Are Girls From Rio Easy To Pick Up? My Rio de Janeiro Dating Guide!

Brazil is all about friendly people, sex, entertainment, sunny beaches, and an old-fashioned lifestyle. There are some nice landmarks to see, but whether you go there by yourself, with some work colleagues, or with your best friends, women will make all the difference in the world.

It is the kind of place where you go with the guys, rather than your Brazilian wife or girlfriend.

Rio girls will most likely take your game to a new level and turn your boring nature into a macho style, especially as this is Brazil’s most popular city.

Once in Rio, you will notice the difference right away. But after a day or two, you will be in a completely different state of mind. You will feel more exotic, cheerful, and happy. It is so different than the other pick up cities in Brazil.

It makes perfect sense – this is what Brazilians are like. Moreover, as a foreigner, you will be the exotic fruit around there, so you will draw lots of attention.

Now, what do you need to know before getting to meet some girls and having some fun?

Dating Culture in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil is a different culture, so everything requires you to adapt – including your dating style. Make sure to check out our dating guides for Natal, Manaus & Sao Paulo.

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Type of Rio Girls You Will Find in the Area

Rio de Janeiro is such a big city that you will find women everywhere. You will find teenage girls just under 20, students, women who know what they want in their 20s, mature ladies, and so on. Most women exude sensuality – including women in their 40s or 50s. They still look good and they still get hit on by men, so your age is irrelevant.

City Girls Versus Countryside Girls

There are slight differences between girls from Rio de Janeiro and girls from the surroundings who also hang around the city.

City girls are more open-minded. They are used to foreigners. They know what they want and you can get further with them. If you are up for some one-night stands, this is the best place to try your luck.

Girls living in the countryside or poorer areas are not so used to foreigners, so they might feel a bit shy about you. You will still have the gringo effect on them, so they will still check you out. However, they are not as open-minded and it will probably be you who will make the first step. They tend to be more loyal in relationships though.

Approaching Girls from Rio de Janeiro

The game is always on in Rio. This means you do not need to go to nightclubs to get girls. They do not need alcohol to loosen up. You can do it during the day with no problems at all – down the street, in a mall, or in a restaurant.

Be extremely direct and straightforward. Introduce yourself, tell her you like her, and ask her out one day. Get her phone number and move on. Local girls do not like playing or fooling around. Brazilian men are direct, so you have to be the same. They are used to being approached, so they will not freak out.

First Dates

The first date must be casual. Dress smart casual and go for a drink. A local lounge might be a good option. Go downtown, as you have more options. Your girl will probably be late – timekeeping is not a thing in Brazil.

Keep it simple and be direct. If you two get along and she seems to enjoy your company, go for the first kiss within the first 15 to 30 minutes. Otherwise, she will think you are not into her.

Remember that this is a general rule in Brazil. From this point of view, the kiss is so casual that it does not mean too much. It is not a guarantee for sex.

Second dates can go to the beach or to a club.

One Night Stands Versus Dating

Dating is classic. Follow the tips above. If you are up for one-night stands, try your game at night. Girls are everywhere and likely to enjoy an exotic fruit like you. While they might look easy, they are not. In fact, many locals are more about long relationships and marriage.

Just because Rio carnival girls are half naked and dance like there is no tomorrow, you should know that they will not go to bed straight away.

Getting a quickie is faster if you opt for a brothel or an erotic massage parlor with happy endings.

Where to Meet Girls in Rio de Janeiro

Girls are everywhere. In fact, most men recommend trying your game during the day if you are up for dating. Some of the best places to approach girls include:

  • Shopping malls
  • Coffee shops
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Streets
  • Gym
  • Public transportation

Oro is a top restaurant in Rio de Janeiro – quite pricey too, but the women here are more stylish and better looking. Feira Nordestina is different. You hang around a massive market overfilled with food and drinks stalls. You will taste authentic Brazilian food. Prices are low and girls abound around you.

Braseiro is another inexpensive option that seems stylish enough to meet some quality girls, not to mention Gurumê, Confeitaria Colombo, Olympe, and Estrelas da Babilonia. Each place has its own style – they make great locations to meet girls, but also to take girls out.

When it comes to bars and lounges, Bar do Mineiro makes a top choice – you can also have food there. Bip Bip is just as attractive. It is not too fancy, so many middle-class girls hang around – a great place to approach some beauties. You can find Rio women in Pavão Azul, Bar Urca, Boteco Belmonte, Bar Bracarense, or Canastra too.

Interested in a more relaxed environment where girls are chilling and less likely to be busy shopping or rushing somewhere else? Go to the beach. This is where everyone hangs around for a rest.

You know that if you talk to a girl, she will have all the time in the world to spend time with you. Besides, there is another plus – Brazilian beach girls are not embarrassed to show off their beautiful bodies, so this is where the top chicks are. Girls hang around in the morning, during the day, or around sunset – all the time and everywhere.

Here is a quick tip – Post 9 and Post 10 in Ipanema are said to be a bit more luxurious due to the fancy bars around them. Therefore, this is where you will find the sexiest girls from Rio de Janeiro – the model type with perfect curves and a great tan.

Best Strip Clubs, Nightclubs, and Massage Parlors in Rio de Janeiro

Nightclubs come up with a mix of regular girls and professionals – in other words, prostitutes. Given the environment, you will almost always be successful, unless they are taken.

When getting in touch with a regular girl, you may not get laid right away though, but you might have to go through a few dates over the next few days. Some top nightclubs include Mud BugFosfoboxRio Scenarium, Casa de Matriz, Cervantes.

Interested in some adult entertainment?

Rio de Janeiro has an unofficial red district overfilled with strip clubs. It is not hard to notice them. They are literally one next to another. Get some drinks and a lap dance. You can also ask for sex, but you will need to negotiate upfront. To make it easier, simply reach a brothel.

Brothels are normally located in high-rise buildings. Prices are fixed, but they can go higher if you ask for unusual stuff.

Some of the best brothels for top Brazilian women include:

  • Prive Euro Barra
  • Massagem Tijuca
  • Laços de Terapia Massagens
  • Copa 583
  • Delírio Oriental

Massage parlors are similar. Do not expect a professional massage, but a decent one. You will be massaged by naked or half-naked Brazilian girls and you will most likely get a happy ending. If you want full sex or other things, negotiate upfront. Many girls offer full services.

Interested in a quickie? A term is similar to a brothel – plenty of girls watching you while you have a drink and waiting for you to choose the right one. Street prostitution is also common in Rio de Janeiro. Simply put, sex is everywhere. It depends on you how quickly you want it.

The bottom line, women from Rio de Janeiro go in more directions. You can find modest Brazilian chicks looking forward to dates and having serious relationships, but you can also find girls interested in fun.

If your time is limited and you do not feel like trying out too hard, you can pay for sex literally everywhere, so your options are unlimited.

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