10 SECRET Tips You Need To Know About Girls From Puerto Vallarta

Alright – Listen up, dear readers! 

Puerto Vallarta – is one of the most beautiful beach towns in Mexico, as well as one of the most underrated ones.

That is what makes this place such a great place for you guys trying to hook up with hot Mexican girls! But before you continue reading I need to tell you something.

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Now – back to business, shall we?

Whether you travel with the guys for a bachelor party or you hang around with some of your best friends trying to have some fun, girls in Puerto Vallarta will amaze you.

But then, what should you know before joining the fun?

No worries – I am here to show it all!

Make the First Step

Rule number one: Don’t be a lazy f*ck!

Many relationships start with man-hunting. In western countries, the woman often makes the first step too. It is less likely to happen in smaller towns of Mexico and Puerto Vallarta makes no exception either.

Even if you make eye contact with a girl or you see her staring at you, it is up to you to smile and head toward her. This is how it all starts.

No Act = No Pussy!

Who Pays the Bill?

Whether you have a classic one-night stand in mind or you want to start dating, having a drink with a girl or taking her out on a date implies some rules.

One of them is about paying the bill. Puerto Vallarta is more conservative than Mexico CityCancunCabo, and other big cities. People are more old-fashioned, so you are less likely to split the bill.

Do that and you will ruin your chances to get laid.

Instead, men are expected to buy chocolates, and flowers and pay bills when going out on dates.

You do not have to do all these for a hot one-night stand, yet you should pay for her drink if you meet her in a nightclub.

Best Nightclubs to Meet Girls

In some nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta, the party never seems to end. If you want to improve your chance to score, head to La Santa or Strana. La Vaquita is also worth some attention – easy to find, has more girls than most other clubs, and has a wild atmosphere.

If you are new to the Mexican game, you might want to start with Bar Morelos – a great atmosphere, all kinds of music, and a good pre-game. This is where you try some moves or lines, meet some girls and keep it simple.

On another note, if you want to take a girl out of her group and head somewhere else, opt for La Bodeguita del Medio – live music, a great Cuban atmosphere, and lots of live music and dancing.

Yes – Frank thinks of everything, guys! 

Dressing Well

Dressing well will provide a great return on investment. Many times, dressing well will take you further than learning a little Spanish. Stay away from the classic running shoes, shorts, or sandals – typical for foreigners. Keep it simple, but stylish and elegant – no flashy items or jewelry.

The good news is men from Puerto Vallarta do not dress too well, so you will score big time on this aspect.

Open Yourself Up

If you think the mysterious man game will work in Mexico, you are wrong. Leave that James Bond face at home and embrace a fun face instead. Girls in Puerto Vallarta are incredibly positive.

They want to have fun, dance, and enjoy some live entertainment. Therefore, you will need to talk a lot, smile, and keep things casual. Do not take it too seriously.

Keep Conversations Simple

Whether you meet a girl in a shopping mall, a club, a bar, a restaurant, down the street or you actually go dating, stay away from conversational topics because Mexicans are volcanic. They will explode if you push them too far. Since Mexico is a religious country, avoid this topic.

The same rule applies to sensitive topics, such as Donald Trump, his wall, drugs, politics, or corruption. Stick to positive things instead, especially as girls from Puerto Vallarta are more conservative and easier to offend.

Adult Entertainment

Given the size of Puerto Vallarta, there are not too many strip clubs to try out. However, Aqua-Strip and Lingerie Club will most likely stand out in the crowd. Girls can be 8s, 9s, and 10s. This is one thing. The best thing is that their parties tend to go wild – alcohol poured all over their bodies and so on.

Another club worth some attention is Candys Girls – safe, pricey if you buy girls’ drinks, and with a good atmosphere. Lap dances are inexpensive and give you plenty of privacy. Keep in mind that you are less likely to get laid in a strip club, yet some girls also work as escorts.

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No Aggressive Game

An aggressive game may work in Brazil or sometimes in Colombia too, but not really in Mexico. Puerto Vallarta asks for even more gentleness than bigger cities, where girls are used to being hit on. After all, it is a small town – around 200,000 inhabitants.

Luckily, it is a beach place, so local girls are used to tourists – including foreigners.

Be a gentleman and let her know that you like her a lot, but do not make the first move right away until she is obviously deeply into you and sends you a million signs. As a general rule of thumb, you can make your move faster in a nightclub than in a shopping mall or a restaurant.

Choose Your Target

Being a beach town, Puerto Vallarta has options for everyone. You will find tourists from all over Mexico, not to mention foreigners. Go down the beach and you will find girls from the entire American continent.

At this point, it might be even easier to get laid – when they are single and on holiday, people often forget who they are.

Hotness Level

S0 Frank, what is your final verdict on the hotness level of the local girls?

On average, girls from Puerto Vallarta are 7s.

They are not the hottest in Mexico, but they are not bad looking either. You will also spot 8s, 9s, and 10s all over the place. Foreign girls will not exceed the average mark either. The hottest will be those traveling from other cities of Mexico, especially those from bigger cities.

In the end, Puerto Vallarta is definitely a good place to explore the Mexican lifestyle, get a nice tan, and find some Latinas to enhance your experience.