Should I Marry A Dominican Woman? The HONEST Truth

The world is packed with all kinds of fascinating cultures and unique places. But when it comes to women, nothing beats the Latina myth. Whether you think about curves, passion, or sex, Latina women will inevitably come to your mind. With all these, there are certain things you should know before dating and marrying a Dominican beauty, especially as a foreigner.

There is a different culture that involves a new lifestyle and things that you may not be familiar with.

So, what is it like to be married to a Dominican woman and what are the most interesting wedding traditions in the Dominican Republic?


What to Know Before Marrying a Dominican Woman

When compared to western women, Dominican women tend to be more passionate and volcanic in everything they do.

Femininity Is not Passive

Dominican women are active in pretty much everything they do. They are always in the middle of something. They will be around with children, laugh with you, talk to friends and enjoy life. They like doing things around the house and there will always be something that needs to be done. They put effort into what they do and it shows.

Slow Pace of Life

Most Latinas (and especially Dominicans) are never in a hurry. While they are naturally volcanic, they tend to be quite chilled when they do stuff. When it comes to small things, they do everything really quickly. However, they adopt a slow pace of life and know how to relax. Their main priorities involve growing old with their partners and looking after children and grandchildren.

Open about Feelings


This is one of the best things about Dominican women – they never hold their feelings back. They show their love everywhere, whether you are surrounded by friends or strangers. Emotions are part of the game. At some point, your potential wife might turn from a lovely person into a volcano, but this is just part of who they are. Emotions are visible and they cannot hide things. Even if things may not seem right, think about the outcome – you will have passionate makeup.

Sex and Passion

Be honest to yourself – while you want your girlfriend or wife to be good and serious, you also want her to be good-looking. When it comes to sex, Dominican women will openly talk about anything. Love and sex are part of their lives. Things that might seem taboo in European or North American countries are accepted in the Dominican Republic. After all, sex is a sign of love, right?

Latinas like sex. They do it a lot and they do it better than others. It might be the Latin temperament or perhaps the passion – no one can tell. What really matters is that she will most likely believe that a quickie is better than a cup of coffee in the morning.

Wedding Traditions in the Dominican Republic


Assuming that you have already found the woman of your dreams, setting up a wedding could take a while. Let her teach you how they do it, but get ready to be surprised by some of their traditions.

The Bouquet

The bouquet is offered to the Virgin of La Altagracia – one of the exclusive Catholic wedding traditions in the Dominican Republic. What does it mean? At some point during the ceremony, the priest will pick a moment to honor the Virgin. Both the bride and the groom will have to show the bouquet to her image in order to show their respect.

Ceremonia Cantada

The ceremonial cantada is a tradition that will never miss at a Dominican wedding. What happens during this moment? The band stops the music and the guests kick in. In other words, they start singing with no background music. The moment might seem dull for a foreigner, but it is all about fun and entertainment. Besides, it adds a personal touch to the wedding.


Merengue Dance

The first dance is common in other cultures as well, mostly around Europe. It is not so common in North America though. It occurs somewhere at the beginning of the wedding and involves a first slow dance between the newlyweds. Most couples take some dancing lessons upfront, so they have a nice choreography, yet there is no wrong or right way to do it.

The dance does not stop here though. A second merengue dance kicks in – fast and entertaining. Again, it takes a bit of training for a foreigner, but it is totally doable. The couple will start it, then the groom’s mother and the bride’s father will step in as well. By the end of the dance, most guests will be part of it.

The Cuisine

The cuisine is not an actual tradition, but it is part of those special things during a Dominican wedding – especially for a foreigner. The menu is probably the most important part of the wedding for your guests, so do not go cheap on it.

Lots of people focus on the décor and other small things, but they drop the standards when it comes to food – a terrible mistake. The menu is what most people will remember.


A few traditional Dominican dishes should not miss, but make sure they are prepared by the book. Pasteles en Hoja are less likely to miss. They involve dough, green plantains, and a meaty texture inside.

Rice may also be included. Pernil is just as common – plain pork cooked at a low temperature for many hours. The meat is soft, juicy, and well-seasoned. Moro is not to be overlooked either. It sounds simple – rice and beans. But then, it is traditional. Rice is one of the most common foods in the Dominican Republic, as well as in other nearby countries.

Have fun!

As a short final conclusion, dating a Dominican women might be surprising if you have never had a Latina girlfriend. You will learn how to handle her and you will love her temperament. When it comes to marrying one, you will be surprised by some of the traditions, yet they will make your wedding special.

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