How to visit the Tijuana red light district?

Oh man, really! Tijuana.

That easily happens to be one of the most sought-after mongering destinations in the whole of Mexico. Its close distance to the southern tip of California, San Diego makes it very popular for visitors from America. There is a good reason for this place to be so popular and it is not just because the place is so accessible.

Tijuana brings a lot of action confined to a very small area, making its Red-Light District one of the craziest places you will ever be visiting!

This article will try to give you an overview of the most important things that you will need to know when visiting Tijuana, including;

  • What is the best way of getting there
  • Best strip clubs
  • How to talk to girls
  • Prices for the night

Have fun!

Getting to Tijuana

The easiest way to get to Tijuana is to depart from San Diego and keep heading south on the I-5 freeway. You can drive into the country of Mexico, but we would recommend that you park the car on the border and just walk over.

You will have to pay a fee to park your vehicle as the free parking is very sketchy.

Taking an Uber or a Lyft all the way to the border is a good choice as well. Just understand that walking across is a lot faster compared to driving across because of the agents at the border and the searching of cars, mostly on the way back from Mexico. Once you are across, just look for an Orange Libre cab and ask him to drop you at Zona Norte, or alternatively, just keep walking towards it.

You will see a giant arch to guide you on the way.

The Red Light District

So, all right, you are finally here Now what?

Given that everything is so close to Zona Norte, you really could merely walk a few steps around the whole area in order to get a good enough feel for the place. Relax and enjoy the spots you fancy.

Strip Clubs & Bars in Tijuana

Now, here is the honest truth about the strip clubs you would find in Tijuana;

For all practical purposes, they are just brothel houses, with the strip club portion just being the way to show off the girls.

Now, that does not mean that they do not have the shows, and throw in some of the typical aspects of a strip club, it is just a matter of where you end up going for the night.

Adelita bar

In my opinion, this is the most visited and popular strip club in the whole of Tijuana. Adelita is a kind of strip club in some ways, but it really is a brothel that has a strip club for picking girls. Now, of course, there is some stripping too. You are free to sit right at the edge of the stage, you can to the girls that are dancing, and even get to feel a little if you would like.

The only main drawback of this place does have is that there are no lap dances allowed. Why? No bloody idea!

This place is a little more reserved – well, as much as a brothel/strip club can be. On average, you may expect to shell out about $60 for half an hour with a girl and that includes sex. You will also need to pay a ton of $1 and $5 bills in tips to the people such as your room cleaners and the towel attendants, and yes, of course, you would also have to pay for your short time hotel visit.

Hong Kong Club

Hong Kong is probably the most famous of all the strip clubs that are located in the red-light district of Zona Nore, and once you step in, you will see why.

This particular place has been constructed just to party!

It is really nice, has very excellent lighting, has multiple stages, has multiple bars, has a ton of security, and has a great blaring sound system to go with that. Here you will find that there is a lot going on. You can just keep watching the girls dancing in the states and pay some tips for a handful of boobs (or even more), or you can just mix around with the girls who are not dancing yet because it is not their turn and are just talking to customers.

There is no cover charge, but when you come in, you will have to buy a drink (which is $3-$4) and you will be cajoled to keep buying more drinks as you stay. Drinks for ladies will cost you $7. The lap dances will be $20 and you will be able to take a girl to a nearby motel for about $12, plus the price for her sex which can be anywhere between $50 to $80 for half an hour.