​Best Party Hotels In Playa Del Carmen

Whether you want a vacation with no kids, no stress, or just pure relaxation, Playa del Carmen is one of the top destinations in Mexico. While the place itself is more family-friendly than Cancun, it is also a better choice than Cancun at times.

Why? Easy! Cancun is overrated. Everyone goes there!

You will have fun in Cancun, but you will not always get the best value for your money.

Playa del Carmen is a bit more recent, but it provides everything you need without the hassle of Cancun.

So, what are the top-rated party hotels in Playa del Carmen? What are your best choices when it comes to meeting Mexican girls for casual hookups, dating, or partying with your partner?

Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Perla

Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Perla is currently one of the most appreciated adults-only resorts in the entire area. It is an all-inclusive place. Stay there and everything will be included. In terms of location, you will be right in the Caribbean. While the beach is relatively narrow, it is beautiful and covered in white sand. Plus, there are a few beautiful swimming pools on site with lots of bars.

It might be misleading during the day – it looks like a chilled tranquil place. There is not much to do around, yet the party nights can get quite wild. It is worth noting that the hotel does not hold parties every night. From this point of view, it makes a mix of quietness, relaxation, and adventure – every day is different.

The Royal Playa del Carmen

The Royal Playa del Carmen will impress with its unique service – no one is overlooked and everyone is well looked after. If you choose to stay there, you will be treated like royalty. The hotel is located right on the beach. It also has its own swimming pools that can host small parties during the day, as well as more exclusive parties at night. On another note, it is close to all the night action from the famous 5th Avenue. Just like Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Perla, it is an all-inclusive hotel with something for everyone.

There are over 500 rooms in this hotel and it features not less than 10 restaurants, even more bars, and a prolific spa. When it comes to the beach, there is not much to complain about. However, it might be crowded at times or during weekends due to its central location.

The Palm Playa

Featuring a suggestive number of 69 rooms, The Palm Playa is a boutique hotel located in the heart of Playa del Carmen – just a few minutes walk from 5th Avenue. It looks modern and contemporary, but once you get in, you will be surprised. During the day, it is extremely laid back – it feels like you are on one of those island resorts in the middle of nowhere. If you do not feel like hanging around the beach, check out the rooftop pool – a huge pool, a massive jacuzzi, and a bar with everything you can think of.

The rooftop pool takes people from the outside too during the day, so you do not necessarily need to stay there. Nights are different and party people show up. Friday nights are even better for singles. It is a lady’s night.

Lat 20 by Live Aqua

Located right in the middle of 5th Avenue, Lat 20 by Live Aqua somehow manages to stay quiet and chilled during the day, but quite entertaining at night. It is an adult-only hotel part of a small local chain. It comes with an amazing rooftop pool and a top-notch spa, as well as luxury and elegance. There are 60 rooms in this hotel, so there will be plenty of singles and couples willing to party night by night. Given its location, you can also escape it and hang around 5th Avenue.

There are six restaurants on-site and even more bars – all fully stocked. The service leaves no room for mistakes. If there is one drawback, that is the missing private beach. However, you have access to a beach club located just a few minutes away. You can simply walk to it.

Sandos Caracol

It is unusual for all-inclusive hotels to make great party adult party hotels, but everything is possible in Playa del Carmen and Sandos Caracol Hotel & Resort makes no exception either. It has all the ease associated with all-inclusive deals, but it gets lots of singles and party groups, not to mention being located close to the hottest area of town. It is part of a gated community, so security is just as high. It features an adult-only club for wild parties, multiple restaurants, pools, and daytime bars.

If you want more, you have access to everything on site, but also the surroundings. Being close to 5th Avenue means you can go out and try out other nightclubs and party venues too.

The Thompson Hotel

Overlooking 5th Avenue and providing access to every party venue, bar, and restaurant in the area, The Thompson Hotel has a contemporary vibe that no one can resist. It is designed for adults only and features an outstanding rooftop pool for both day and night parties. They bring in some of the hottest DJs and rappers, so parties tend to get quite wild during the spring break or the summer season.

Interested in partying by the ocean? The Thompson Hotel has its own beach house venue. Parties are just as crazy, only the location is closer to the ocean. It is not an all-inclusive hotel though, while parties on-site are often open to those who do not stay there. In other words, you will always find new people around.

Final words

Bottom line, despite often being rated as a family-oriented destination, Playa del Carmen is just like any other place. It features places for adults only and can bring in some crazy parties that no one will ever forget.​