights of heaven with some of the most beautiful girls you have ever come across. Look-wise, even an average girl in Nicaragua is very easily a 7+.

With really nice and maintained bodies, Nicaraguan women are typically short with the average height looming somewhere in the range of 5’3”.

Nevertheless, they are really very pretty to overlook or keep your eyes away from. As far as cultural integrity is concerned, Nicaraguan women are really rooted and love to uphold their traditions and values while adapting to the modern world cultures at the same time.

Where can you meet Nicaraguan Women?

Meeting beautiful Nicaraguan women should be considerably effortless owing to the fact that most of them are beautiful, pretty if not hot. But if meeting THE most beautiful of the Nicaraguan women is on your target list, then you will have to make a few efforts here and there. Some of the best places to hit within the country are as follows:


The biggest and the capital city of the nation. Being the capital, it is not at all wrong to assume that the best of places, the best of events, and ultimately the best women in the country can be found lingering about in the city. With a population of over a million people, the chances to meet a sexy Nica girl in this city are the highest.

Hot Nicaraguan women can be easily spotted in one of the clubs, in one of the high-end places as well. With some amount of westernization in the capital, a little bit of the modeling scene and culture has also seen a break in the city, which means hot and sexy models can also be spotted roaming about.

The best place to catch up with a Nicaraguan woman would be to hit one of the nightclubs in the city given the fact that the nightlife in the city, as well as the country, is pretty solid.


With a vast number of tourist places as well as universities, the city of Leon naturally has a lot of chicas strolling the streets.

A high percentage of the number of students means that the crowd is fairly young and therefore the heart of the city beats much faster and much better than any other place in the country, resulting in a really good standard of life as well as nightlife and day-life to be enjoyed with the same level of enthusiasm.

If a hookup or a one-night stand is your ultimate aim, you should not have much trouble fulfilling your desires in this city.


Again a city with a decent number of universities, but smaller in size as compared to Leon means that the nightlife and standards of living are above average than the average standards of Nicaragua. With plenty of bars to hang out at, the chances of running into a hot Nicaraguan girl are pretty high.

Online Dating in Nicaragua – What is it like?

Not many Nicaraguan women use online dating services to find a match for themselves. Most of them don’t have any idea that such a concept even exists.

Very few high-end ladies and women use services such as Tinder or Latin American Cupid. With Spanish being the preferred language of communication by almost 90-95% of the country’s population, learning basic Spanish would definitely be a must if you want to date a Nicaraguan girl.

However, since most ladies online are high-end or well-to-do, they would be relatively familiar with some Basic English. The best places to give such platforms a try would be high-end cities such as Managua or Leon where the number of ladies signed up for the same would be quite high compared to the number of ladies you would actually run into a bar or a pub.

One thing to keep in mind while courting any girl in Nicaragua, be it online or in real life is to keep in mind the fact that a majority of Nicaraguan women are always on the lookout for something or anything serious.


Hookups and the one-night stand culture are not really the culture for a lot of them and so finding a Nicaraguan girl for marriage is not tough at all because most of them are on the lookout for a guy to marry rather than just date for a while and end it after a while.

But let me tell you one dirty little secret – If you are interested in just hook-ups make sure you always aim for 28 years and older. Most singles at this age are happy to receive any attention at all as they are considered old to their younger rivals.

80% of my one-night stands were with women between 28 and 36 years old. And trust me when I say that they know a thing or two between the sheets, amigo!

  • Nightlife

The nightlife of a nation as small as Nicaragua is surprisingly too good for an outsider to believe. With a lot of hot scenes happening at the many famous joints in the capital city, in the city of Leon, or Granada, there are a lot of chic places and events to be a part of while staying in the country.

Such places provide an excellent opportunity to meet a lot of people, especially a lot of hot Nicaraguan girls (who mostly are fluent in English). The people of Nicaragua absolutely love to chug down their drinks and enjoy the karaoke scene at any such joint.

  • My Final Words

All in all, the key to winning over a girl from Nicaragua is to be kind and soft-hearted – just the way they are.

If you are just one of those people looking for a night, then you will have to shell out money, go to a high-end bar such as say, the Intercontinental Hotel, find out a high-class girl, talk to her, buy her a few fancy drinks and you’re all set.

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In overall totality though, Nicaragua is not really a place you would visit solely for the sake of beautiful women.

More than the women, you will have a pleasant time enjoying the beaches and the offerings that the country has to offer with dating a girl side by side at the same time.

Nicaraguan Women