How To Pick Up Panama Women – My Secret Guide!

Mention Panama and it elicits a variety of images in the minds of those who are familiar with this beautiful Central American nation.

Everything from its year-round temperate climate, to the cool sea breezes, warm gulf water, and white soft sand beaches located in Panama City.

Heck, to fans of old-school hard rock bands, the word Panama may likely conjure up images of David Lee Roth, Eddie Van Halen, and the gang rockin’ batshit crazy on stage.


You know, back when I first heard that song, I thought it was about banging Panamanian babes in their home country. As it turns out, Roth was actually singing about a car called “Panama Express.”

How about that, eh?

Oh, sorry, I digress.

Here you are looking for some intel on dating Panamanian women, and I’m blabbing on about a hard rock song that came out way back in the 1980s.

Ah, so it is YOU who want to date Panama girls and bang their brains out right there in their own country, huh?

All right, here’s the deal.

Whether you’re looking for suggestions on finding the ideal base of operations in Panama City, which Panama dating site you should sign up to, as well as the recommended places to meet beautiful Panamanian women during the day or at night, this handy guide has you covered on all these fronts.

Panama Women: My honest take on them


Let me just be honest here. Hot Panamanian girls are way too few and far between in my experience—at least in Panama City.

Since I didn’t pop into the other cities, I can’t comment on the quality of the local girls there.

To me, most of the local ladies are just not that easy on the eye compared to the ones from neighboring Latin countries the likes of Colombia and Venezuela.

Speaking of which, you’ll find a shedload of women from these two nations in Panama City. The Colombian babes, in particular…HOLY HOT CRAP they sizzle from top to bottom!

Seeing a bunch of them congregate on the beach and having fun doing beach activities are a real treat for the eye. It’s heaven for Latina women seekers of all descriptions!

But some of the Panama beach girls can be quite decent too. Do be careful, though, because an awful lot of hookers in Panama City are from Colombia.

Looks of the majority and language of choice


Of course, attractive Panama chicks can still be found in the city. Although I found the local talents underwhelming, on the whole, it didn’t take me long to come across some local beauties.

In fact, during my rather brief stay there, I was dating a Panamanian woman with a medium complexion and she was pretty hot.

For your info, the vast majority living in the city (or in the entire country for that matter) are mestizos, with some black Panamanian women and even white ones here and there.

Perhaps the best thing about the local girls is the fact that they are very warm, friendly, and relatively easy to reel.

If you’re white, good-looking, and speak decent Spanish, you shouldn’t have a problem scoring date left, right, and center.

Obviously, the next question on your mind is: Is it possible to meet Panamanian women and get dates with them without being able to communicate in Spanish?


While I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, the unfortunate truth is, most of them do not speak English well enough. You’re better off learning some Spanish.

Learning to speak even a little of the language can go a long way to not only ramp up your chances of getting dates but to also help you better navigate the city.

It is okay if your Spanish is broken. If you’re a decent-looking dude from a western nation, the Panama girls won’t mind and would be willing to date you anyhow.

Base of Operations: Where the heck should I stay in Panama City?

Within the City Center, you’ll find 4 primary neighborhoods and these are:

  1. Bella Vista
  2. El Cangrejo
  3. Marbella
  4. San Francisco

I would recommend finding a place to rent in Marbella if you can afford it. This is a great-looking neighborhood.


Another plus is that it is situated near Calle Uruguay which is one of the areas in the city where the nightlife is bustling, and Cinta Costera which is a terrific daytime spot for seeking out potential dates.

Bella Vista is a Panamanian neighborhood that’s inhabited by mostly middle-class residents.

It has a nice mixture of older apartment buildings and newer tower structures. The neighborhood is also located close to Cinta Costera.

El Cangrejo is a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood and has a slight European look to it. Various bars, cafes, hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets are located within walking distance. The central park is nearby as well.

Many middle-upper-class Panamanians live here so if you can afford to rent a spot here, that’s a really terrific way to impress your date.

Meeting women in Panama City via online dating

It’s always a good idea to establish a few connections through Panama dating sites before landing in the country because doing so will help you save loads of time.

Let’s say you’re looking for some pretty Panama ladies who speak English, it’s substantially easier and faster to locate them online as opposed to roaming all over the city, and then walking up and talking to every desirable woman in your line of sight.

That’s a heck of a tedious thing to do!

Quality dating sites will pinpoint you to local girls that meet your requirements with minimal physical effort—just look at the screen, and click, click, click, type, type, type.



Now, what are the best sites to help you get dates with hot Panamanian women?

Well, Tinder and OkCupid used to be pretty decent, but they are a hit-and-miss these days. Instead, I would strongly suggest that you try your luck on Latin Cupid.

This is one of the finest dating sites around for hooking up with Panama women. Signing up is also free and the quality of local talents on there is solid.

Still, if you wish to go the old-fashioned route of hitting up malls and clubs in the hopes of picking up good-looking Panama singles, then here goes…

Meeting Panama girls the old-school way

Malls and the waterfront

During the day, you’ll want to try your luck at one of the 3 malls available in the city. There’s one called Albrook, and the other two are Multicentro and Multiplaza.

Albrook and Multiplaza are both fantastic places to meet the ladies, but Multicentro is not so much—it’s a little empty and the place looks depressing overall.

Cinta Costera is also another really great daytime spot, especially around the evening.

Walk along the pathway right beside the ocean and you’ll find a good deal of opportunities where there are women strolling about, jogging, riding bikes, etc.

Nightclubs and bars


In this city, the Panama nightlife is crazy vibrant with the plethora of clubs, pubs, and bars available. If you like to boogie while picking up potential dates, the Teatro in Casco Viejo is the place to be.

The Casco Viejo area actually has quite a number of top-quality nightspots such as La Buat (has that intimacy vibe!), Zaza Lounge (quite a lot of sweet young locals here), Casa jaguar, and Ibiza Panamá.

Prive in Calle Uruguay is a good spot to go pick up and let’s not forget the clubs in the Hard Rock Hotel.

The hotel has a rooftop bar called BITS which is an acronym for “Bar in the Sky” and its other nightspot is known as Bling.

Both places are excellent and provide an abundance of pick-up opportunities for those looking to attract Panamanian babesvia old-fashioned, in-person interactions rather than engaging them online.

That’s all folks

Yep, I’m signing off now, but one last thing.

Now while I did say that beautiful Panamanian girls are few and far between, as I’ve pointed out in this guide, there are places you can go to in order to find those relatively rare hot ones.

Remember, if doing random in-person interactions sounds like a huge chore, you do have another option which is to use this dating site.

There are many decent Panama chicks on that site looking to be dated and banged. Also, it’s free and that in itself is worth checking out.

And when you’re on that site searching for a date, don’t forget to sign the following for good luck:

“Don’t you know she’s coming home with me?

You’ll lose her in the turn

I’ll get her!

Panama, Panama
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