The Ultimate Rio De Janeiro Red Light District Guide

Rio de Janeiro is by far one of the primary choices when it comes to visiting Brazil. It has beautiful views, it is huge (it might actually swallow you up) and it features lots of girls for all tastes. Being a tourist makes you an exotic fruit, so you will have a higher rate than locals.

Girls in Rio de Janeiro range anywhere from 5s to 10s. As a tourist, you can easily score out of your league. If you are there for a longer time, you can up your game and find girls yourself – quite easily actually. If your time there is limited, the Rio de Janeiro Red Light District might be your best option.

Getting Around the Rio de Janeiro Red Light District

Going into the Red Light District implies being cautious. Avoid wearing any jewelry – not even a watch. When tourists wear jewelry, most thieves think it is real – it is just not worth risking to get robbed. Be careful when holding your phone too, hold it tightly and close to you. Got a camera?


Do not let it hang around your neck, but hide it in a backpack. If you use an ATM, simply cover your PIN – it is incredibly easy for thieves to steal PIN numbers from the distance.

Now that you know the basics, you should know that the metro system is one of the safest and cleanest in South America. The same rule applies to buses. Many of these public transportation options have security as well. As for taxis, stick to the yellow ones with green lights on top. It might be wise to ask for the total price upfront.

Dealing with Brothels

Most brothels in the Red Light District of Rio de Janeiro are located in high-rise buildings. Deciphering the room code is simple. If the brother is in room 814, it means you have to go to room 14 on the eighth floor. Go past the doorman to the elevator, tell the operating person the floor number and enjoy.

Once inside a brothel, you will be taken to a room and sat down. A girl will tell you a few things about it, then girls will come in and introduce themselves one at a time. Remember your favorite’s name. Tell each of them Muito Prazer – meaning it was nice to meet them. Once all the girls are done introducing themselves, the girl who opened the door will come back and ask you which one you want.


Most high-rise brothels open between 10AM and 8PM. You will also find brothels staying open until early AM, but they are not as luxurious. Avoid the rush hour between 1PM and 3PM, as most businessmen rush in, so the hot girls may already be taken.

Prices are mentioned upfront – no hidden costs. Sex is full, yet you will have to negotiate upfront if you want anything unusual.

Some of the best brothels include:

  • Prive Euro Barra
  • Massagem Tijuca
  • Laços de Terapia Massagens
  • Copa 583
  • Delírio Oriental
  • Bel Prazer
  • Centro Susy
  • Jú Panteras

Keep in mind that these brothels are spread all over Rio de Janeiro and not just in the Red Light District.

Dealing with Girls Yourself 

Girls in the Rio de Janeiro Red Light District are everywhere. You can find them down the street, yet those are the slutty ones that may not always have a place to take you.


Some others are in specific houses – often marketed as massage parlors. You will also find girls working on their own – no one to back them up, no teams, and no businesses.

When dealing with a massage parlor, you follow the same rules as in a brothel. You simply go in, choose a girl, maybe have a drink and have some fun with the girl you want. Things are different with independent girls. Both girls and massage parlors may require an appointment.

Most of them use WhatsApp, so make sure your Internet works properly. You will also need a mobile satnav to get around anyway.

Some girls speak decent English, while others only know the basic words. You are there for sex anyway, so you do not need them to have a degree in rocket science. Use simple words and stick to the basics, have fun and leave – simple as that. Keep their numbers in your address book if you want to come back.

There are literally hundreds of options in the Red Light District, so feel free to be picky and choose the ones with a model vibe. After all, you are paying for it, so you can score out of your league.


The Terma Experience

A term is like a brothel. You go inside and go to the bar. You will see lots of girls around waiting for sex. However, it is up to you to choose. It is an interesting experience, but it might feel a bit uncomfortable with so many ladies staring at you and wanting your attention. Generally speaking, you might need a few drinks while deciding, so the whole experience will cost more.

You can approach girls yourself or just decide on them as they approach you.

Finding a Girl Yourself

The Red Light District is obviously about women waiting for sex. If you want a quick one without the hassle of hitting on more girls, just go into a brothel or a term. If you want to do it yourself, go around the local nightclubs and have some fun. There are both regular girls looking for tourists, as well as prostitutes. If you do not want a prostitute, simply avoid the ones looking too professional.


The bottom line, the Rio de Janeiro Red Light District is worth a visit. It smells like sex and it eludes sexuality as you get in. From many points of view, it is a man’s paradise, so take advantage of it.