​I Dated Sao Paulo Girls For Two Weeks And This is What Happened!

In a massive city that oozes sexuality and sensuality, dating in Sao Paulo is usually easier than you imagine. The city has everything – beautiful beaches nearby, some stunning landmarks, beautiful Brazilian girls, and a dating culture that no one can resist.

These are the main reasons wherefore so many foreigners choose to hunt Brazilian girls instead of finding women around them.

However, once you get in there, you might be a bit confused.

Where do you go first? What is the easiest way to find a woman? If you ask a local, they would say – to look around you in the airport and approach the most beautiful girl who is alone.


It is simple as that. Holiday romances and casual hookups are a piece of cake. If you want a long-term relationship, it might be a bit trickier, but still totally doable. After all, local girls are more about long-term relationships than one-night stands.

Here are a few things to know about finding Sao Paulo girls.

Dating Culture in Sao Paulo

Unless you come from another South American country, the dating culture in Sao Paulo is different from what you might know.

How to Approach Girls from Sao Paulo Girls

Girls are everywhere and Brazilian men have a major advantage – they have no idea what rejection means. If they are rejected, they move on with even more confidence, so you might want to learn from them. Women are used to being approached by more men during a single day, so they will not freak out or ignore you like western women.

Even if they are not interested, at least they will be polite showing it to you.

So, how do you approach a Brazilian beauty? First, you have to find her. Look around and spot a beauty. It should take a few seconds. Make sure there are no men with her, then go there and smile. Introduce yourself and tell her you noticed her because she is pretty.


Ask her what she is up to and if she wants to grab a drink – now or someday. If you plan the date for another day, get her phone number. It sounds too easy to be true, but this is how it actually goes in Brazil.

Keep Your Game at Home

There is no room for games with Brazilian women. Men are direct and so are women. They want to know what you are interested in the moment you make eye contact. If you start messing around and confusing her, she will just move on. Besides, girls in Brazil love compliments.

Simply tell her you to find her pretty or beautiful. It might be hard getting used to being so direct with the first few girls, but you will get used to it eventually.

First Dates

The first dates should be casual. Go have a drink in a local lounge. You can go down the beach as well, whether you do it on the same date or you save it for the next one.

A nightclub is a good option for a second or third date, but you should be able to dance. The dancing game in Brazil is high. If you have some moves, she will like you even more. Otherwise, you might look stupid.


The first kiss occurs within the first 15 minutes. You will need the initiative to do it. If she laughs and has fun, simply go for it. It does not mean much – maybe just that you two could be more than just friends. Making out is one thing, having sex is another thing. In other words, making out does not always lead to sex straight away.

Timekeeping is not a thing in Brazil, so she will probably be late. She will be dressed casually, so opt for casual or smart casual – depending on the location you choose.

One Night Stands Versus Longterm Relationships

Generally speaking, girls from Sao Paulo are interested in long-term relationships and marriage – not always though. As a foreigner, you have the gringo factor. You will be tempted by girls interested in the marriage too – you are the exotic fruit that everyone wants.

The worst part about Sao Paulo is that it is tourist invaded, so girls are used to tourists. Some of them may think you are only there for sex, but you can still work around it if you want a good relationship.


One-night stands are easy if you approach the right girls. You should have sex within a few dates though. If you want it straight away, certain areas are known for foreigner hunters – girls who only deal with foreigners.

Prostitution is also high in Sao Paulo, as well as brothels and erotic massage parlors with happy endings.

Where to Meet Girls in Sao Paulo?

Girls are everywhere. In fact, Brazil is one of the few countries (if not the only one) in the world where the game is always on. Some men find it easier to approach girls during the day, while others are more confident overnight. There are literally no differences though. The truth is there are more people on the street during the day, so you will find even more girls out there.

Some of the most common places to meet random girls during the day include:

  • Shopping malls
  • Libraries
  • Coffee shops
  • Restaurants
  • Bars and pubs
  • Down the street
  • Gym
  • Buses
  • Metro

If you do not feel like hanging around like a headless chicken, go to specific areas. Local beaches always make some good options. Sao Paulo women are tanned year-round. You can check them out on the beach during the day – from morning to evening. Approach single girls or girls in groups – never those with men nearby.


Local bars and restaurants are also quite common to meet girls. The best restaurants in Sao Paulo include Z Carniceria Bar, Veloso Bar, Sao Cristovao, Caos, FrangO, SubAstor, and The Blue Pub. They are not expensive at all, so you can approach girls and go on a conversation while buying a drink for them.

When it comes to restaurants, whether you want to meet a girl or take one out for a date, opt for Las Chicas Gourmet Garage, Feijoada da Lana, Mani, D.O.M, Mimo, or Syke Bar. It might be unusual to approach a girl while having a meal, so wait until she is done and ask her to go out for a drink – is there a better way to close a meal?

The nightlife provides more options if you are after casual hookups. Good girls go out during the day. Many bad girls go out at night instead.

Best places to meet singles:

  1. D-Edge
  2. Canto de Ema
  3. Carioca Club
  4. Love Story

Once there, it feels like everyone is trying to hook up! You will love it for sure.

Best Strip Clubs and Massage Parlors in Sao Paulo

Strip clubs are suitable for everyone – men, women, straight or gay, it literally makes no difference.

The best-rated strip clubs include:

  1. Code Club International
  2. Ninfas Night Club

Get yourself a lap dance from some top girls – model style – and you can even ask for more.

However, they may reject your requests.

If you want to skip the hassle and go straight to the action, go to a brothel or a term. They are well-organized, clean, and safe. Prices are mentioned upfront, yet you can pay more and ask for unusual things if you really want to.


Girls in brothels range from 8s to 10s. Clínica Abbóbora is one of the top ones – more expensive, but better-looking girls too. Do not overlook Clinica Brooklin either. It is said that the best food is where locals eat. The same rule applies to sex.

Interested in a more relaxing experience? Head to Massage Sao Paulo, Top Massagem Jardins, Estudio Lingam or Massagens Vila Mariana. Do not expect a professional massage, but a decent one that will most likely relax you. A happy ending is always included, but there is no sex involved. You can ask for it upfront and negotiate the price.

As for quickies if you feel horny out of nowhere, street prostitution is just as common. However, most people would rather go to a clean brothel instead.


In conclusion, Brazilian chicks can and will drive you crazy. They can turn a boring holiday into the experience of a lifetime. In a big city like Sao Paulo where tourists abound, chances are it is much easier to have a casual hookup than a long-term relationship.

But then, if you play your cards right and you approach women from Sao Paulo in the right places, you will end up with a nice beautiful girl by your side.​